and .


23:54 Changeset [19648] by virshu

Theme Administration cleanup initialization

23:31 Changeset [19647] by virshu

Theme Administration v. 2. Doesn't distinguish between regular and admin themes yet

19:09 Changeset [19646] by tnalmdal

Un hook the installer from load_modules, so testers can get to the scaffolding to install

18:35 Changeset [19645] by tnalmdal

Forgot to delete a working copy

18:33 Changeset [19644] by tnalmdal

Stage 1 of the installer. basically check that we can start as far as Kohana correctly

08:14 Changeset [19643] by thumb70

Reverted back to previous jquery-ui.js (1.6rc2). 1.6rc4 is screwing up placement of dialogs, among other things.

08:08 Changeset [19642] by thumb70

Added gCommentsAdminMenu to clearfix.

07:33 Changeset [19641] by thumb70

Reformated comment admin table layout. Added bulk action checkboxes and menu, reply link, and edit link, all of which need to be wired up.

04:43 Changeset [19640] by bharat

Eliminate unused avatar code (for now)

01:01 Changeset [19639] by andy_st

HTML fixes


17:13 Changeset [19638] by andy_st

i18n refactoring: Rename all _() (reserved by gettext) calls to t().
- And refactor printf to our string interpolation / pluralization syntax
- Also, a slight change to the translations_incomings table, using binary(16) instead of char(32) as message key.

06:57 Changeset [19637] by andy_st

Windows fixes: Use mkdir($path, 0777, true) instead of the unportable system("mkdir -p $path")

06:52 Changeset [19636] by andy_st

First step of i18n refactoring:
- Using DB table translations_incomings as translations storage (file cache to be added)
- Removed overly complex i18n code which will be unnecessary with the future compiled cache files
- Added t() as a translation function (global refactoring from _() to t() to follow)

03:05 Changeset [19635] by bharat

"delete" is a reserved word in Chrome, apparently.

02:58 Changeset [19634] by bharat

Don't toggle akismet::test_mode if akismet isn't installed.

02:56 Changeset [19633] by bharat

Add akismet::$test_mode, initialize it to TEST_MODE and don't contact
akismet if it's on. Force it on in the scaffolding so that we don't
try to run all comments we add from there through Akismet.

02:50 Changeset [19632] by bharat

Incremental improvement in comment moderation:

1) Akismet now detects when we change a comment's published state and submits

info back to akismet.com as appropriate

2) We now show 4 different queues (all / approved / unapproved / spam) and let you

move messages between the queues

3) We track and display "spam caught" stats.

4) You can delete comments entirely.

02:46 Changeset [19631] by bharat

Added avatar.jpg and pager.html.php (used in comments module)

02:46 Changeset [19630] by bharat

module::event now takes an unlimited number of args
added module::incr_var() ftw.

02:39 Changeset [19629] by bharat

Update event calls to take the orig and new models so that event listeners can do comparisons

01:09 Changeset [19628] by thumb70

Updated todos


23:11 Changeset [19627] by mindless

Make text div visible by default, but hide it when description field is empty.
Text change for mouseover text on show/hide text buttons.
Bump version to 1.1.10

19:51 Changeset [19626] by bharat

The SpamFilter? module is superceded by the Akismet module.

19:50 Changeset [19625] by bharat

Properly handle the case where the akismet backend doesn't return a true/false
value. Add phpdoc.

09:08 Changeset [19624] by bharat

Add very basic comment listing which shows the different queues
(approved, unapproved, spam).

09:08 Changeset [19623] by bharat

Make any ul.gMenu into a sf-menu

09:07 Changeset [19622] by bharat

Properly implement 'root' as a legal factory type

09:05 Changeset [19621] by bharat

Add 'root' as a legal factory type

08:20 Changeset [19620] by bharat

Listen for comment creation, and run it through Akismet. Make the
akismet stats page take up as much room as possible.

08:18 Changeset [19619] by bharat

Properly check comment permissions. Don't show comments that aren't
published. Fix _form_add to take an item id. Oh and email address is
no longer required.

07:42 Changeset [19618] by bharat

Create a new "fragment" page type to use when we're not sending back a fully themed page.

07:36 Changeset [19617] by bharat

Extract the Akismet driver from the Spam_Filter module into a module
in its own right. Clean up the tests, streamline the code and improve
the admin interaction. Add a working stats page.

06:25 Changeset [19616] by bharat

Turn statistics into a menu

04:34 Changeset [19615] by thumb70

Default theme album thumbnail

00:57 Changeset [19614] by bharat

Rebuild 2 images at a time.


23:42 Changeset [19613] by tnalmdal

Forgot to add the unit tests, which probably don't work anymore with some of the latest

23:40 Changeset [19612] by tnalmdal

The Akismet driver. This will now verify the api key and attempt to check the comment
as spam. For some reason, it is always returning all comments as spam.

14:36 Changeset [19611] by tnalmdal

Add a catch around the call to the spam filter and if the spam filter check fails set the comment
state to unpublished.

10:10 Changeset [19610] by bharat

Wrap permissions in a <fieldset> so that we get a label for the dialog

10:05 Changeset [19609] by bharat

Put up an error if you rename a user to an already existing name.

09:38 Changeset [19608] by bharat

use "position: fixed" to keep the dialog centered in the viewport.

09:30 Changeset [19607] by bharat

Add graphics::Can() to let us determine whether the active toolkit
supports a given function. Right now it's hardcoded to support what
we know about GD.

09:22 Changeset [19606] by bharat

Fix up all the various little forms to have submit buttons, fieldset legends, etc etc.

08:59 Changeset [19605] by bharat

Add pause and done buttons to the progressbar

08:46 Changeset [19604] by bharat

Don't include jQuery. This means that the form won't work by itself, but we can live with that for now since it's always in a dialog. Including it here breaks our dialog for some reason

08:34 Changeset [19603] by bharat

Add a submit button to the login form

08:33 Changeset [19602] by bharat

Refactor the way that dialogs work:

1) Get rid of the resizing behavior; create the dialog in the right

place and then show it.

2) Grab the fieldset legend and put it into the title of the dialog,

so that we don't have to use title="" params in anchors.

3) Stop using fixed buttons and let the form define its own buttons.

4) Stop suppressing all form buttons.

08:27 Changeset [19601] by bharat

Merge in Forge from upstream r169 which converts Forge::submit() into
an actual <input type="submit"> instead of a <button>.

08:24 Changeset [19600] by bharat

Update modified from upstream r169

08:23 Changeset [19599] by bharat

Update upstream to r169

04:32 Changeset [19598] by bharat

Don't make the overlay opaque when we're doing a dialog-based edit.

04:08 Changeset [19597] by bharat

Fix bad redirects; we only have feeds for albums not photos

04:03 Changeset [19596] by bharat

add fileSize attribute to thumbnail/resize/full images

03:40 Changeset [19595] by bharat

Wrap content in htmlspecialchars so that we don't break the RSS feed

03:03 Changeset [19594] by thumb70

The directory that wouldn't die. Die lightbox, die.

00:12 Changeset [19593] by bharat

Tabs -> spaces


08:20 Changeset [19592] by bharat

Quick edit dialogs should stay on the same page and trigger a reload.

08:09 Changeset [19591] by bharat

Add silk edit image

08:05 Changeset [19590] by bharat

Add "quick edit" which lets you edit a photo's details from the albums

04:39 Changeset [19589] by bharat

Oops: TEST_MODE is now always defined, so we were taking a performance hit by skipping the cache. Fixed


22:58 Changeset [19588] by bharat

Put up an error if you try to reuse an existing tag name

19:54 Changeset [19587] by bharat


gQuickEdit to gQuick
quick_edit -> quick

19:46 Changeset [19586] by bharat

Fix message line so that uploads work

19:01 Changeset [19585] by thumb70

Attempting to delete lightbox. Didn't mean to check this in.

18:37 Changeset [19584] by thumb70

Wrap div with another div instead of a paragraph

09:28 Changeset [19583] by bharat

Allow passing a query string as an argument to Item_Model::url()

09:16 Changeset [19582] by thumb70

Linked up a photo's return to parent album view.

09:01 Changeset [19581] by bharat

Move slideshow link from sidebar_top() into the photo and album menus.

08:55 Changeset [19580] by bharat

Guard against missing apache_get_version()

08:49 Changeset [19579] by thumb70

Remove border attribute from table.

08:47 Changeset [19578] by bharat

Reattach event listeners to open modal dialogs.

