and .


16:16 Changeset [19907] by tnalmdal

Forgot to add the Form_Recaptcha class

16:12 Changeset [19906] by tnalmdal

Adding Recaptcha to the comment module. Recaptcha integration consists of a Form_Recaptcha class derived from Form_Input that can be added to any class that requires Recaptcha verfication.


21:17 Changeset [19905] by thumb70

Use url:site() on add user link, change user list from class to id to make it unique, changed gFirstRow to gHeaderRow to make more semantically meaningful. Fixed closing span that I broke after Bharat fixed it last night.

21:14 Changeset [19904] by thumb70

Annotate and number admin_default's style sheet sections. Changed gSelected from green to neutral light gray BG color. Various user admin style updates.

21:11 Changeset [19903] by thumb70

Apply rounded corners to gBlocks in gAvailable, not gAvailable.

20:58 Changeset [19902] by thumb70

Set dialog width to 200px for dialog's whose content is less than 400px wide, like the login form.

20:28 Changeset [19901] by thumb70

Add opacity values for gUnavailable in IE with the filter attribute.

17:34 Changeset [19900] by tnalmdal

Removed all the complex code to locate the forms. Now the admin
screen just has the public and private keys and if the public key is
provided a recaptcha box shows up which is used to validate the public
private key pair.

16:35 Changeset [19899] by tnalmdal

Added the ability to identify and present the defined forms to the
adminstrator. The forms are presented as a checklist, I would have
preferred a selection list, but Forge doesn't have one. The generated
html to contain the recaptcha challenge is defined as <ul> as that was
the only way to force itto line up.

07:58 Changeset [19898] by bharat

Update the album cover if necessary.

06:55 Changeset [19897] by thumb70

Admin theme style cleanup. Merged separate selected, available, unavailable into a single set of reusable classes. Applied alternating row bg colors. Removed inline CSS from admin views. Moved user admin css into admin_default theme style sheet.

06:28 Changeset [19896] by tnalmdal

Undo the adding underscores to the id on forge generated forms

02:29 Changeset [19895] by bharat

Fix all 'add' links and make them open in a dialog

02:21 Changeset [19894] by bharat

Fix indentation which helped me to find an extra </span>. Simplified
some of the logic.

02:09 Changeset [19893] by bharat

Fix selector after latest refactor, so that select_toolkit() is called again

01:44 Changeset [19892] by bharat

Delete the rearrange module; it's been subsumed by the move controller


20:29 Changeset [19891] by virshu

Updated jquery and jeditable plugin to 1.3.1

20:06 Changeset [19890] by thumb70

Admin theme style cleanup. Merged separate selected, available, unavailable into a single set of reusable classes. Applied alternating row bg colors. Removed inline CSS from admin views. Moved user admin css into admin_default theme style sheet.

19:59 Changeset [19889] by virshu

jeditable v. 1.6.2

19:47 Changeset [19888] by virshu

jquery ver. 1.3.1

17:26 Changeset [19887] by tnalmdal

Supply a form id on all forms. This id can be used by modules other
than the originating module to provide additional functionality to the form.

05:14 Changeset [19886] by bharat

Add move support. Use the move icon in the quick pane. You can't
move an item into its own hierarchy, or into an album where you don't
have edit permission.

01:08 Changeset [19885] by thumb70

Remove jquery.listen.js, we're not using it.


17:05 Changeset [19884] by tnalmdal

The adminstration portion of the recaptcha module. I haven't figured out how to integrate it with the other module forms.

08:33 Changeset [19883] by bharat

Simplify this code. We know what the fields are, pull them by name so that we're clear about what actions we're taking. Return the form itself on validation failure, coupled with de-ajaxifying the form makes it render properly as an error when you enter bogus data.

08:32 Changeset [19882] by bharat

Minor tweaks

08:31 Changeset [19881] by bharat

Don't ajaxify the theme details form; it should just be a regular form.

08:11 Changeset [19880] by bharat

Take advantage of the new support for parentheses added in r19879 and
fix a bug in viewable() that was AND'ing all view permissions together
(which meant that you had to have *all* permissions to view an item,
instead of just one).

Also, add a "max" param to the thumb_tag() so that we can specify a
max dimension for the thumbnail. This will be used in the upcoming
"move item" feature.

08:07 Changeset [19879] by bharat

Add support for parenthetical grouping to Database queries. Turns out
that this is something they kind of want for Kohana :-)

Upstream ticket for this change: http://dev.kohanaphp.com/ticket/1070

06:19 Changeset [19878] by thumb70

Ajaxified user edit forms. They're populated, but don't submit yet.

01:19 Changeset [19877] by thumb70

Minor formatting cleanup, removed unecessary line.


19:51 Changeset [19876] by bharat

Require mysqli_set_charset to use the mysqli extension

19:49 Changeset [19875] by bharat

Don't allow the installer to run if PHP < 5.2.3

08:37 Changeset [19874] by jhilden

toggling of user edit panel works now.
added groups to the admin_user view, so you will eventually be able to edit users, groups and memberships on one admin page.

06:35 Changeset [19873] by thumb70

Added new UI element, gPanel, which is a similar mechanism to gDialog. Panels are hidden inline elements that can be revealed within list items, tables cells, etc. Still need to add the toggle off and ajaxify content.

05:05 Changeset [19872] by thumb70

CSS updates for form validation messages and icons. Don't show error, info, warning icons next to form fields, just messages.

02:59 Changeset [19871] by virshu

Theme details. Save values 2

02:25 Changeset [19870] by virshu

Theme details. Save values

01:52 Changeset [19869] by virshu

Theme details. Initial release


21:37 Changeset [19868] by bharat

Require 5.2.3

21:27 Changeset [19867] by bharat

Update Kohana to r3918

21:24 Changeset [19866] by bharat

Update to modified to r3918

21:23 Changeset [19865] by bharat

update upstream to r3918

08:14 Changeset [19864] by bharat

Fix bug in add_to_group / remove_from_group where we were looking up users using Group_Model.


22:16 Changeset [19863] by jhilden

totally incomplete version of user admin UI.

09:40 Changeset [19862] by bharat

Use xxx_test as the default database name. This means that we no
longer have to manually tweak database.php, yay!

09:10 Changeset [19861] by bharat

Revert r19765 -- the installer works fine with it the way it is.

08:59 Changeset [19860] by bharat

Fix indentation.

08:54 Changeset [19859] by bharat

Quick edit now lets you set the album cover.

08:25 Changeset [19858] by bharat

fix indentation

07:11 Changeset [19857] by bharat

Add a quick edit pane for albums, too.

04:56 Changeset [19856] by bharat

Deal gracefully with bad mysql connection and database information.

04:41 Changeset [19855] by bharat

Fix preambles, delete unused file

04:39 Changeset [19854] by bharat

Move install.html.php into views, too

04:37 Changeset [19853] by bharat

Move pages -> views for consistency, which simplifies the life of the File_Structure_Test

01:30 Changeset [19852] by bharat

Undo r19818, an accidental submit

01:29 Changeset [19851] by bharat

Comment out the code that checks for form elements named "submit". It
appears not to work correctly and is getting in the way. Commenting
it out here means that it'll get overwitten on the next update of this
library (but that's ok).

