and .


23:10 Changeset [18905] by bharat

Link to the albums in the album tree.

23:07 Changeset [18904] by bharat

Draw an album tree in the access -> permissions tab.

23:06 Changeset [18903] by bharat

Skip the tags block if there're no tags

21:50 Changeset [18902] by bharat

Add a new "tag" page type.

Create the concept of "page types" which let us specify the kind of
page that we're rendering in high level terms. Currently there are
three page types: album, photo and tag.

The tag page type uses slightly different variables. It has a $tag
but no $item. Adjust all sidebar_block() functions to avoid printing
stuff that's dependent on the item if there is no item.

Simplify the tag code to stop trying to fake an item.

Update the theme slightly to use $item and $tag where appropriate
(notably, for making the <title> element).

21:24 Changeset [18901] by bharat

Indentation fix.

21:15 Changeset [18900] by bharat

NULL -> null

20:40 Changeset [18899] by bharat

Move Tag_Controller -> Tags_Controller to fit our REST pattern.

20:33 Changeset [18898] by bharat

Clean up unnecessary comments, remove stray references to Comment_Controller

20:21 Changeset [18897] by andy_st

Some code audit fixes and adding some directory separator normalization code to make it work on Windows as well.

18:49 Changeset [18896] by tnalmdal

Add a thumbnail to the root directory, in case it gets displayed in a tag dynamic album

17:57 Changeset [18895] by paour

Removed comments

17:08 Changeset [18894] by tnalmdal

Breadcrumbs now look right for dynamic tag albums

17:02 Changeset [18893] by tnalmdal

Duh, i have the count in the tag model... why do i need to do a query to count?
Added text to the description instead of return an empty string

16:48 Changeset [18892] by tnalmdal

Modify the tag model to behave like a virtual album. There are two outstanding issues that i still have to resolve. The first being there is no thumbnail for the root directory, so it doesn't look quite right. And secondly, the bread crumb shows the dynamic tag album as hot having a parent. I wanted it to be the root directory, but i will overcome :-)

15:18 Changeset [18891] by tnalmdal

Remove test since the method to be tested was removed

11:46 Changeset [18890] by andy_st

Initial commit of the translation class, I18n_Core and some tests.
- Port of Ruby's I18n gem (http://rails-i18n.org/)
- Added proper plural handling on top of that.
- Using CLDR 1.6's plural form data
- See I18n_Test for example usage.
- Not integrated into G3 templates yet. Probably adding () as alias for I18n::instance->translate().
- No specific plan yet where localization files should live.

10:48 Changeset [18889] by bharat

Style the tag cloud add form.

10:48 Changeset [18888] by bharat

Change sort_by_name to case insensitive sort.

10:27 Changeset [18887] by bharat

Simplify tags code some more:
1) change buckets to be 1-7 not 0-6.. zero-based indicies don't make sense in the

real world and are liable to confuse themers.

2) Change tag API to popular_tags($count) which just returns the popular tags. Let

the block code massage it into the right format for the view.

3) Move alphasort into the block code, simplify it and rename it to sort_by_name so

that it's more descriptive

4) Do the bucketing in the view; this allows the themer to override it and create their

own bucketing algorithm to go with the theme's CSS.

5) Don't create any temporary objects.

09:38 Changeset [18886] by bharat

Re-enable code to drop view columns from the items table when deleting groups.

09:34 Changeset [18885] by bharat

Ignore errors from dropping view columns from the items table.

06:48 Changeset [18884] by paour

2008-11-25 Pierre-Luc Paour <gallery@…> (1.5.1-b43)

* Fixed finding ImageMagick? (convert) on Mac and presumably Linux.
* Added support for importing from Aperture: the user must first

select the pictures to be imported in Aperture, and GR will use
AppleScript? to tell Aperture to export them, along with the captions,
then GR will load the pictures.

06:37 Changeset [18883] by tnalmdal

Clean tag creation

05:43 Changeset [18882] by bharat

Actually call uninstall!