08:44 Changeset [19577] by bharat

Allow renaming of tags using a modal dialog. Put up a confirmation
dialog for deleting tags. Remove the 4 character restriction on tags
(it was getting ignored by the add form anyway since it was mistakenly
referred to as tag_name there).

07:40 Changeset [19576] by bharat

Extend Theme_View to look in modules for photo and album menus. Move
"view comments" link to the comment menu helper.

03:59 Changeset [19575] by thumb70

Fixed closing h1 tag.

03:43 Changeset [19574] by thumb70

Started to wire up album and photo view menus. Need photo's parent album link added. Also need add the slideshow link to the menu.

01:55 Changeset [19573] by bharat

Simple admin tags interface.

01:55 Changeset [19572] by bharat

Make sure that create/update/delete fail without CSRF.

01:47 Changeset [19571] by bharat

Update preambles.

01:41 Changeset [19570] by bharat

Rename views to be consistent with our admin view naming scheme.

01:35 Changeset [19569] by bharat

Fix preamble

01:33 Changeset [19568] by bharat

Fix windows-style line endings

01:27 Changeset [19567] by bharat

Require CSRF for any non-"get" action.

00:39 Changeset [19566] by bharat

Remove unnecessary comments.

00:35 Changeset [19565] by thumb70

CSS/JS formatting and selector updates.

00:31 Changeset [19564] by bharat

Update description.

00:30 Changeset [19563] by bharat

Update description.

00:25 Changeset [19562] by bharat

Add admin wireframes link.


20:14 Changeset [19561] by bharat

Stay on the right page when we navigate up in the breadcrumb.
Introduce a "show" parameter which contains the id of the item that we
want to show when we go to the parent's page.

20:13 Changeset [19560] by bharat

Add a loading dialog when we quickedit.

19:09 Changeset [19559] by thumb70

Added a jump to comments button with a scroll to effect.

05:52 Changeset [19558] by bharat

Resize the quickedit box after rotation.

05:50 Changeset [19557] by bharat

No quickedit for album-- for real this time.

05:48 Changeset [19556] by bharat

No quickedit for album thumbs (for now, anyway)

05:47 Changeset [19555] by bharat

Propagate rotation up to the parent album, if we're rotating the album cover.

05:36 Changeset [19554] by bharat

Add a new quick-edit mode for editing photos when viewing albums.
Implement image rotation this way.

05:26 Changeset [19553] by bharat

Detect when imagerotate is missing

05:25 Changeset [19552] by bharat

Add graphics::rotate

01:26 Changeset [19551] by thumb70

Inject the drag and drop handle style via jQuery. Restore background color bars behind admin block titles.

01:11 Changeset [19550] by thumb70

Added default user avatar. Comment thread updates, including display of avatar. Sidebar block display white space updates. Combined gLoginMenu and gCredits css.


22:06 Changeset [19549] by thumb70

More admin menu cleanup to reduce it's height. Removed redundant admin theme images, these are included in the default theme. Added a favicon.

21:25 Changeset [19548] by thumb70

Remove Superfish navbar CSS. It's not being used.

21:21 Changeset [19547] by thumb70

Added basic table styles. Fixed width issue on gContent in the admin theme. Only display background colors on gInfo, gError, gWarning, etc. if they appear in gSiteStatus or gMessage. Miscellaneous form style updates.

20:18 Changeset [19546] by bharat

Restructire site admin menu a bit:

Rename menu "General Settings" -> "Settings"
Rename "Comments Moderation" -> "Comments"
Move "Content" -> "Configure Spam Filtering" -> "Settings" -> "Spam Filtering"

20:09 Changeset [19545] by thumb70

Set the admin layout to 100% of the window. Add IE fix stylesheet for admin theme, reduce height of admin header.

20:07 Changeset [19544] by thumb70

Forgot to make updates for IE after removing gClearfix.

18:54 Changeset [19543] by tnalmdal

1) Removed the published boolean database field
2) Replaced it with a string field (state) which contains the state of the comment. i.e. published, unpublished, spam. Unsure if we want to create constants in comments.php to standardize the valid values... thoughts?
3) synchronized the spamfilter and comment unit tests with the current functionality

18:32 Changeset [19542] by tnalmdal

Remove old code that was commented out

18:31 Changeset [19541] by tnalmdal

Update the api to allow each driver to specify validation rules and generate the appropriate form content. Add a callback so if the driver changes in the driver selection dropdown, then the api form fields are updated with the new form fields for that driver

07:09 Changeset [19540] by thumb70

Switched admin menu from navbar back to plain menu, plain dropdowns are more usable. Minor text formatting updates.

04:04 Changeset [19539] by bharat

Add dimensions to logo.

04:01 Changeset [19538] by bharat

trim() the path in add_photos

01:23 Changeset [19537] by bharat

fix line endings

01:20 Changeset [19536] by bharat

Tweak indentation


22:57 Changeset [19535] by virshu

Standard Forge Library doesn't support radio buttons.
Added support from http://forum.kohanaphp.com/comments.php?DiscussionID=164

22:56 Changeset [19534] by thumb70

Applied #gPager to next/last nav, moved up above photo and moved photo title back to below the photo.

22:54 Changeset [19533] by thumb70

Update the CSS item ID and class application for items and albums in albums. Miscellaneous CSS updates.

22:22 Changeset [19532] by thumb70

For album-specific JS, key off of #gAlbumGrid rather than .gItem.

18:56 Changeset [19531] by virshu

Theme Administration implementation

00:43 Changeset [19530] by bharat

Turn the permission dialog into a real 3-state faux checkbox. If we
replace them with intuitive icons, we're most of the way there.

00:42 Changeset [19529] by bharat

Allow admins to do anything

00:28 Changeset [19528] by bharat

Add deepest album link

00:23 Changeset [19527] by bharat

Change the preamble for views in two ways:
1) drop unnecessary semicolon
2) start with <?php for extra security in the case that the server itself doesn't

have short_tags enabled (the app won't work, but we need to make sure that we're
still secure)

00:16 Changeset [19526] by bharat

Move debug CSS into core/css/debug.css, and enable it for admin themes also

00:06 Changeset [19525] by bharat

Refactor common dialog JS code out into lib/gallery.dialog.js


23:58 Changeset [19524] by bharat

Move 'browse' link above the fold, hide tabs that are inappropriate when there's no install yet

19:59 Changeset [19523] by bharat

Extend permissions interface to allow resetting to the parental default.

15:04 Changeset [19522] by tnalmdal

Ignore the SpamFilter?.php as a valid spam filter.

09:52 Changeset [19521] by bharat

Rename permissions_edit to permissions_browse for consistency

09:50 Changeset [19520] by bharat

Ajaxify the permissions browsing dialog. It only does allow/deny
right now, it doesn't allow you to reset to inherited values. That's

09:04 Changeset [19519] by bharat

Rename permission_xxx to permissions_xxx for consistency

09:02 Changeset [19518] by bharat

Turn permission dialog into a browser where you can look at permissions back up the tree

07:22 Changeset [19517] by bharat

Simplify the next/previous logic in the theme by passing in a null
next/prev sib if one didn't exist. (that's what we were supposed to
be doing in the first place, anyway)

07:17 Changeset [19516] by bharat

Mollon -> Mollom

07:16 Changeset [19515] by bharat

PhotoID -> PhotoId? for consistency

07:13 Changeset [19514] by bharat

Add Item_Model::url() and use it where appropriate. Cleans up some
grotty looking stuff in themes.

07:06 Changeset [19513] by bharat

Add sibling information on photo pages and a very simple next/previous interface.

06:44 Changeset [19512] by bharat

change single to double quotes.

06:19 Changeset [19511] by tnalmdal

First look at the spam filter module. At this point, it does not connect to any spam services. But you can go into the admin screen and choose the driver and set the api key.

04:21 Changeset [19510] by bharat

Switch from checkboxes to simple anchors so that we can reflect multiple states better

04:10 Changeset [19509] by thumb70

Minor refactor. Move some stuff out of $("document").ready to functions. Comment updates.

04:05 Changeset [19508] by bharat

Preliminary "Edit Permissions" dialog. You can't change permissions
yet, but it shows you which items have locked view perms.

03:29 Changeset [19507] by thumb70

Tabs to spaces.

00:47 Changeset [19506] by bharat

Fix a bug where we were accidentally allowing view permissions when
allowing or resetting permission further down in the tree. This bug
was introduced when I refactored the view permission cache into the
items table. Updated test to catch it.

00:18 Changeset [19505] by bharat

Fully implement the view_full permission.