01:15 Changeset [19850] by bharat

Make VARPATH accessible to all.

01:03 Changeset [19849] by bharat

Update README with new install instructions

00:54 Changeset [19848] by bharat

Web based installer. It's still got some rough edges, but you can now
do a complete CLI or web based install.


20:20 Changeset [19847] by bharat

Pull the environment check out into a separate web page to simplify
the CLI installer. Put a link to it in the footer of every web
install page. Don't allow users to run it if Gallery 3 is already

19:05 Changeset [19846] by bharat

Incremental additions to the web installer. This is getting messy,
going to pause here and do some refactoring.

18:16 Changeset [19845] by bharat

Replace mysql_create_db with a mysql_query() call as recommended by the PHP manual.

09:19 Changeset [19844] by bharat

Stub of the web based installer.

08:59 Changeset [19843] by bharat

implement already_installed()

08:51 Changeset [19842] by bharat

setup_varpath() -> setup_var()

08:18 Changeset [19841] by bharat

Only run the installer from the CLI for now

07:48 Changeset [19840] by bharat

Remove the prefix arg, we don't support it yet.

07:33 Changeset [19839] by bharat

mysql_create_db() might not exist

07:26 Changeset [19838] by bharat

Fix up various little things to get File_Structure_Test to pass.

06:12 Changeset [19837] by bharat

Make get_add_block_form() static.

06:02 Changeset [19836] by bharat

Flush the access_intent cache after ALTER TABLE queries, fixes a
problem where the install.sql had the wrong view permissions.

05:24 Changeset [19835] by bharat

Put the <a> element inside the internationalized text.

05:21 Changeset [19834] by bharat

Use mysqli_init() instead of mysqli() as our detector.

05:18 Changeset [19833] by bharat

Remove -m flag.

05:16 Changeset [19832] by bharat

Packager now does a clean reinstall of just the packages we want, then
rebuilds the install.sql and init_var.php files accordingly.

05:12 Changeset [19831] by bharat

Change ORM and the MySql? driver to clear static caches using

This supercedes the TEST_MODE checks.

Upstream ticket: http://dev.kohanaphp.com/ticket/1062

03:31 Changeset [19830] by bharat

Simplification pass over the installer:
- Flattened the directory structure
- Greatly simplified structure in installer; it now only reports environmental

checks that fail. Simplified code that prints exceptions. Use only mysql
calls for the installer, but select mysqli automatically if it's available.
Drop the response file; that's easily replicated with flag support

- Create a random password for the admin user
- Delete unused controllers
- Invert the form of the database config template to be mostly non-PHP

with just a few PHP calls

00:16 Changeset [19829] by bharat

Replace exec("mysql") call with directy mysql() calls.

00:14 Changeset [19828] by bharat

Get rid of the driver libaries. Use mysql calls directly in the
installer for now. If we detect mysqli, we can always use that as a
driver instead, but we don't require it for the installer.


23:59 Changeset [19827] by bharat

Move installer.php out of helpers and get rid of helpers.

23:55 Changeset [19826] by bharat

Remove access rights check; fix a bug in determining the path to var/database.php

23:27 Changeset [19825] by bharat

Don't force validation anymore; we're clearing the form properly in
the controller on successful add.

23:26 Changeset [19824] by bharat

We don't need to reset the form anymore, since it's reset on the server side.

23:25 Changeset [19823] by bharat

Reset the form before sending it back on success so that we clear the values.

23:23 Changeset [19822] by tnalmdal

Change the event handlers for maintaining the search index to update
the index when items change.

18:13 Changeset [19821] by tnalmdal

Remove the install.php file and move its contents into
installer::command_line method. Create an index.php that is can be
used to install Gallery3 from the web or command line. At this point
all that works is the command line installer and if the web installer
tries to run, it is redirected to the album main page.

16:55 Changeset [19820] by tnalmdal

Remove blank line at the top of the file

09:08 Changeset [19819] by bharat

Update the index right away if there are only < 10 items

09:06 Changeset [19818] by bharat

Drag and drop in the admin dashboard now saves the location.
* Make block_adder a real block
* Suppress the "close" link on block_adder
* Move the drag/drop JS into the core code out of the admin theme

08:10 Changeset [19817] by tnalmdal

Add a new line charater to the error message when the installer is
being run a 2nd time after the a successful installation.

08:06 Changeset [19816] by tnalmdal

Remove the packaging tab from the scaffolding and move the create
install.sql to the action tab

07:38 Changeset [19815] by tnalmdal

Changes to the installer code to use init_var.php and install.sql files

07:30 Changeset [19814] by tnalmdal

Correct the mkdir for the sub directories in var

07:18 Changeset [19813] by tnalmdal

Change the database unload to unload all the tables instead of fooling
around with individual tables.

06:55 Changeset [19812] by bharat

Refactor dashboard -> block_manager since it'll manage blocks site
wide, not just in the dashboard.

05:01 Changeset [19811] by bharat

Rename theme callback helpers from xxx_block to xxx_theme to make room
for us to rename the dashboard helper to be a block helper since
sidebar blocks are not just in the dashboard.

03:12 Changeset [19810] by tnalmdal

Clean up the var directory creation script

01:06 Changeset [19809] by tnalmdal

Here's the rest of the change, new tool and forgot to add some files :-)

01:05 Changeset [19808] by tnalmdal
01:03 Changeset [19807] by tnalmdal

Change the scaffolding to generate 2 files init_var.php which will
initialize the var directory and the install.sql. Still more code
than bharat would like, but the end result should be where we want to go.


17:36 Changeset [19806] by tnalmdal

The Packager now copies all the directories properly, ignoring all the
.svn directories. In addition the internal directory structure is
consistent with a Gallery3 install with out any source system names.

08:05 Changeset [19805] by tnalmdal

We can now build ar tar.gz file with the gallery installation. Still
to be done is the get the internal paths right and get rid of the .svn
that are still being included... its a wee bit large @ 35mb. Also
need to write the code to unpack and do the actual install

06:17 Changeset [19804] by tnalmdal

Generate a single sql install file.

06:00 Changeset [19803] by tnalmdal

Change the scaffolding packaging to set auot-render to false so the
entire screen is not returned

05:27 Changeset [19802] by bharat

Fix typo.. rebuild_index -> update_index

05:22 Changeset [19801] by bharat

Fix a silly bug in item_created()

04:01 Changeset [19800] by bharat

Fix indentation

00:52 Changeset [19799] by bharat

Implement relevance ranked boolean searching on a full text index of
item and comment data. Whew!

It's not pretty yet. And you have to manually update the index
currently in admin/maintenance. But it works.

00:39 Changeset [19798] by bharat

Clear the "akismet is not configured" message on uninstall.


23:58 Changeset [19797] by tnalmdal

Add a scaffolding tab that allows packaging up the installation for installation. At the moment, it just creates an *.sql table for each defined table. I still need to zip this and put some install code around it so it is self installing. The ajax call will build the tables, but it doesn't return the resilt correctly. What it does is return my json response(expected) and the entire welcome.html page as well (unexpected) and i'm havinf trouble figuring out why. Something stupid i bet

07:51 Changeset [19796] by thumb70

Reverted jQuery back to 1.2.6, UI back to RC4. Need to test more thoroughly next time. Sorry.

07:39 Changeset [19795] by thumb70

Updated to jQuery UI 1.6rc5 (requires jQuery 1.3 now)

07:38 Changeset [19794] by thumb70

Updated to jQuery 1.3. Change needs to be pushed to vendor branch.

07:22 Changeset [19793] by thumb70

Comment and code format fixes

06:45 Changeset [19792] by thumb70

Added drop target style, other minor admin dashboard style updates.

05:01 Changeset [19791] by bharat

Rename Task to Task_Definition to avoid confusion with Task_Model.
Order the finished tasks by update time in the task list.

04:49 Changeset [19790] by bharat

Rename Change xxx_task::available() to xxx_task::available_tasks()
Fix a bug in admin_maintenance.html.php where we were only showing the first task

04:35 Changeset [19789] by bharat

Move graphics::rebuild_dirty_images to core_task::rebuild_dirty_images

04:31 Changeset [19788] by bharat

Break task definitions out into the <module>_task helper and create a
Task library class as a data structure to hold task definitions.

04:06 Changeset [19787] by bharat

Fix validation when adding new comments.
Fire off the appropriate item_related_update events as appropriate.

03:54 Changeset [19786] by bharat

Update event handlers to reflect new item event names

03:50 Changeset [19785] by bharat

Don't try to check comments if Akismet lacks an API key

01:07 Changeset [19784] by bharat

Don't show breadcrumb if there are no parents, not just on pages that aren't tags

00:55 Changeset [19783] by thumb70

Make admin dashboard blocks draggable. Updated order and position not yet saved.


10:02 Changeset [19782] by andy_st

Changing t() placeholder syntax from {{replace_me}} to %replace_me.

09:30 Changeset [19781] by andy_st

Simplifying the way t() is called. Refactoring localization function t($message, $options=array()) into 2 separate functions:
- the new t($message, $options=array()) is for simple strings, optionally with placeholder interpolation.
- t2($singular, $plural, $count, $options=array()) is for plurals.

06:19 Changeset [19780] by thumb70

Added gQuick to album_top, started implementation, but incomplete so far. Need edit album methods added to the quick controller.

04:32 Changeset [19779] by thumb70

Minor display updates for quick edit menu.

02:53 Changeset [19778] by bharat

Rename 'xxx_changed' events to 'xxx_updated'

02:52 Changeset [19777] by bharat

Rename 'xxx_changed' events to 'xxx_updated'

02:51 Changeset [19776] by bharat

Rename events

album_created, photo_created -> item_created
album_updated, photo_updated -> item_updated

02:15 Changeset [19775] by bharat

whitespace fix.


07:21 Changeset [19774] by bharat

Create Item_Model::thumb_tag() and Item_Model::resize_tag() to provide
an abstraction for when we add movie support.

06:36 Changeset [19773] by thumb70

Visually attach the quick edit menu to the thumbnail container. Added more edit options (move, select as album cover, delete, additional options).

Need to decide which belong in the bar and which belong in a dropdown menu under "options."

05:07 Changeset [19772] by bharat

Remove the redirect to the installer; if we don't have a var dir this results in an infinite redirect. Let's put this back in when the installer works.

04:30 Changeset [19771] by bharat

define $arguments so that we don't have an error.

04:28 Changeset [19770] by bharat

Delete DIRECTORY_SEPARATOR fixups. We're not on Windows.

04:26 Changeset [19769] by bharat

priviledge -> privilege

04:14 Changeset [19768] by bharat

dir -> die

04:12 Changeset [19767] by bharat

Make sure that helper functions are all static. Add new
File_Structure_Test to make sure we don't regress.

According to the PHP docs, the "public" keyword is implied on static
functions, so remove it. Also, require private static functions to
start with an _.


03:38 Changeset [19766] by tnalmdal

The installer. At this point, the core installs, the user module defines groups and users, but dies when attempting to create default permissions

03:22 Changeset [19765] by tnalmdal

Initialize the model_cache:: as an array and use sub arrays to maintain the cache

02:34 Changeset [19764] by tnalmdal

make model_cache::get() a static function

01:20 Changeset [19763] by bharat

Fix preamble

00:22 Changeset [19762] by tnalmdal

Correct the initial value get active blocks

00:09 Changeset [19761] by tnalmdal

Since module_Core is static the methods, get_var, set_var, etc should be static


14:58 Changeset [19760] by ckdake

moved graphics toolkit logo images to g3. approval to redistribute from each project is in my email archives if this comes up in the future

11:00 Changeset [19759] by bharat

Call 'site' themes 'Gallery' themes since site means less to users. Fix swapped messages

10:57 Changeset [19758] by bharat

Put up a nice message if there are no other themes available to

10:53 Changeset [19757] by bharat

Change admin/themes to show both styles of themes side by side. This
eliminates the menu, which is kind of clunky.

While I'm at it, let's call the "regular" themes a "site theme" so we
have "site" and "admin" themes.

06:20 Changeset [19756] by thumb70

Update quick edit markup, styles, js. One step towards jquery ui theme.

05:12 Changeset [19755] by bharat

fix up the selected theme, too.

04:56 Changeset [19754] by bharat

Make the admin/graphics UI mimic admin/themes with a single selected
toolkit above, and other available ones below.

04:27 Changeset [19753] by thumb70

Fixed vertical alignment of thumbs.

04:10 Changeset [19752] by bharat

Fix indentation.

04:09 Changeset [19751] by bharat

Update translations to put anchors directly into the translation.

04:02 Changeset [19750] by bharat

Reverse the last change; forgot that {$key} is treated specially
inside a string. We could do "$key" but that's misleading.

03:53 Changeset [19749] by bharat

Use variable interpolation to reduce code size

01:18 Changeset [19748] by tnalmdal

Delete Mysql_Driver.php as it is no longer used

01:14 Changeset [19747] by bharat

Redirect to the installer if we don't have a var dir. This way the
installer gets a fresh request and doesn't carry anything forward from
the production environment.

01:05 Changeset [19746] by bharat

Models should be named in adjective_noun form to make pluralizatoin
more intuitive.

Renamed Translations_Incoming to Incoming_Translation to suit.

01:00 Changeset [19745] by bharat

Fix preambles


23:54 Changeset [19744] by thumb70

Updated vertical alignment of thumbnails.

23:19 Changeset [19743] by bharat

Expire 1.6rc2

23:15 Changeset [19742] by bharat

Update to 1.6rc4, amend the README

08:51 Changeset [19741] by bharat

Refactor dashboard block handling out into a dashboard helper so that
module installers don't have to know the grotty details of how it works.

08:26 Changeset [19740] by bharat

Implement deleting dashboard blocks.