23:36 Changeset [19504] by bharat

Oops, remove some debug code.

23:36 Changeset [19503] by bharat

Fix a bug. Unit tests ftw!

23:26 Changeset [19502] by bharat

Refactor _create_htaccess_files and _delete_htaccess_files into
_update_htaccess_files in preparation for supporting the view_full

23:06 Changeset [19501] by bharat

Fix typo.

21:20 Changeset [19500] by andy_st

Update user::create() scaffolding for changes in the user module: can't set the isAdmin bit at creation time.

21:00 Changeset [19499] by andy_st

Make the url parameter optional in comment::create() (according to the comment model)

20:19 Changeset [19498] by bharat

Oops, this got left out of r19497

09:02 Changeset [19497] by bharat

Add the view_full permission-- doesn't do anything yet

04:14 Changeset [19496] by bharat

Add a "Graphics Settings" page that lets admins choose which graphics
toolkit we use. We only allow users to use one toolkit. The UI needs

04:13 Changeset [19495] by bharat

Add some basic explanatory text

04:13 Changeset [19494] by bharat

Add site_status() to the regular Theme_View

04:13 Changeset [19493] by bharat

Only show site status to admins

04:12 Changeset [19492] by bharat

Add site_status to the default theme. Only admins will see messages for now, but it's nice for them to see messages when browsing instead of just in the site admin

02:50 Changeset [19491] by thumb70

Drop .gShortForm in favor of using specific form ids (gSearchForm, gAddTagForm). This maintains styles when forms are are reloaded into the DOM. Haven't figured out how to fire shortFormInit() when a form is reloaded into the DOM, as gAddTagForm is :(

01:43 Changeset [19490] by bharat

More phodoc cleanup.

01:41 Changeset [19489] by bharat

comment cleanup.

01:37 Changeset [19488] by bharat

Make some columns smaller so that multi-column keys don't exceed 1024
bytes on some systems.

01:21 Changeset [19487] by thumb70

Fixed indents

00:52 Changeset [19486] by thumb70

Missed these in r19485.

00:50 Changeset [19485] by thumb70

Refactored. Simplified organization a bit by combining sections. Restored block titles to h2. Moved #gMessage to #gContent. Removed .gClearFix class in favor of specifying selectors that require a clear fix.


23:36 Changeset [19484] by bharat

Mark the "website" field as hidden.

23:31 Changeset [19483] by bharat

Updated to Kohana r3849

23:30 Changeset [19482] by bharat

Updated to Kohana r3849

23:29 Changeset [19481] by bharat

Updated to Kohana r3849

23:25 Changeset [19480] by bharat

Create Image::composite() and implement it in GD, ImageMagick? and GraphicsMagick? drivers.

23:12 Changeset [19479] by bharat

Don't let the x/y coordinates in composite go negative.

22:59 Changeset [19478] by tnalmdal

Filter on published in Comment_Controller::_index()

22:41 Changeset [19477] by bharat

Remove rest::JSON content type; it's causing lots of problems and it doesn't directly help since text/html works just as well for our JSON communications

22:31 Changeset [19476] by bharat

Properly implement graphics::composite()

22:30 Changeset [19475] by bharat

Add transparency support

21:28 Changeset [19474] by bharat

Return the task on success so that our UI can show it at 100%

21:27 Changeset [19473] by bharat

Replace CSRF token with a real csrf. This allows links in site status messages to persiste across sessions.

21:25 Changeset [19472] by bharat

Oops, my last change broke the default resize dimensions

21:09 Changeset [19471] by tnalmdal

Implemented bharat's suggestions to the comment module in preparation for the spam_filter module

20:20 Changeset [19470] by bharat

Make graphics rules take named parameters. This will give us some
flexibility in the future.

20:17 Changeset [19469] by bharat

Clean up _update_graphics_rules() to make it more robust

19:37 Changeset [19468] by tnalmdal

Changes to the comment module to support spam filtering. Basically added two columns to the comment table. The url of the author's web site(default null) and a flag to indicate that the comment is visible (default true).

The comment block has changed to only display comments that are visible.

And there is code added to call the spam_filter helper if the spam_filter module is installed.

18:38 Changeset [19467] by bharat

url::site is implicit in Forge actions, don't specify it a 2nd time

06:12 Changeset [19466] by thumb70

Apply button bg image to Superfish menu items.

04:20 Changeset [19465] by bharat

Don't set the document type to JSON when uploading photos.

04:12 Changeset [19464] by bharat

Re-add $theme->messages(), which got accidentally removed.

03:51 Changeset [19463] by bharat

Relax the rules a bit

03:50 Changeset [19462] by bharat

Remove references to permanent_key

00:35 Changeset [19461] by bharat

Separate permanent messages out of the message helper and put them
into site_status. Show site status in the header in the admin theme.


23:48 Changeset [19460] by bharat

Expand on the maintenance code to make it more robust and give the
admin more control. You can now track running tasks, resume stalled
tasks, cancel running tasks, and remove finished tasks.

Added graphics::compose() as a placeholder for future watermark

Added CSRF protection to maintenance urls.

22:49 Changeset [19459] by virshu

Add title back to non-DHTML form to maintain consistency

10:14 Changeset [19458] by bharat

Javascript wrapper to ping tasks

10:12 Changeset [19457] by bharat

First round of a task framework. Tasks are job definitions stored in
the database. They're started with admin/maintenance/start/[task_name]
which sends down some JS/HTML which regularly pings the task at
admin/maintenance/start/[task_id] until its done.

The UI is still very rough. It works, though!

07:33 Changeset [19456] by thumb70

Tighten up album grid display. Vertically align thumbnail/metadata in gItem container. Brought back borders. Use a neutral bg color for albums. Link item titles, not just thumbnails.


17:16 Changeset [19455] by thumb70

Rename pagination icons to follow convention.

17:01 Changeset [19454] by thumb70

Icon refinement

16:46 Changeset [19453] by mindless

Language update: el 87->87.7%

03:37 Changeset [19452] by bharat

Ignore resizes for albums when calculating the dirty count

03:35 Changeset [19451] by bharat

Add clear_permanent()


20:34 Changeset [19450] by virshu

Added title to user/group administration dialogs

20:08 Changeset [19449] by virshu

Added content type to JSON output functions

18:59 Changeset [19448] by bharat

Move Watermarks under Content in the Site Admin menu.

06:14 Changeset [19447] by virshu

User/Group administration cleanup

06:09 Changeset [19446] by thumb70

Comment and indent cleanup. Forgot to delete an image in a previous commit.

05:45 Changeset [19445] by virshu

Separate GET and POST in Group Administration

05:44 Changeset [19444] by bharat

Add the graphics rules for both thumbs and resizes (instead of just thumbs).

05:43 Changeset [19443] by bharat

Added the concept of "permanent" messages that we show to admins. Use
this to show a "your thumbs/resizes are out of date" message whenever
we change the graphics rules. Tweak watermark module to add graphics
rules whenever we make a change, which triggers the graphics module to
add the permanent message.

05:36 Changeset [19442] by virshu

To reset a form use resetForm

05:26 Changeset [19441] by virshu

Separate GET and POST in User Administration

05:15 Changeset [19440] by thumb70

The close icon's a background sprite, should be prefixed with bg- not ico-.

05:14 Changeset [19439] by bharat

Fix get_add_form() to use self::positions() so that we get the right key/value pairs.

05:11 Changeset [19438] by bharat

Login is 'info' not 'success'

04:52 Changeset [19437] by bharat

Added graphics::mark_all_dirty(). The watermark code now marks images
as dirty if the admin changes the watermark at all.

04:49 Changeset [19436] by bharat

Fix a bug I introduced when I switched from module id to module name; now deleting cleans up vars and graphics rules

04:35 Changeset [19435] by bharat

Add missing '=' causing <img> height not to get set.

04:35 Changeset [19434] by virshu

Group Administration

04:34 Changeset [19433] by bharat

More watermark changes:

Change admin/watermarks/upload -> admin/watermarks/add for consistency.

Internationalize position text, store it as text in the database,
display it to the admin.

Make i18n strings consistent to reduce l10n load.

04:27 Changeset [19432] by thumb70

Major image cleanup, removed unsued images. Combined separate background and icon state images into sprites. Fix dialog artifact in Chrome.

04:02 Changeset [19431] by bharat

Remove an HTTP redirect that was breaking the Ajax interface.

03:56 Changeset [19430] by bharat

Fix a typo.

03:47 Changeset [19429] by virshu

User Administration. Add users. Take 3

03:22 Changeset [19428] by virshu

User Administration. Delete users. Take 3

01:32 Changeset [19427] by bharat

Simplify the watermark module. We can now upload, edit and delete one
watermark. The UI is rough and we don't yet apply the watermark to
images.. that's next.

01:29 Changeset [19426] by bharat

Add module::clear_var()

00:58 Changeset [19425] by virshu

User Administration. Edit users. Take 3


23:43 Changeset [19424] by bharat

Rework log and message helpers to be parallel, but separate.

1) they now have their own matching severity constants
2) they both have convenience functions success(), info(), warning() and error()
3) they both have severity_class()

23:31 Changeset [19423] by thumb70

Switch gFailure back to gError. Makes more sense semantically.

23:22 Changeset [19422] by thumb70

Update message CSS: gFailure, gInfo, gSuccess, gWarning. Removed gHelp, it's not a message type.

22:31 Changeset [19421] by bharat

Add edit/delete links (they're just stubs now, but they open a dialog).
Add active/position to Watermark_Model

22:29 Changeset [19420] by bharat

Clone dialog support over from themes/default (for now)

22:29 Changeset [19419] by bharat

Make sure admin method exist before we call them, else we'll just recurse into Admin_Controller::call() again

21:54 Changeset [19418] by bharat

Remove extra uniquifying text that Forge adds to uploaded files.

21:41 Changeset [19417] by bharat

Return the form on success so that we clear out any prior error forms

21:40 Changeset [19416] by bharat

Oops, and also re-ajaxify the form if we replace it.

21:39 Changeset [19415] by bharat

Reload the form if it's available so that we show form errors and we reset the form on success.

20:59 Changeset [19414] by virshu

Ajaxify 'add users'

20:12 Changeset [19413] by thumb70

Restore inline gLoginMenu items, remove extra ; from footer.

19:59 Changeset [19412] by thumb70

Message box style update. A few font-style updates.

10:24 Changeset [19411] by bharat

Updated Kohana to r3845

10:22 Changeset [19410] by bharat

Updated modified to r3845

10:21 Changeset [19409] by bharat

Updated upstream to r3845

10:14 Changeset [19408] by bharat

Split Items_Controller_Test into Photos and Albums tests

10:14 Changeset [19407] by bharat

Remove a test for code that was removed

08:27 Changeset [19406] by bharat

Move jquery.listen.js out to lib

08:24 Changeset [19405] by bharat

jQuery.Listen 1.0.3

08:22 Changeset [19404] by bharat

Update for ui.jquery

08:15 Changeset [19403] by bharat

We no longer need these, they've been rolled into jquery-ui.js

08:14 Changeset [19402] by bharat

Merge in updated jquery-ui which contains the accordion widget, delete
explicit references to accordion widget from admin ui.

08:11 Changeset [19401] by bharat

jquery-ui.packed.js --> jquery-ui.js

08:09 Changeset [19400] by bharat

Removed 'packed' from the name, it's not relevant

08:08 Changeset [19399] by bharat

Update to include Accordion widget

06:29 Changeset [19398] by virshu

fixes in user edit and delete

06:12 Changeset [19397] by bharat

Reload the parent before using when adding albums/photos since it may have invalid left/right pointers.

06:11 Changeset [19396] by virshu

fixed minor log:add typo

05:57 Changeset [19395] by bharat

get_add_form() -> add_add_form_admin()

05:12 Changeset [19394] by bharat

Big round of normalization of the way that our controllers
communicate. Almost all controllers now use JSON to speak to the
theme when we're dealing with form processing. This means tht we only
send the form back and forth, but we use a JSON protocol to tell the
browser success/error status as well as the location of any newly
created resources, or where the browser should redirect the user.

Lots of small changes:
1) Admin -> Edit Profile is gone. Instead I fixed the "Modify Profile" link

in the top right corner to be a modal dialog

2) We use json_encode everywhere. No more Atom/XML for now. We can bring those

back later, though. For now there's a lot of code duplication but that'll be
easy to clean up.

3) REST_Controller is no longer abstract. All methods its subclasses should create

throw exceptions, which means that subclasses don't have to implement stubs for
those methods.

4) New pattern: helper method get_add_form calls take an Item_Model,

not an id since we have to load the Item_Model in the controller
anyway to check permissions.

5) User/Groups REST resources are separate from User/Group in the site

admin. They do different things, we should avoid confusing overlap.

02:59 Changeset [19393] by virshu

added sprintf to strings for tranlation support

02:48 Changeset [19392] by bharat

Don't let the admin delete themselves, either. That would be bad.

02:47 Changeset [19391] by bharat

Only admins can delete users.

02:42 Changeset [19390] by bharat

Fix rules for editing users.

02:38 Changeset [19389] by bharat

Rest_Controller -> REST_Controller everywhere, for consistency.

02:16 Changeset [19388] by virshu

User administration: 1. Add users; 2. Group administration; 3. General cleanup

01:34 Changeset [19387] by bharat

Convert tag module over to returning JSON.

01:06 Changeset [19386] by bharat

Fix the way we dump out comment in _show().

00:56 Changeset [19385] by bharat

Update the form first, then clear it on success (else it doesn't get cleared on success)

00:53 Changeset [19384] by bharat

Be consistent: resource is a url, data is the actual JSON encoded result.

00:47 Changeset [19383] by bharat

Gut the comment module and simplify it. Stop trying to support Atom
and XML for now, we have no driver for those technologies so anything
we implement is not going to be sufficiently tested and therefore
it'll be broken.

Change all comment functions to return JSON and update the JS to deal
purely with JSON. This is our new protocol for talking to the browser
and it should be flexible and portable.

Create comments.html.php. This duplicates comment.html.php, but will
be more efficient for rendering comments since we won't be creating a
new View for every comment we render.


19:59 Changeset [19382] by virshu

Adding user

04:25 Changeset [19381] by bharat

Remove stray response:: (not yet time for this.. it's coming!)

04:22 Changeset [19380] by bharat

Normalize our Admin controllers so that functions always print out
their results, as opposed to having them return their view back
upstream. This is a little more code in every controller, but it's
much less magical and more consistent.

Look up the active_theme and active_admin_theme inside the view
itself, no need to do that in the controllers. This makes view
initialization easier in the controllers.

04:10 Changeset [19379] by bharat

Tersify a log message

04:09 Changeset [19378] by bharat

Fix bad <input/>

04:05 Changeset [19377] by bharat

Minor cleanups.

04:04 Changeset [19376] by bharat

Add atom to the implicit module list.

00:20 Changeset [19375] by bharat

Lots of deltas rolled up into a bigger change. Sorry for the mess.

1) Deleted in-place-editing. We'll be replacing this with a real edit

system that groups settings together and is more coherent.

2) Tweaked the way that dialog boxes work to get the ajax stuff working

again. It's imperfect and does not work properly for uploading images.
This is going to get redone also, but this is a good resting point.

3) Created edit forms for albums and photos. Moved _update and _create out

of Items_Controller and into the individual subclasses.

4) Created access::required which is a shorthand for:

if (!access::can(...)) {



5) Added validation rules to Items_Model

6) Converted login to use the regular modal dialog approach in the theme.


21:44 Changeset [19374] by virshu

Edit user - first draft

19:07 Changeset [19373] by bharat

Can't self-close a <div>.

07:30 Changeset [19372] by bharat

Clean up the way that we upload via dialogs:
1) If the create request is Ajax, then return a 201 Created response code
2) If we receive back a 201 response, then switch to the new page.
3) Display a status message when we do an upload.

06:33 Changeset [19371] by thumb70

Fixed indents

06:24 Changeset [19370] by thumb70

Make the loading class a bit more reusable.

06:10 Changeset [19369] by bharat

Reload parent after adding a new item since the left/right pointers have changed.

04:46 Changeset [19368] by bharat

Only clear the dirty bit if we updated the specific target.

04:43 Changeset [19367] by bharat

Update to reflect change in album::create API

04:36 Changeset [19366] by bharat

Change photo::create() and album::create() to take ORM instances
instead of ids.

04:14 Changeset [19365] by bharat

Add very simple graphics toolkits.

Track a set of rules in Graphics_Rule_Model which specify how we turn
original images into thumbnails and resizes. There's one set of rules
that applies to every image in the Gallery.

Track the state of thumbs and resizes with a "dirty" bit. The new
graphics helper manages the rules and can rebuild the thumbs and
resizes for any images that are considered "dirty".