* Refactor blocks so that they have a separate id vs css_id. This way

we can have a unique identifier for each visual block.

* Store blocks with a random id as their unique identifier

* Add Admin_Dashboard::remove_block() and modify

themes/admin_default/views/block.html.php to call it when you click the
remove box.

08:24 Changeset [19739] by thumb70

Keep CSS selector attribute definitions alphabetized.

08:20 Changeset [19738] by thumb70

Minor markup cleanup.

07:57 Changeset [19737] by thumb70

Theme admin refinement. Make more room to show the preview by enlarging the iframe and removing the heading above it.

07:54 Changeset [19736] by bharat

Update to Forge r172

07:53 Changeset [19735] by bharat

Update to Forge r172

07:53 Changeset [19734] by bharat

Update to Forge r172

07:50 Changeset [19733] by bharat

Updated for new Form_Submit API.


$form->submit("Foo") --> <input type="submit" value="Foo">


$form->submit("foo_button")->("Foo") --> <input type="submit" name="foo_button" value="Foo">

Mostly we don't care what the button is so we leave the name blank.

07:39 Changeset [19732] by bharat

Dashboard blocks are now data driven, and you can add new blocks to
both the sidebar and the center content area from a dropdown at the
top of the dashboard sidebar.

07:39 Changeset [19731] by bharat

Gallery version now lives in a variable

07:37 Changeset [19730] by bharat

Update to Forge r171

07:32 Changeset [19729] by bharat

Update Forge to r171

07:31 Changeset [19728] by bharat

Update Forge to r171

07:31 Changeset [19727] by thumb70

Remove gDraggable, we won't be using it. jQuery UI theme will handle this.

07:17 Changeset [19726] by bharat

Update forge to r170

07:16 Changeset [19725] by bharat

Update modified to r170

07:15 Changeset [19724] by bharat

Update upstream to r170

06:55 Changeset [19723] by thumb70

Restored .understate for use to visually mute type (gray out).

05:12 Changeset [19722] by tnalmdal

Add a check to (e|i)nsure that the database provided is empty

04:24 Changeset [19721] by thumb70

If there's sidebar content, use yui-t5. If none, yui-t7.

04:04 Changeset [19720] by bharat

Only the admin dashboard has a sidebar now.

admin.html.php looks for $sidebar and renders the page appropriately
if one exists. But only admin_dashboard has one currently.

03:49 Changeset [19719] by thumb70

Applied jquery ui dialog titlebar to dashboard blocks to add a close button. It's not semantically "nice" but it works for now.

03:05 Changeset [19718] by thumb70

Removed tabs. We're not using it now.

02:33 Changeset [19717] by tnalmdal

Add a check that the installation directory is writable

01:34 Changeset [19716] by tnalmdal

Check to insure that the supplied user had the required permissions

00:42 Changeset [19715] by bharat

Make the logos link back to the main album page for easy navigation.

00:39 Changeset [19714] by bharat

Fix spelling of 'separator', which incidentally matches what's in the CSS

00:36 Changeset [19713] by bharat

Fix spelling of 'resizable' and remove a duplicate.

00:27 Changeset [19712] by thumb70

Missed an image.

00:22 Changeset [19711] by thumb70

Add all the files jquery ui needs, including css for each widget. ui.all.css includes calls to the widget css we're currently using. Add new widget css here.


23:08 Changeset [19710] by tnalmdal

Moving slowly forward on the batch installer. It now connects to the database and checks that the supplied database is defined.

22:56 Changeset [19709] by bharat

Fix up the colors and background images for rows in gAdminMaintenance.

22:49 Changeset [19708] by thumb70

Moved admin css that needs a home to admin theme. Removed bg texture from default theme's site menu and buttons. Leave 'em with a flat color for now.

22:47 Changeset [19707] by bharat

Use the author's avatar, not the logged in user's one.

22:33 Changeset [19706] by bharat

Disable Kohana's new column caching when we're in TEST_MODE

22:32 Changeset [19705] by bharat

Update Kohana to r3890

22:22 Changeset [19704] by bharat

Update modified to r3890

22:20 Changeset [19703] by bharat

(overlooked in 19702) Update upstream to r3890

22:19 Changeset [19702] by bharat

Update upstream to r3890

22:14 Changeset [19701] by bharat

Change admin/graphics to avoid using radio buttons. Instead, when you
hover over a toolkit it changes color and your cursor becomes a
pointer. Clicking changes the toolkit.

21:36 Changeset [19700] by bharat

Deleted unused MY_Form_Radio

21:35 Changeset [19699] by bharat

Site menu restructure:
* Add 'Scaffold' link to make it more obvious what's going on there
* 'Home' link now goes to albums/1
* 'Admin' is now pushed to the far right.

18:58 Changeset [19698] by bharat

Merge the site admin menu in under the regular Admin menu.

07:33 Changeset [19697] by tnalmdal

add a -i parameter that allows the specification of the database type (defaults: mysqli)

07:30 Changeset [19696] by tnalmdal

allow modules to be installed to be specified as command line option or in the response file

07:14 Changeset [19695] by tnalmdal

allow modules to be installed to be specified as command line option or in the response file

05:36 Changeset [19694] by andy_st

Increase length for user-agent and accept fields in comments table.
And truncate strings before passing them to MySQL.

05:28 Changeset [19693] by andy_st

Remove path normalization, the current normalization code didn't go far enough anyway.

05:19 Changeset [19692] by andy_st

MySQL strict fix for Item_Model test. Set all fields that have no default value.

05:09 Changeset [19691] by andy_st

Fix ORM MPTT tests for MySQL strict mode (can't omit Iten type in inserts, it doesn't have a default value).

04:45 Changeset [19690] by andy_st

Fix Aksimet tests for MySQL strict mode. Not sure how this would pass on linux, since the given value for server_remote_port is longer than 16 chars, the actual length of the DB field.

Removed the leading "server_" part of the test values to ensure that all values are small enough to be stored in the DB.

03:53 Changeset [19689] by andy_st

Fix User_Group tests for MySQL strict mode (can't omit full_name and password in inserts due to missing default values).

03:28 Changeset [19688] by andy_st

Fix Access_Helper tests for MySQL strict mode (can't omit Iten type in inserts, it doesn't have a default value).

03:02 Changeset [19687] by tnalmdal

Don't use short tags in installer until we know its same to do so

02:58 Changeset [19686] by bharat

Update tests to match the way that we store server variables in the
comment. Get rid of comment::update tests since, comment::update is

Found a bug in comment::create() in the process.. yay unit tests!

02:40 Changeset [19685] by bharat

Set all the server_xxx values to known quanities, and demonstrate that
they're actually getting sent to Akismet. It looks like this code was
broken in the past, since it wasn't sending any of this extra info.

02:27 Changeset [19684] by bharat

Fix all file structure issues (tabs, bad preambles, etc).

Note: installer/install.php is now on the "direct access" list.

02:06 Changeset [19683] by bharat

Remove stray blank line, convert single to double quotes.

02:03 Changeset [19682] by bharat

Fix windows-style line endings.