Introduce the concept of an "album cover" which is an item that an
album points to. We'll use that item as the source for the album's

Conflated with this change (sorry!) I also changed the Var table to
use module_name instead of module_id. This may be marginally less
efficient, but it's much easier to follow in the database.

01:49 Changeset [19364] by bharat

Update comment.

01:29 Changeset [19363] by bharat

Allow the site admin to upload watermark images. Can't do much with them yet.

01:27 Changeset [19362] by bharat

Change photo::img_dimensions to take the dimensions, not a photo. This lets us use it in the watermark module too

01:00 Changeset [19361] by thumb70

Added missing semicolons

00:13 Changeset [19360] by bharat

Step 1 of converting watermarks over to be an admin page.

00:06 Changeset [19359] by bharat

Add attribute to <script> element.

00:05 Changeset [19358] by bharat

Remove stray comma.


20:42 Changeset [19357] by bharat

Fix a typo

20:23 Changeset [19356] by bharat

Add message severity CSS classes to status messages. Create
message::severity_class() to do the conversion and convert the log
entry code to use that.

19:46 Changeset [19355] by bharat

Internationalize welcome block.

10:39 Changeset [19354] by bharat

Remove extraneous view, not necessary

10:32 Changeset [19353] by bharat

Fix admin/modules url.

06:50 Changeset [19352] by bharat

Add messaging system for reporting actions back to the user. Make
module install/uninstall work and tie it into the messaging system.

04:54 Changeset [19351] by bharat

Reinstate the dummy error handler to ensure that we work in a clean install w/ no database

04:49 Changeset [19350] by bharat

Remove module.info from infrastructure modules that are effectively
libraries that would ship with the core.

Refactor welcome.php to use the newly refactored module::available()

04:33 Changeset [19349] by bharat

Normalize CSRF handling into the access helper. Probably not the best
place for it, but it'll do for now.

Do CSRF checking in the Admin controller so that we're safe across the
board on the admin side.

04:32 Changeset [19348] by bharat

Support proper rendering of locked modules, add a submit button, point it at admin/modules/save

04:31 Changeset [19347] by bharat

Lock a couple of modules

03:53 Changeset [19346] by bharat

Add some admin theme callbacks and make them explicitly admin_xxx for consistency
with the callbacks in the xxx_block helpers. So in the theme we have:



then in the helpers:


function admin_page_bottom() { }

03:41 Changeset [19345] by bharat

Change the way that we track modules.

Each module now has a "module.info" file that has information about
the module, including the core. We can display the installed version,
and the version in the code.

Also take a first shot at a modules admin page.

03:23 Changeset [19344] by bharat

Fix capitalization.

00:19 Changeset [19343] by thumb70

Update Selenium IDE test case file names.


23:59 Changeset [19342] by thumb70

Removed my local dev url.

21:52 Changeset [19341] by bharat

Add phpdoc comments.

20:44 Changeset [19340] by bharat

Swap "Content" and "Modules"

10:35 Changeset [19339] by bharat

Add info/warning/error classes to log messages.

04:43 Changeset [19338] by bharat

Add some more logging code. Now the site admin has some log entries to look at.

04:42 Changeset [19337] by bharat

INFO -> log::INFO

04:18 Changeset [19336] by bharat

Move logging up to the controllers so that our logging can operate at a more meta level

03:56 Changeset [19335] by bharat

Report actual log entries in the "log entries" admin block.

03:50 Changeset [19334] by bharat

Add a logging facility, and instrument login/logout to use it.

02:36 Changeset [19333] by bharat

Implement the 'Project News' block with actual news from GMC.. woot!

02:02 Changeset [19332] by bharat

Implement the "recent comments" block with real data.

02:02 Changeset [19331] by bharat

create a more generic random_phrase() function

01:29 Changeset [19330] by bharat

Change "datetime" to "created" to give some semantics to this field.


23:19 Changeset [19329] by bharat

Implement the photo stream with the most recently uploaded photos.

22:49 Changeset [19328] by bharat

Add "created" and "updated" timestamps to the items table.

22:37 Changeset [19327] by bharat

Fix a problem with magenta

20:11 Changeset [19326] by bharat

Update view counts for albums also

20:04 Changeset [19325] by bharat

Add view counts and show them properly.

10:54 Changeset [19324] by bharat

use some real stats

07:38 Changeset [19323] by bharat

Update modified to Kohana r3823 (svn merge -c19322 vendor/kohana/modified/kohana trunk/kohana)

07:35 Changeset [19322] by bharat

Update modified to Kohana r3823

07:32 Changeset [19321] by bharat

Update to Kohana trunk r3823

07:30 Changeset [19320] by bharat

Fix preamble

02:08 Changeset [19319] by bharat

Add a missing colon.

02:08 Changeset [19318] by bharat


02:06 Changeset [19317] by bharat

Replace placeholders with real data

01:42 Changeset [19316] by bharat

Collapse Admin_Dashboard_Controller down into a single theme call, since now
all dashboard blocks are stored in modules.

01:25 Changeset [19315] by bharat

Move Recent Comments into its own block.

01:20 Changeset [19314] by bharat

Move log entries into its own block

01:16 Changeset [19313] by bharat

Move the "Photo Stream" section into its own block

01:13 Changeset [19312] by bharat

Move the "status messages" section into its own block.

01:08 Changeset [19311] by bharat

Move Platform and Project News admin sidebar blocks into the new
modular structure.

01:00 Changeset [19310] by bharat

Add admin sidebar blocks, and move the stats block into that pattern.

00:52 Changeset [19309] by bharat

Create a pattern for admin dashboard blocks and make the "welcome"

00:51 Changeset [19308] by bharat

Copy this from the default theme and change <h3> to <h2>

00:50 Changeset [19307] by bharat

Create module::load_themes() to load the correct theme after we do
routing and know whether we're going to an /admin page or a regular


22:16 Changeset [19306] by bharat

Implement admin user editing. It's still very rough. Trying to
figure out how to share forms between user and admin editing.

Incremental improvement

22:14 Changeset [19305] by bharat

Fix a bug in admin delegation.

22:13 Changeset [19304] by bharat

Add access::forbidden()

09:47 Changeset [19303] by bharat

Create a new pattern for Site Admin controllers:

1) They must all start with "admin_". This pattern is not directly


2) Their urls must be /admin/xxx.

3) The Admin_Controller will take the xxx and look for Admin_Xxx_Controller

and will delegate to that admin controller, after doing security checks.

Moved the users and dashboard views into individual modules for now.

07:16 Changeset [19302] by bharat

Delete the var/thumbs .htaccess files, too.

06:10 Changeset [19301] by thumb70

Add a bit more space under gHeader.

03:05 Changeset [19300] by bharat

Don't try to validate the form unless it's a POST request.

03:02 Changeset [19299] by bharat

Fix indentation.

02:02 Changeset [19298] by thumb70

Missed this in last commit. Say it with me, run svn status before svn ci :)

01:54 Changeset [19297] by thumb70

Restored admin menu. Restored call to default theme's style sheet during development, to simplify the process. Admin specific styles go in admin_default/css/screen.css. Moved jquery files out to css and js.

01:26 Changeset [19296] by bharat

We always have at least 1 page in an album.

01:24 Changeset [19295] by bharat

Add session based CSRF protection to all forms

00:48 Changeset [19294] by bharat

Allow server-side adding of images to other albums than the root

00:47 Changeset [19293] by bharat

Don't restrict image overlays


22:35 Changeset [19292] by bharat

Add labels to the form groups.

22:29 Changeset [19291] by bharat

Don't wrap hidden inputs in <li/>

18:50 Changeset [19290] by bharat

Add <fh:complete/>

07:32 Changeset [19289] by bharat

Refactor site admin menu into a theme function and build the menus in
the various modules. In the process, rename xxx_menu::site_navigation() to just
xxx_menu::site(). And add xxx_menu::admin().

The menus are the same as before, but I changed the HTML to be
consistent with the way that we do it in the regular site, and this
broke the superfish styles. I don't know how to fix this.. help me

07:00 Changeset [19288] by thumb70

I'm tired of clicking. Here are a few Selenium IDE tests.

02:50 Changeset [19287] by thumb70

Dialog polishing. They now resize their height. Updated form styles in the context of dialog display (don't show legends, fieldset border, or submit button).

Let's make sure that all forms generated are complete and well formed and then use JS and CSS to control their display and behavior in different contexts.

00:41 Changeset [19286] by bharat

Update cookie handling to ignore $Version, $Path and $Domain cookie
attributes and make it RF2109 compliant.

00:29 Changeset [19285] by bharat

Add <generator> element to try to make Polar Rose happy (it doesn't work, though)

00:28 Changeset [19284] by bharat

Absoluteify some urls to make feedvalidator.org happy

00:16 Changeset [19283] by bharat

Polar Rose facial recognition module. Currently in a non-working
state because their server is not RFC2109 compliant. Filing a bug.

00:02 Changeset [19282] by bharat

Add item view permission checks.
Switch from absolute urls to relative ones.

Relative urls break the flash based slideshow, but the Cooliris
extension works. I'll file a bug.


22:39 Changeset [19281] by bharat

Add Item_Model::viewable() which we can use to restrict any query to
just items viewable by the active user. Ie:


->where("name", "foo")

Would get all items with the name "foo".


->where("name", "foo")

Restricts it to just the set of items that the user is allowed to see.

19:28 Changeset [19280] by bharat

Update Kohana code to r3799 from their svn head. All tests pass.

Resolved upstream tickets:



svn merge -c19275 vendor/kohana/modified/kohana trunk/kohana

19:23 Changeset [19279] by bharat

Fix a bug where setting the active user did not reset group_ids (unit tests ftw!)

19:06 Changeset [19278] by bharat

Fix some lint errors

19:04 Changeset [19277] by bharat

Clear out module list in load_modules() before trying any db operations

19:03 Changeset [19276] by bharat

Extend the changes in list_tables() and list_fields() that uses
TEST_MODE to avoid static members.

18:51 Changeset [19275] by bharat

Update upstream to r3799

18:50 Changeset [19274] by bharat

Update upstream to r3799

18:32 Changeset [19273] by bharat

Switch from cookie sessions to database sessions. We can't use cookie
sessions; it encodes all the value into the cookie which means
little/no security, transfer costs, and storage limits.

17:40 Changeset [19272] by bharat

Add initialization to the user module to put the user and group_ids
into the session, for easy access. This cuts down the number of
queries when we're loading images through file_proxy.php

17:10 Changeset [19271] by bharat

Put Gallery3 under GPLv2

06:22 Changeset [19270] by thumb70

Added .gLoadingLarge and .gLoadingSmall to show ajax loading indicator. Applied to modal dialogs.

05:53 Changeset [19269] by bharat

Improve performance by finding the item without walking the tree.
Instead, use the level and the name to get a short list of candidates,
and check each one of those. In most cases, this query should give us
the right result the first time.

04:55 Changeset [19268] by bharat

Change the album thumbnail/resize from _album.jpg to .album.pjg
because the leading underscore confuses the Kohana router.

04:45 Changeset [19267] by bharat

Separate thumbnails out into var/thumbs. This clears up some ambiguity in Item_Model and simplifies
file_proxy. It also means we can stop munging file names in the var/resizes hierarchy.

In the process, rename "thumbnail" to "thumb" everywhere in honor of
Chad (well, ok because it's shorter)..

01:26 Changeset [19266] by tnalmdal

Drag & Drop the watermark now works and so does the dropdown box. The target image is divided into a 3x3 quadrant referenced as: northwest, north, northeast, west, center, east, southeast, south, southwest. Similiar to the imagemagik garvities. Currently the watermark is placed in the left top of the particular quadrant.

01:19 Changeset [19265] by thumb70

Added label to add tag form input

00:45 Changeset [19264] by thumb70

Added JS to set/reset simple forms' input values to their corresponding labels' value. Labels should always be used with visible inputs. Use this to style and control short form input display and behavior.


23:59 Changeset [19263] by bharat

Remove error checking; if this fails let it fail noisily for now so that we can find problems faster.

23:36 Changeset [19262] by bharat

Remove all caching from ORM_MPTT. This was premature optimization: it
wasn't benefitting us, and it will get in the way when we want to add
implicit view protection to our queries.

23:33 Changeset [19261] by bharat

Dump out the stack trace on errors.

23:11 Changeset [19260] by bharat

Fix preamble

23:07 Changeset [19259] by bharat

Add file_proxy. This is controller gets triggered by .htaccess
protection on var/albums and var/resizes and only displays files to
the user if they have "view" permission on the base ite.

20:40 Changeset [19258] by tnalmdal
19:16 Changeset [19257] by tnalmdal

Oops, remove the () on the parameter to $("#Dialog").ready(...) so we pass the function, not the results of the function call.

19:12 Changeset [19256] by tnalmdal

Separate the handling of the dialog resizing into the watermark.js, so we don't have to download the watermark dialog initialization with each request.

19:06 Changeset [19255] by tnalmdal

1) change the selector for the the function to gDialog
2) Once the dialog is resized, center it

17:30 Changeset [19254] by tnalmdal

1) Remove the load watermark from the scaffolding... use the menu option
2) The set watermark dialog is now sizing properly. @todo is recenter in the window

17:26 Changeset [19253] by tnalmdal

Submit the form using ajaxSubmit

16:29 Changeset [19252] by tnalmdal

Add Submit and Reset buttons to the dialog in order to trap the form submission so the form doesn't close. There might be a better way, but i couldn't think of it.

15:06 CamelCase created by trac
15:06 InterMapTxt created by trac
15:06 InterTrac created by trac
15:06 InterWiki created by trac
15:06 PageTemplates created by trac
15:06 RecentChanges created by trac
15:06 SandBox created by trac
15:06 TitleIndex created by trac
15:06 TracAccessibility created by trac
15:06 TracAdmin created by trac
15:06 TracBackup created by trac
15:06 TracBrowser created by trac
15:06 TracChangeset created by trac
15:06 TracEnvironment created by trac
15:06 TracFineGrainedPermissions created by trac
15:06 TracGuide created by trac
15:06 TracImport created by trac
15:06 TracIni created by trac
15:06 TracInterfaceCustomization created by trac
15:06 TracLinks created by trac
15:06 TracLogging created by trac
15:06 TracNavigation created by trac
15:06 TracNotification created by trac
15:06 TracPermissions created by trac
15:06 TracPlugins created by trac
15:06 TracQuery created by trac
15:06 TracReports created by trac
15:06 TracRevisionLog created by trac
15:06 TracRoadmap created by trac
15:06 TracRss created by trac
15:06 TracSearch created by trac
15:06 TracSupport created by trac
15:06 TracSyntaxColoring created by trac
15:06 TracTickets created by trac
15:06 TracTicketsCustomFields created by trac
15:06 TracTimeline created by trac
15:06 TracUnicode created by trac
15:06 TracWiki created by trac
15:06 TracWorkflow created by trac
15:06 WikiDeletePage created by trac
15:06 WikiFormatting created by trac
15:06 WikiHtml created by trac
15:06 WikiMacros created by trac
15:06 WikiNewPage created by trac
15:06 WikiPageNames created by trac
15:06 WikiProcessors created by trac
15:06 WikiRestructuredText created by trac
15:06 WikiRestructuredTextLinks created by trac
15:06 WikiStart created by trac
11:04 Changeset [19251] by bharat

Make the breadcrumb a little larger

08:27 Changeset [19250] by bharat

Alphabetize field names to make it easier to find 'em.

08:17 Changeset [19249] by bharat

Change htaccess rules to use mod_rewrite

05:13 Changeset [19248] by bharat

TEST_MODE always exists now, so check its value, don't rely on its existence to know that we're in test mode.

05:04 Changeset [19247] by bharat

Don't use model_cache for get_version and set_version; that breaks the installer.

04:56 Changeset [19246] by bharat

Use model_cache::get() to reduce duplicate queries

04:52 Changeset [19245] by bharat

Fix a bug where we were using module::set_var() instead of module::get_var() resulting in
loading all photos in an album on a single page and updating the var on every page load.

04:45 Changeset [19244] by bharat

Make the profiler output more legible by adding some padding to the table.

04:31 Changeset [19243] by bharat

Define TEST_MODE 0 when we're in production

04:29 Changeset [19242] by bharat

Various optimizations:
o Add model_cache::get() which caches models avoiding duplicate lookups
o Stop using ORM relationships for Item_Model::owner so that we can use caching
o For Item_Model::xxx_edit fields, don't make them editable for guests
o Other minor stuff.

These optimizations reduce the number of queries for a 9-photos page from ~200
to ~45. Still way too many!

02:31 Changeset [19241] by bharat

Fix a bug where we were not deleting the .htaccess file on access::reset()

02:25 Changeset [19240] by bharat

Colorize test output

01:04 Changeset [19239] by bharat

Create and delete .htaccess files based on the view permissions for
the group::everybody() user.