02:02 Changeset [19681] by bharat

Allow .txt.php views

01:58 Changeset [19680] by bharat

Update setup to match new comment::create() API

01:57 Changeset [19679] by bharat

Reset module_names / modules early in load_modules() so that unit test framework can dump the loaded modules after switching databases even if the modules table doesn't exist yet

00:24 Changeset [19678] by bharat

Rework the way we do theme selection. Show the currently active theme
and then thumbnails for all the other available themes. If you select
one of the other available themes, it gives you a preview pane where
you can look at either the main page or the site admin page with the
new theme, then choose to activate it if you like it.

00:19 Changeset [19677] by bharat

Improve name/descriptions

00:19 Changeset [19676] by bharat

Let admins override the theme with a query param

00:18 Changeset [19675] by bharat

Pull the dialog title from the first <h1> we find, fall back to the first <fieldset> <legend>


23:18 Changeset [19674] by thumb70

Replace default theme screenshot with the admin theme.

22:39 Changeset [19673] by thumb70
22:36 Changeset [19672] by virshu

Save individual theme values

22:04 Changeset [19671] by virshu

Submit theme values

22:00 Changeset [19670] by tnalmdal

Change the format of the internal error messages and pretty print the installation parameters

21:50 Changeset [19669] by thumb70

Switch the pager to use themeroller's icon sprites. I applied jquery ui css classes to newly added span classes in the pager templates directly, will likely move these out and apply through ui.init.js later.

20:47 Changeset [19668] by tnalmdal

Continuing baby steps to a batch installer. At this point you can run the installer and it will parse the command line arguments.
currently the following arguments are accepted -h(database host) -u(database user) -p(database password) -d(database name) -t(table prefex) or -f(a response file).

The order of processing, defaults are set. if the response file is provided, the contained values are merged and finally any command line parameters are merged.

19:45 Changeset [19667] by thumb70

Deleted icons used before jquery ui 1.6rc4 update. Renamed breadcrumb seperator to just seperator.

19:41 Changeset [19666] by virshu

Display theme details

19:33 Changeset [19665] by thumb70

Site message placement and style adjustments.

19:19 Changeset [19664] by bharat

Markup cleanup. It's more semantic now, but it doesn't look quite as nice (yet).

19:13 Changeset [19663] by thumb70

HTML format cleanup

19:10 Changeset [19662] by bharat

style cleanup.

18:34 Changeset [19661] by thumb70

Make the admin theme header fully visible at 1024px wide. Revert to larger Gallery logo.

11:25 Changeset [19660] by bharat

Auto-delete 7-day old spam/deleted comments.

11:11 Changeset [19659] by bharat

Create a 'recently deleted' queue

08:15 Changeset [19658] by thumb70

Removed jquery ui localization folder. Didn't mean to check it in

08:00 Changeset [19657] by virshu

Split themes into two tabs for regular and admin themes

07:55 Changeset [19656] by bharat

Update the queue counts in the menu list whenever we
approve/unapprove/spam a comment.

07:32 Changeset [19655] by virshu

Updated jquery-ui to include tabs

07:24 Changeset [19654] by bharat

Add missing semicolon

06:25 Changeset [19653] by thumb70

Updated to jquery ui 1.6rc4. Lots of changes, improved widget theme css and icons. No need to fix position dialogs anymore. Included the following in the combined file + i18n files. Requires push back up to vendor branch.

UI Core
Effects Core
Draggable - Req'd by Sortable
Resizeable - Image/watermark/avatar scaling
Sortable - Rearrange
Dialog - All over :)
Datepicker - Edit albums/items
Highlight - Message display, comment addition
Transfer - Adding tags from available list to field

Not fully integrated into the default theme yet.

06:18 Changeset [19652] by bharat

Use the theme's avatar as the default if Gravatar doesn't have one.

05:59 Changeset [19651] by thumb70

Move site status message to the very top of the page, before the header.

05:56 Changeset [19650] by bharat

Integrate Gravatar. Boy, that was easy.

00:34 Changeset [19649] by bharat

Big set of changes to comments, with related changes to akismet and
user modules.

* Don't delete vars when we delete a module. This makes

reinstalling a module a lot easier.

* Add user::lookup() as the preferred way to load a user, so that

other modules don't delve into the user module (that'd be a
problem when we swap out user modules)

* Notify site admins if Akismet is not fully configured

* Bundle all server variables into the comment so that if/when we

re-check the comment, we are not using the server info from the
site admin's request.

* Update Akismet to grab request context data from the comment

* Pre-seed comment fields if we have a logged in user. Update

comment::create() API to clarify it for this.

* Delete comment::update(), that's a controller function.

* Add url to User_Model

* Add author_name() author_email() and author_url() to

Comment_Model. It'll return the appropriate values depending
on whether the comment was left by a logged in user or a guest.

* Use resetForm() instead of clearForm() when we reload the

comment form after ajax submit, this way we preserve the
pre-seeded values.

* In the user profile page, ignore blank passwords.


23:54 Changeset [19648] by virshu

Theme Administration cleanup initialization

23:31 Changeset [19647] by virshu

Theme Administration v. 2. Doesn't distinguish between regular and admin themes yet

19:09 Changeset [19646] by tnalmdal

Un hook the installer from load_modules, so testers can get to the scaffolding to install

18:35 Changeset [19645] by tnalmdal

Forgot to delete a working copy

18:33 Changeset [19644] by tnalmdal

Stage 1 of the installer. basically check that we can start as far as Kohana correctly

08:14 Changeset [19643] by thumb70

Reverted back to previous jquery-ui.js (1.6rc2). 1.6rc4 is screwing up placement of dialogs, among other things.

08:08 Changeset [19642] by thumb70

Added gCommentsAdminMenu to clearfix.

07:33 Changeset [19641] by thumb70

Reformated comment admin table layout. Added bulk action checkboxes and menu, reply link, and edit link, all of which need to be wired up.

04:43 Changeset [19640] by bharat

Eliminate unused avatar code (for now)

01:01 Changeset [19639] by andy_st

HTML fixes


17:13 Changeset [19638] by andy_st

i18n refactoring: Rename all _() (reserved by gettext) calls to t().
- And refactor printf to our string interpolation / pluralization syntax
- Also, a slight change to the translations_incomings table, using binary(16) instead of char(32) as message key.

06:57 Changeset [19637] by andy_st

Windows fixes: Use mkdir($path, 0777, true) instead of the unportable system("mkdir -p $path")

06:52 Changeset [19636] by andy_st

First step of i18n refactoring:
- Using DB table translations_incomings as translations storage (file cache to be added)
- Removed overly complex i18n code which will be unnecessary with the future compiled cache files
- Added t() as a translation function (global refactoring from _() to t() to follow)

03:05 Changeset [19635] by bharat

"delete" is a reserved word in Chrome, apparently.

02:58 Changeset [19634] by bharat

Don't toggle akismet::test_mode if akismet isn't installed.

02:56 Changeset [19633] by bharat

Add akismet::$test_mode, initialize it to TEST_MODE and don't contact
akismet if it's on. Force it on in the scaffolding so that we don't
try to run all comments we add from there through Akismet.

02:50 Changeset [19632] by bharat

Incremental improvement in comment moderation:

1) Akismet now detects when we change a comment's published state and submits

info back to akismet.com as appropriate

2) We now show 4 different queues (all / approved / unapproved / spam) and let you

move messages between the queues

3) We track and display "spam caught" stats.

4) You can delete comments entirely.

02:46 Changeset [19631] by bharat

Added avatar.jpg and pager.html.php (used in comments module)

02:46 Changeset [19630] by bharat

module::event now takes an unlimited number of args
added module::incr_var() ftw.

02:39 Changeset [19629] by bharat

Update event calls to take the orig and new models so that event listeners can do comparisons

01:09 Changeset [19628] by thumb70

Updated todos


23:11 Changeset [19627] by mindless

Make text div visible by default, but hide it when description field is empty.
Text change for mouseover text on show/hide text buttons.
Bump version to 1.1.10

19:51 Changeset [19626] by bharat

The SpamFilter? module is superceded by the Akismet module.

19:50 Changeset [19625] by bharat

Properly handle the case where the akismet backend doesn't return a true/false
value. Add phpdoc.

09:08 Changeset [19624] by bharat

Add very basic comment listing which shows the different queues
(approved, unapproved, spam).

09:08 Changeset [19623] by bharat

Make any ul.gMenu into a sf-menu

09:07 Changeset [19622] by bharat

Properly implement 'root' as a legal factory type

09:05 Changeset [19621] by bharat

Add 'root' as a legal factory type

08:20 Changeset [19620] by bharat

Listen for comment creation, and run it through Akismet. Make the
akismet stats page take up as much room as possible.

08:18 Changeset [19619] by bharat

Properly check comment permissions. Don't show comments that aren't
published. Fix _form_add to take an item id. Oh and email address is
no longer required.

07:42 Changeset [19618] by bharat

Create a new "fragment" page type to use when we're not sending back a fully themed page.

07:36 Changeset [19617] by bharat

Extract the Akismet driver from the Spam_Filter module into a module
in its own right. Clean up the tests, streamline the code and improve
the admin interaction. Add a working stats page.

06:25 Changeset [19616] by bharat

Turn statistics into a menu

04:34 Changeset [19615] by thumb70

Default theme album thumbnail

00:57 Changeset [19614] by bharat

Rebuild 2 images at a time.


23:42 Changeset [19613] by tnalmdal

Forgot to add the unit tests, which probably don't work anymore with some of the latest

23:40 Changeset [19612] by tnalmdal

The Akismet driver. This will now verify the api key and attempt to check the comment
as spam. For some reason, it is always returning all comments as spam.

14:36 Changeset [19611] by tnalmdal

Add a catch around the call to the spam filter and if the spam filter check fails set the comment
state to unpublished.

10:10 Changeset [19610] by bharat

Wrap permissions in a <fieldset> so that we get a label for the dialog

10:05 Changeset [19609] by bharat

Put up an error if you rename a user to an already existing name.

09:38 Changeset [19608] by bharat

use "position: fixed" to keep the dialog centered in the viewport.

09:30 Changeset [19607] by bharat

Add graphics::Can() to let us determine whether the active toolkit
supports a given function. Right now it's hardcoded to support what
we know about GD.

09:22 Changeset [19606] by bharat

Fix up all the various little forms to have submit buttons, fieldset legends, etc etc.

08:59 Changeset [19605] by bharat

Add pause and done buttons to the progressbar

08:46 Changeset [19604] by bharat

Don't include jQuery. This means that the form won't work by itself, but we can live with that for now since it's always in a dialog. Including it here breaks our dialog for some reason

08:34 Changeset [19603] by bharat

Add a submit button to the login form

08:33 Changeset [19602] by bharat

Refactor the way that dialogs work:

1) Get rid of the resizing behavior; create the dialog in the right

place and then show it.

2) Grab the fieldset legend and put it into the title of the dialog,

so that we don't have to use title="" params in anchors.

3) Stop using fixed buttons and let the form define its own buttons.

4) Stop suppressing all form buttons.

08:27 Changeset [19601] by bharat

Merge in Forge from upstream r169 which converts Forge::submit() into
an actual <input type="submit"> instead of a <button>.

08:24 Changeset [19600] by bharat

Update modified from upstream r169

08:23 Changeset [19599] by bharat

Update upstream to r169

04:32 Changeset [19598] by bharat

Don't make the overlay opaque when we're doing a dialog-based edit.

04:08 Changeset [19597] by bharat

Fix bad redirects; we only have feeds for albums not photos

04:03 Changeset [19596] by bharat

add fileSize attribute to thumbnail/resize/full images

03:40 Changeset [19595] by bharat

Wrap content in htmlspecialchars so that we don't break the RSS feed

03:03 Changeset [19594] by thumb70

The directory that wouldn't die. Die lightbox, die.

00:12 Changeset [19593] by bharat

Tabs -> spaces


08:20 Changeset [19592] by bharat

Quick edit dialogs should stay on the same page and trigger a reload.

08:09 Changeset [19591] by bharat

Add silk edit image

08:05 Changeset [19590] by bharat

Add "quick edit" which lets you edit a photo's details from the albums

04:39 Changeset [19589] by bharat

Oops: TEST_MODE is now always defined, so we were taking a performance hit by skipping the cache. Fixed


22:58 Changeset [19588] by bharat

Put up an error if you try to reuse an existing tag name

19:54 Changeset [19587] by bharat


gQuickEdit to gQuick
quick_edit -> quick

19:46 Changeset [19586] by bharat

Fix message line so that uploads work

19:01 Changeset [19585] by thumb70

Attempting to delete lightbox. Didn't mean to check this in.

18:37 Changeset [19584] by thumb70

Wrap div with another div instead of a paragraph

09:28 Changeset [19583] by bharat

Allow passing a query string as an argument to Item_Model::url()

09:16 Changeset [19582] by thumb70

Linked up a photo's return to parent album view.

09:01 Changeset [19581] by bharat

Move slideshow link from sidebar_top() into the photo and album menus.

08:55 Changeset [19580] by bharat

Guard against missing apache_get_version()

08:49 Changeset [19579] by thumb70

Remove border attribute from table.

08:47 Changeset [19578] by bharat

Reattach event listeners to open modal dialogs.

08:44 Changeset [19577] by bharat

Allow renaming of tags using a modal dialog. Put up a confirmation
dialog for deleting tags. Remove the 4 character restriction on tags
(it was getting ignored by the add form anyway since it was mistakenly
referred to as tag_name there).

07:40 Changeset [19576] by bharat

Extend Theme_View to look in modules for photo and album menus. Move
"view comments" link to the comment menu helper.

03:59 Changeset [19575] by thumb70

Fixed closing h1 tag.

03:43 Changeset [19574] by thumb70

Started to wire up album and photo view menus. Need photo's parent album link added. Also need add the slideshow link to the menu.