00:50 Changeset [19238] by bharat

Fix capitalization.

00:31 Changeset [19237] by bharat

phpdoc cleanup

00:30 Changeset [19236] by bharat

Permission only function on albums.


23:08 Changeset [19235] by tnalmdal

Start of the dialog to specify the watermark placement. For convience, using the imagemagik nomicalture regarding watermark locations (east, west, center, etc.)

You can drag the watermark around but it doesn't stay in place.
Need to figure out how to resize the dialog box

and all of the supporting javascript

21:23 Changeset [19234] by bharat

Protect menus and blocks against the fact that we don't have an item
on tag pages.

21:18 Changeset [19233] by bharat

Refresh from Kohana r3778.

Resolved tickets:


21:08 Changeset [19232] by bharat

Updated to Kohana r3778

21:04 Changeset [19231] by bharat

Updated to r3778 from kohana trunk

20:49 Changeset [19230] by bharat

Update to reflect changes in Kohana ORM relationship code.
Now you must call ORM::save() after ORM::add() and ORM::remove().

19:51 Changeset [19229] by tnalmdal

The admin high level menu is shown if the active user is not a guest. Other sub menus depend on the appropriate level of access

10:10 Changeset [19228] by bharat

Reapply r18995: disable static table caches when we're in TEST_MODE.

10:09 Changeset [19227] by bharat

(merge of vendor/kohana/modified/modules/unit_test r19226) Re-add english versions of unit test messages

10:08 Changeset [19226] by bharat

Re-add english versions of unit test messages

10:05 Changeset [19225] by bharat

Fix Database::instance()->list_tables()

Upstream ticket:


09:51 Changeset [19224] by bharat

Reapply r19116:
Add support for filtering tests down to the Class::method level.

Upstream ticket:


09:45 Changeset [19223] by bharat

Reapply patch to make tests always call teardown.

Upstream ticket:


09:34 Changeset [19222] by bharat

(merge of vendor/kohana/modified r19221) Remove captcha, swift and pagination message catalogs; we don't need those

09:34 Changeset [19221] by bharat

Remove captcha, swift and pagination message catalogs; we don't need those

09:31 Changeset [19220] by bharat

(merge of vendor/kohana/modified r19219) Add back in English localization strings, else we're missing a lot of critical strings at development time

09:30 Changeset [19219] by bharat

Add back in English localization strings, else we're missing a lot of critical strings at development time

09:24 Changeset [19218] by bharat

Update description section, now that we have sub-READMEs

09:22 Changeset [19217] by bharat

Refresh of Forge r168 from vendor/forge/modified

09:21 Changeset [19216] by bharat

Delete forge in preparation to refresh it from vendors/forge/modified

09:20 Changeset [19215] by bharat

Generate the modified dir properly.

09:18 Changeset [19214] by bharat

Add modified subdir. Untested

09:17 Changeset [19213] by bharat

Update paths

09:13 Changeset [19212] by bharat

Move update_forge.sh into the forge dir.

09:12 Changeset [19211] by bharat

Create upstream dir, move everything into it

09:11 Changeset [19210] by bharat

Move kohana specific stuff into kohana/README

09:09 Changeset [19209] by bharat

Fix a bug in refresh_modified.sh

09:08 Changeset [19208] by bharat

Fix all paths

09:07 Changeset [19207] by bharat

Move update_kohana scripts into the kohana dir

09:06 Changeset [19206] by bharat

Move kohana_upstream to kohana/upstream

09:05 Changeset [19205] by bharat

Move kohana_modified to kohana/modified

09:04 Changeset [19204] by bharat

Make kohana umbrella dir for upstream/modified

09:02 Changeset [19203] by bharat

Move forge out into its own top level dir

09:00 Changeset [19202] by bharat

unit_test is now drawn from Kohana svn trunk

08:56 Changeset [19201] by bharat

Refresh kohana from upstream svn trunk r3771.

During this process, remove a considerable number of files from kohana
that we will not be needing in Gallery3, including the following files
and directories:


08:52 Changeset [19200] by bharat

Refresh from kohana svn trunk r3771

08:37 Changeset [19199] by bharat

Delete trunk/kohana and trunk/modules/unit_test in preparation to refresh
them properly from the vendor branch.

08:35 Changeset [19198] by bharat

Convert tabs to spaces

08:35 Changeset [19197] by bharat

Get rid of windows line endings

07:08 Changeset [19196] by thumb70

Fix that rascal IE. Added conditional HTML comment to use fix-ie.css for IE7 and earlier. Fixed bg images in album/item view buttons, IE 6/7 don't appear to handle background-position: center center :(

06:37 Changeset [19195] by tnalmdal

Fix the reference to jquery-ui.packed.js

06:17 Changeset [19194] by thumb70

Should be ul, not u#gLoginLink

06:11 Changeset [19193] by thumb70

Renamed vars used in dialog init to avoid confusion and conflicts.

05:39 Changeset [19192] by bharat

Instructions for syncing upstream code down and applying our local
modifications to it. Not complete yet.

05:35 Changeset [19191] by bharat

Kohana trunk r3771, modified via update_kohana_modified.sh to match
our tree structure.

05:22 Changeset [19190] by bharat

Restructure the tree to match how we want it in Gallery3.

05:11 Changeset [19189] by bharat

Remove everything from the modified version that we're not going to use in Gallery3.

05:08 Changeset [19188] by tnalmdal

revert the creation of a global gallery3 javascript variable

04:55 Changeset [19187] by tnalmdal

Forgot the quotes

04:53 Changeset [19186] by tnalmdal

Set up a global gallery3 javascript variable where we can put things that need to be passed into the javascript

04:40 Changeset [19185] by tnalmdal

Change the label on the watermark form upload element, so the error message is at least somewhat meaningful

04:35 Changeset [19184] by bharat

Upstream version of Kohana as of r3771.

04:23 Changeset [19183] by tnalmdal

Cleanup watermark.js

04:14 Changeset [19182] by bharat

Move kohana to kohana_modified in preparation for setting up the pure upstream version from svn

04:07 Changeset [19181] by bharat

Move update_forge.sh up a level for future consistency

03:59 Changeset [19180] by bharat

Update Forge to r168 from upstream.

Resolves these issues:


03:57 Changeset [19179] by bharat

Add docs for updating Forge

03:50 Changeset [19178] by bharat

Update to r168

03:49 Changeset [19177] by tnalmdal

1) Move the deletion of the vars into module::delete helper
2) remove the watermark_add_form.html.php

02:45 Changeset [19176] by thumb70

Switched login display from display in the header to a dialog. Validation errors don't display on first failed attempt, will fix later. Moved jquery js, images, css out to respective folders.

02:42 Changeset [19175] by virshu

added missing png file to admin theme

02:40 Changeset [19174] by tnalmdal

Change the login form so that the legend is populated

02:26 Changeset [19173] by jhilden

added move handle icon to the sidebar blocks

01:55 Changeset [19172] by bharat

Rename default_admin to admin_default.

01:52 Changeset [19171] by bharat

Argh, fix a bad rename.

01:50 Changeset [19170] by bharat

Rename default_admin to admin_default.

01:49 Changeset [19169] by bharat

Add Admin_View

01:49 Changeset [19168] by bharat

Add proper preamble

01:48 Changeset [19167] by bharat

Refactor admin dashboard.

o Copy all the assets from default to default_admin so that they're

totally separate

o Get rid of $item_theme
o Rename list_users.html.php to users.html.php
o use call in admin controller to allow us to load any admin page

00:37 Changeset [19166] by bharat

mark unauthorized exception w/ a @todo


23:53 Changeset [19165] by tnalmdal

Change the watermark module to use forge.
Also the watermark file is now stored in varpath.
and the location is stored in the module vars table

21:50 Changeset [19164] by virshu

load admin subpages AJAXy way

21:39 Changeset [19163] by bharat

convert single quotes to double quotes for consistency.

19:43 Changeset [19162] by tnalmdal

The start of the watermark module. It doesn't save the watermark at this point. This is more of trying out the approach where Forge is not used for forms. Basic html and the Validation library.