01:55 Changeset [19573] by bharat

Simple admin tags interface.

01:55 Changeset [19572] by bharat

Make sure that create/update/delete fail without CSRF.

01:47 Changeset [19571] by bharat

Update preambles.

01:41 Changeset [19570] by bharat

Rename views to be consistent with our admin view naming scheme.

01:35 Changeset [19569] by bharat

Fix preamble

01:33 Changeset [19568] by bharat

Fix windows-style line endings

01:27 Changeset [19567] by bharat

Require CSRF for any non-"get" action.

00:39 Changeset [19566] by bharat

Remove unnecessary comments.

00:35 Changeset [19565] by thumb70

CSS/JS formatting and selector updates.

00:31 Changeset [19564] by bharat

Update description.

00:30 Changeset [19563] by bharat

Update description.

00:25 Changeset [19562] by bharat

Add admin wireframes link.


20:14 Changeset [19561] by bharat

Stay on the right page when we navigate up in the breadcrumb.
Introduce a "show" parameter which contains the id of the item that we
want to show when we go to the parent's page.

20:13 Changeset [19560] by bharat

Add a loading dialog when we quickedit.

19:09 Changeset [19559] by thumb70

Added a jump to comments button with a scroll to effect.

05:52 Changeset [19558] by bharat

Resize the quickedit box after rotation.

05:50 Changeset [19557] by bharat

No quickedit for album-- for real this time.

05:48 Changeset [19556] by bharat

No quickedit for album thumbs (for now, anyway)

05:47 Changeset [19555] by bharat

Propagate rotation up to the parent album, if we're rotating the album cover.

05:36 Changeset [19554] by bharat

Add a new quick-edit mode for editing photos when viewing albums.
Implement image rotation this way.

05:26 Changeset [19553] by bharat

Detect when imagerotate is missing

05:25 Changeset [19552] by bharat

Add graphics::rotate

01:26 Changeset [19551] by thumb70

Inject the drag and drop handle style via jQuery. Restore background color bars behind admin block titles.

01:11 Changeset [19550] by thumb70

Added default user avatar. Comment thread updates, including display of avatar. Sidebar block display white space updates. Combined gLoginMenu and gCredits css.


22:06 Changeset [19549] by thumb70

More admin menu cleanup to reduce it's height. Removed redundant admin theme images, these are included in the default theme. Added a favicon.

21:25 Changeset [19548] by thumb70

Remove Superfish navbar CSS. It's not being used.

21:21 Changeset [19547] by thumb70

Added basic table styles. Fixed width issue on gContent in the admin theme. Only display background colors on gInfo, gError, gWarning, etc. if they appear in gSiteStatus or gMessage. Miscellaneous form style updates.

20:18 Changeset [19546] by bharat

Restructire site admin menu a bit:

Rename menu "General Settings" -> "Settings"
Rename "Comments Moderation" -> "Comments"
Move "Content" -> "Configure Spam Filtering" -> "Settings" -> "Spam Filtering"

20:09 Changeset [19545] by thumb70

Set the admin layout to 100% of the window. Add IE fix stylesheet for admin theme, reduce height of admin header.

20:07 Changeset [19544] by thumb70

Forgot to make updates for IE after removing gClearfix.

18:54 Changeset [19543] by tnalmdal

1) Removed the published boolean database field
2) Replaced it with a string field (state) which contains the state of the comment. i.e. published, unpublished, spam. Unsure if we want to create constants in comments.php to standardize the valid values... thoughts?
3) synchronized the spamfilter and comment unit tests with the current functionality

18:32 Changeset [19542] by tnalmdal

Remove old code that was commented out

18:31 Changeset [19541] by tnalmdal

Update the api to allow each driver to specify validation rules and generate the appropriate form content. Add a callback so if the driver changes in the driver selection dropdown, then the api form fields are updated with the new form fields for that driver

07:09 Changeset [19540] by thumb70

Switched admin menu from navbar back to plain menu, plain dropdowns are more usable. Minor text formatting updates.

04:04 Changeset [19539] by bharat

Add dimensions to logo.

04:01 Changeset [19538] by bharat

trim() the path in add_photos

01:23 Changeset [19537] by bharat

fix line endings

01:20 Changeset [19536] by bharat

Tweak indentation


22:57 Changeset [19535] by virshu

Standard Forge Library doesn't support radio buttons.
Added support from http://forum.kohanaphp.com/comments.php?DiscussionID=164

22:56 Changeset [19534] by thumb70

Applied #gPager to next/last nav, moved up above photo and moved photo title back to below the photo.

22:54 Changeset [19533] by thumb70

Update the CSS item ID and class application for items and albums in albums. Miscellaneous CSS updates.

22:22 Changeset [19532] by thumb70

For album-specific JS, key off of #gAlbumGrid rather than .gItem.

18:56 Changeset [19531] by virshu

Theme Administration implementation

00:43 Changeset [19530] by bharat

Turn the permission dialog into a real 3-state faux checkbox. If we
replace them with intuitive icons, we're most of the way there.

00:42 Changeset [19529] by bharat

Allow admins to do anything

00:28 Changeset [19528] by bharat

Add deepest album link

00:23 Changeset [19527] by bharat

Change the preamble for views in two ways:
1) drop unnecessary semicolon
2) start with <?php for extra security in the case that the server itself doesn't

have short_tags enabled (the app won't work, but we need to make sure that we're
still secure)

00:16 Changeset [19526] by bharat

Move debug CSS into core/css/debug.css, and enable it for admin themes also

00:06 Changeset [19525] by bharat

Refactor common dialog JS code out into lib/gallery.dialog.js


23:58 Changeset [19524] by bharat

Move 'browse' link above the fold, hide tabs that are inappropriate when there's no install yet

19:59 Changeset [19523] by bharat

Extend permissions interface to allow resetting to the parental default.

15:04 Changeset [19522] by tnalmdal

Ignore the SpamFilter?.php as a valid spam filter.

09:52 Changeset [19521] by bharat

Rename permissions_edit to permissions_browse for consistency

09:50 Changeset [19520] by bharat

Ajaxify the permissions browsing dialog. It only does allow/deny
right now, it doesn't allow you to reset to inherited values. That's

09:04 Changeset [19519] by bharat

Rename permission_xxx to permissions_xxx for consistency

09:02 Changeset [19518] by bharat

Turn permission dialog into a browser where you can look at permissions back up the tree

07:22 Changeset [19517] by bharat

Simplify the next/previous logic in the theme by passing in a null
next/prev sib if one didn't exist. (that's what we were supposed to
be doing in the first place, anyway)

07:17 Changeset [19516] by bharat

Mollon -> Mollom

07:16 Changeset [19515] by bharat

PhotoID -> PhotoId? for consistency

07:13 Changeset [19514] by bharat

Add Item_Model::url() and use it where appropriate. Cleans up some
grotty looking stuff in themes.

07:06 Changeset [19513] by bharat

Add sibling information on photo pages and a very simple next/previous interface.

06:44 Changeset [19512] by bharat

change single to double quotes.