07:59 Changeset [19161] by virshu

refactored admin views and added 'List User'

04:39 Changeset [19160] by virshu

clean the links and require authorization before showing admin pages

04:16 Changeset [19159] by virshu

1. fix up the <link> and <script> elements in the dashboard <head>.
2. made the images work properly

03:48 Changeset [19158] by tnalmdal

Should be get_var not set_var

03:19 Changeset [19157] by tnalmdal

1) fix Forge_Group to display the label (will raise a bug with Kohana)
2) Change form.html.php to use the group label instead of the name
3) Converted the add photo to explicity set the label of the field (new coding standard)

02:46 Changeset [19156] by virshu

Revert accidental commit

02:45 Changeset [19155] by virshu

Fixed tabs and line endings

02:23 Changeset [19154] by virshu

Created admin controller and made admin obey admin theme settings

00:15 Changeset [19153] by thumb70

Removed call to jquery.dimension

00:14 Changeset [19152] by thumb70

Removed jquery.dimension. It's methods are part of jquery core.


23:38 Changeset [19151] by thumb70

Sidebar and comment white space and text size updates.

23:02 Changeset [19150] by thumb70

Layout cleanup and simplification. Move view-mode buttons into sidebar, search to header_top. Reduced borders. Started album grid improvements. Minor white space improvements. Still need to handle text/photo alignment in album grid, improve placement of search.

20:06 Changeset [19149] by bharat

Fix a bug where parent permissions were not getting inherited to newly
created albums and photos.

19:49 Changeset [19148] by bharat

Don't have to check if the item is loaded now, access::can will guard against unloaded items

19:49 Changeset [19147] by bharat

Make sure that access::can fails if the item is not loaded

09:53 Changeset [19146] by bharat

Fix security pattern. We can't successfully call access::can unless the item is loaded.

08:37 Changeset [19145] by bharat

Reload modules *after* we blow away the database to flush out caches

08:27 Changeset [19144] by tnalmdal

Add permission check on the tag add controller, in case some bypasses the view and tries to access the controller directly.

07:49 Changeset [19143] by tnalmdal

Add a permissions check to determine if the active user has edit permission on the item in order to display the tag add form

05:01 Changeset [19142] by tnalmdal

Set the resize and thumbnail maximum dimension into the module vars table

04:12 Changeset [19141] by tnalmdal

Set thumbnails to 200x200 and resizes to 640x640 and let the Image::resize method pick the right aspect ratio

02:48 Changeset [19140] by thumb70

Whoops. Missed this in the last commit.

01:48 Changeset [19139] by thumb70

Admin menu now similar to Wordpress admin menu.


23:02 Changeset [19138] by tnalmdal

Change the check from class_exists to module::is_installed

21:37 Changeset [19137] by tnalmdal

Change the resize option on creating thumbnails and resizes to Image::AUTO which will preserve the aspect ratio of the original image

19:39 Changeset [19136] by tnalmdal

Remove a couple of todo's by store the "theme name", "admin theme name" and "page size" in the vars table and initializing when the core module is installed

19:36 Changeset [19135] by tnalmdal

If the user class doesn't exist, then just set the owner_id to null. Another issue of generating data before the user class is installed

08:41 Changeset [19134] by bharat

Refaactor module::install() and module::uninstall() out of the
scaffolding and unit test code so that we can use it consistently.
This fixes an issue where adding a module was not refreshing the
statically cached module list causing the test framework to break.

08:00 Changeset [19133] by bharat

Point the Site Admin link at the wireframe for now.

07:55 Changeset [19132] by bharat

Make the error handler public, else it can't be called from outside
this class (which is the most likely scenario).

07:53 Changeset [19131] by bharat

Cache modules and module_names when we call load_modules so that we don't have to check every time

07:47 Changeset [19130] by thumb70

Dashboard protoype updates: Added welcome/general info block, logo, login menu, link to view gallery, close links for blocks, changed Logs to Statistics, and upped the font size.

07:44 Changeset [19129] by bharat

Use restore_error_handler() instead of a second set_error_handler() call

07:42 Changeset [19128] by bharat

Yet another deal with bootstrapping when we've got no core install yet.

07:40 Changeset [19127] by tnalmdal

Randomly choose images from core/tests/images as test images

07:25 Changeset [19126] by bharat

Remove head() for now.

07:12 Changeset [19125] by bharat

Don't show the access tab if the user module isn't installed

07:10 Changeset [19124] by tnalmdal

Remove local_import directory

07:09 Changeset [19123] by bharat

Fix module::_core_installed() hack.

06:54 Changeset [19122] by bharat

Move the view permission cache directly into the item table for efficiency. Unit tests ftw!

06:54 Changeset [19121] by thumb70

New scaffold images. Landscape, portrait, square.

06:54 Changeset [19120] by bharat

Add user::guest() convenience function

05:39 Changeset [19119] by bharat

Pass list of test dirs into Unit_Test::_constructor() as an argument
instead of modifying the config.

05:12 Changeset [19118] by thumb70

Missed this on the last commit. (Menu updates and added Gallery Info block for admin dashboard prototype.)

05:09 Changeset [19117] by thumb70

Apply padding-left to avoid overlap of text on message type icons. Menu updates and added Gallery Info block for admin dashboard prototype.

05:02 Changeset [19116] by bharat

Add support for filtering tests down to the Class::method level.

01:46 Changeset [19115] by tnalmdal

Remove the attempt at a local import module

01:22 Changeset [19114] by bharat

Expand on our core-is-installed checking code.

01:08 Changeset [19113] by thumb70

Keep .gError and other message type classes from wallpapering bg icons on form and form child elements.

00:59 Changeset [19112] by bharat

Get rid of all pseudo users and pseudo groups, while preserving all
other functionality. This makes our user/group and access code
fully consistent.


23:10 Changeset [19111] by bharat

Guard load_modules() against the case that the database isn't installed.

21:27 Changeset [19110] by tnalmdal

Remove the options menus from the albums and photo pages and move to the site menu

20:47 Changeset [19109] by tnalmdal

Destroy the popup dialog when it closes so there is nothing hanging around and we can reuse it for a different popup

19:22 Changeset [19108] by tnalmdal

remove the <span class="ui-tabs-nav"> from arround the site menu. It was clashing with the superfish styling.

19:12 Changeset [19107] by bharat

Convert a stray <li> to </li>

19:06 Changeset [19106] by bharat

Split _update_access_cache into two functions separating view from
non-view. This is a step along the path towards moving the view
access cache into the item model.

19:01 Changeset [19105] by tnalmdal

Changes to the Menu.php:
1) separate the classes that are generated by the Menu class from what is used for the rendering. The classes that are generated are gMenu, gMenuElement, and gMenuDialog for the Menu, Menu_Element and MenuDialog? classes respectively.
2) Changed the ui.init.js to add the appropriate rendering classes to the above classes. All gMenu elements have the sf-menu class added. All elements of class gMenuDialog have the gDialogLink class added.
3) Use Superfish for the menus so they now float properly.

18:53 Changeset [19104] by tnalmdal

A a script block to the <head> of the page that creates a javascript variable (base_url) such that javascript on the page can find the base url of the site in order to generate ajax callbacks.

18:31 Changeset [19103] by bharat

Fix preambles

17:22 Changeset [19102] by tnalmdal

This file got left behind and is lonely

17:20 Changeset [19101] by tnalmdal

1) Begins the creation of the local import module by adding the administation component to the scaffolding Actions tab. The importing functionality will follow shortly.

2) Defines a routining pattern for module administration controllers. URI's of the form admin/module/method/parameters gets remapped into module_admin/method/parameters. This will result in the lookup of the the controller Module_Admin_Controller

16:09 Changeset [19100] by tnalmdal

Correct test

16:06 Changeset [19099] by tnalmdal

Change the name of the implmentation of module parameters to module vars

08:26 Changeset [19098] by bharat

whee, more ascii art

06:38 Changeset [19097] by thumb70

In progress admin dashboard prototype.

01:26 Changeset [19096] by thumb70

Fixed message spacing, removed borders for .gMessages

01:15 Changeset [19095] by thumb70

Added status message styles, container (.gMessages) and message types complete with icons for message types ( .gSuccess, .gError, .gWarning, .gInfo, .gHelp).

00:40 Changeset [19094] by tnalmdal

Add the base url to the rearrange ajax call back script


22:19 Changeset [19093] by tnalmdal

Fix problem with access::can, where the $item->id was being passed to the access_group::can method.

19:44 Changeset [19092] by tnalmdal

Create a module parameter table. This will be useful if a module wants to store information, but is not enough to warrant a table of its own

07:05 Changeset [19091] by bharat

Change all access API methods to take ORMs instead of ids. This will
minimize reloading objects from the database.

04:25 Changeset [19090] by bharat

Remove navigation_top() and navigation_bottom() as they're subsumed by the new menu code

04:23 Changeset [19089] by bharat

Put profiler into page_bottom()

Note: See TracTimeline for information about the timeline view.