06:19 Changeset [19511] by tnalmdal

First look at the spam filter module. At this point, it does not connect to any spam services. But you can go into the admin screen and choose the driver and set the api key.

04:21 Changeset [19510] by bharat

Switch from checkboxes to simple anchors so that we can reflect multiple states better

04:10 Changeset [19509] by thumb70

Minor refactor. Move some stuff out of $("document").ready to functions. Comment updates.

04:05 Changeset [19508] by bharat

Preliminary "Edit Permissions" dialog. You can't change permissions
yet, but it shows you which items have locked view perms.

03:29 Changeset [19507] by thumb70

Tabs to spaces.

00:47 Changeset [19506] by bharat

Fix a bug where we were accidentally allowing view permissions when
allowing or resetting permission further down in the tree. This bug
was introduced when I refactored the view permission cache into the
items table. Updated test to catch it.

00:18 Changeset [19505] by bharat

Fully implement the view_full permission.


23:36 Changeset [19504] by bharat

Oops, remove some debug code.

23:36 Changeset [19503] by bharat

Fix a bug. Unit tests ftw!

23:26 Changeset [19502] by bharat

Refactor _create_htaccess_files and _delete_htaccess_files into
_update_htaccess_files in preparation for supporting the view_full

23:06 Changeset [19501] by bharat

Fix typo.

21:20 Changeset [19500] by andy_st

Update user::create() scaffolding for changes in the user module: can't set the isAdmin bit at creation time.

21:00 Changeset [19499] by andy_st

Make the url parameter optional in comment::create() (according to the comment model)

20:19 Changeset [19498] by bharat

Oops, this got left out of r19497

09:02 Changeset [19497] by bharat

Add the view_full permission-- doesn't do anything yet

04:14 Changeset [19496] by bharat

Add a "Graphics Settings" page that lets admins choose which graphics
toolkit we use. We only allow users to use one toolkit. The UI needs

04:13 Changeset [19495] by bharat

Add some basic explanatory text

04:13 Changeset [19494] by bharat

Add site_status() to the regular Theme_View

04:13 Changeset [19493] by bharat

Only show site status to admins

04:12 Changeset [19492] by bharat

Add site_status to the default theme. Only admins will see messages for now, but it's nice for them to see messages when browsing instead of just in the site admin

02:50 Changeset [19491] by thumb70

Drop .gShortForm in favor of using specific form ids (gSearchForm, gAddTagForm). This maintains styles when forms are are reloaded into the DOM. Haven't figured out how to fire shortFormInit() when a form is reloaded into the DOM, as gAddTagForm is :(

01:43 Changeset [19490] by bharat

More phodoc cleanup.

01:41 Changeset [19489] by bharat

comment cleanup.

01:37 Changeset [19488] by bharat

Make some columns smaller so that multi-column keys don't exceed 1024
bytes on some systems.

01:21 Changeset [19487] by thumb70

Fixed indents

00:52 Changeset [19486] by thumb70

Missed these in r19485.

00:50 Changeset [19485] by thumb70

Refactored. Simplified organization a bit by combining sections. Restored block titles to h2. Moved #gMessage to #gContent. Removed .gClearFix class in favor of specifying selectors that require a clear fix.


23:36 Changeset [19484] by bharat

Mark the "website" field as hidden.

23:31 Changeset [19483] by bharat

Updated to Kohana r3849

23:30 Changeset [19482] by bharat

Updated to Kohana r3849

23:29 Changeset [19481] by bharat

Updated to Kohana r3849

23:25 Changeset [19480] by bharat

Create Image::composite() and implement it in GD, ImageMagick? and GraphicsMagick? drivers.

23:12 Changeset [19479] by bharat

Don't let the x/y coordinates in composite go negative.

22:59 Changeset [19478] by tnalmdal

Filter on published in Comment_Controller::_index()

22:41 Changeset [19477] by bharat

Remove rest::JSON content type; it's causing lots of problems and it doesn't directly help since text/html works just as well for our JSON communications

22:31 Changeset [19476] by bharat

Properly implement graphics::composite()

22:30 Changeset [19475] by bharat

Add transparency support

21:28 Changeset [19474] by bharat

Return the task on success so that our UI can show it at 100%

21:27 Changeset [19473] by bharat

Replace CSRF token with a real csrf. This allows links in site status messages to persiste across sessions.

21:25 Changeset [19472] by bharat

Oops, my last change broke the default resize dimensions

21:09 Changeset [19471] by tnalmdal

Implemented bharat's suggestions to the comment module in preparation for the spam_filter module

20:20 Changeset [19470] by bharat

Make graphics rules take named parameters. This will give us some
flexibility in the future.

20:17 Changeset [19469] by bharat

Clean up _update_graphics_rules() to make it more robust

19:37 Changeset [19468] by tnalmdal

Changes to the comment module to support spam filtering. Basically added two columns to the comment table. The url of the author's web site(default null) and a flag to indicate that the comment is visible (default true).

The comment block has changed to only display comments that are visible.

And there is code added to call the spam_filter helper if the spam_filter module is installed.

18:38 Changeset [19467] by bharat

url::site is implicit in Forge actions, don't specify it a 2nd time

06:12 Changeset [19466] by thumb70

Apply button bg image to Superfish menu items.

04:20 Changeset [19465] by bharat

Don't set the document type to JSON when uploading photos.

04:12 Changeset [19464] by bharat

Re-add $theme->messages(), which got accidentally removed.

03:51 Changeset [19463] by bharat

Relax the rules a bit

03:50 Changeset [19462] by bharat

Remove references to permanent_key

00:35 Changeset [19461] by bharat

Separate permanent messages out of the message helper and put them
into site_status. Show site status in the header in the admin theme.


23:48 Changeset [19460] by bharat

Expand on the maintenance code to make it more robust and give the
admin more control. You can now track running tasks, resume stalled
tasks, cancel running tasks, and remove finished tasks.

Added graphics::compose() as a placeholder for future watermark

Added CSRF protection to maintenance urls.

22:49 Changeset [19459] by virshu

Add title back to non-DHTML form to maintain consistency

10:14 Changeset [19458] by bharat

Javascript wrapper to ping tasks

10:12 Changeset [19457] by bharat

First round of a task framework. Tasks are job definitions stored in
the database. They're started with admin/maintenance/start/[task_name]
which sends down some JS/HTML which regularly pings the task at
admin/maintenance/start/[task_id] until its done.

The UI is still very rough. It works, though!

07:33 Changeset [19456] by thumb70

Tighten up album grid display. Vertically align thumbnail/metadata in gItem container. Brought back borders. Use a neutral bg color for albums. Link item titles, not just thumbnails.


17:16 Changeset [19455] by thumb70

Rename pagination icons to follow convention.

17:01 Changeset [19454] by thumb70

Icon refinement

16:46 Changeset [19453] by mindless

Language update: el 87->87.7%

03:37 Changeset [19452] by bharat

Ignore resizes for albums when calculating the dirty count

03:35 Changeset [19451] by bharat

Add clear_permanent()

Note: See TracTimeline for information about the timeline view.