05:20 Changeset [18881] by bharat

Remove stray 'filter' instances

05:08 Changeset [18880] by tnalmdal

Remove the more or less links

04:54 Changeset [18879] by bharat

Add support for marking users as "admin"

04:45 Changeset [18878] by bharat

Add support in the scaffolding for adding users to groups, adding and
removing users and groups.

04:13 Changeset [18877] by bharat

group::create() and group::delete() now manage the view_## columns in
the items table.

Convert installer over to using new creation API.

03:48 Changeset [18876] by bharat

Use lorem2 words as inputs to generateTags. Limiting the number of
tags results in a better distribution of the tags (so the cloud looks

03:34 Changeset [18875] by bharat

Create user/group create/delete functions and have the scaffolding use them.


23:57 Changeset [18874] by bharat

Add support for iteration query param

23:52 Changeset [18873] by bharat

Generalize the framework a bit.
Add benchmarks for method_exists.

22:38 Changeset [18872] by tnalmdal

Moving right along on tags. Now the threshold for which tags can be changed. The default is to show all the tags (i.e. count >= the minimum frequency) by clicking on the "See Less" link, the tag cloud will not show the minimum frequency, so the number of tags shown is smaller.
The "See More" link works the opposite way.

18:54 Changeset [18871] by tnalmdal

Display tag block using data from the database

18:14 Changeset [18870] by tnalmdal

1) Changed how the test tags are generated to be able to create a better distribution
2) Added a new helper function "load_buckets" assign the class suffix to each tag
3) Created a unit test to test the load_buckets function

18:00 Changeset [18869] by tnalmdal

Correct call to undefined uninstall_modules method. Should have been _uninstall_modules

16:50 Changeset [18868] by tnalmdal

Rename get_absolute_url to abs_current

15:54 Changeset [18867] by tnalmdal

Normalize atom url generation

15:01 Changeset [18866] by tnalmdal

Dynamically locate modules to install for test

09:39 Changeset [18865] by bharat

The scaffolding can now add and delete users and groups. Yippee!

09:15 Changeset [18864] by bharat

Add a "Access" tab to the scaffolding and list users and groups.
Refactor welcome.php a little bit to make index() more readable.

07:05 Changeset [18863] by tnalmdal

Modify the test controller to call tag_installer::install and uninstall
Created the first tag unit test

06:41 Changeset [18862] by tnalmdal

Fix tests

05:24 Changeset [18861] by bharat

Make the album_top and header_bottom annotated theme blocks look a little bit nicer (but not perfect)

05:15 Changeset [18860] by bharat

Move album_top back inside gAlbumHeader so that the slideshow link appears on the same line as the title/description.

04:41 Changeset [18859] by bharat

Change url() to use url::file() since it's more concise.

04:40 Changeset [18858] by bharat

Remove module() since it's now unused. We can add it back if we decide that we want it again.

04:37 Changeset [18857] by bharat

Move the in-place-edit JS into the page_footer callback and out of

04:36 Changeset [18856] by bharat

tag::add_tag() -> tag::add

04:35 Changeset [18855] by bharat

Make the annotated block titles 10% larger.

04:23 Changeset [18854] by bharat

Simplify the API. We don't have a need to add multiple tags to
multiple items, so don't create a confusing API where we don't need
one. The caller can just as easily loop over items and tags.

Use ORM::has() instead of manually looping over items, which would be
wildly inefficient on large installs. Document that we're calling
ORM::has() a second time just so that we can update the count

03:24 Changeset [18853] by bharat

Remove a stray comma that was making IE sad.

02:27 Changeset [18852] by bharat

Add gClearFix to the annotated theme elements, which makes the box surround its contents better (thanks thumb!)

02:24 Changeset [18851] by bharat

Round the corners on the annotated titles, gently.

02:17 Changeset [18850] by bharat

Add theme debugging. Activate it in the [info] tab in the
scaffolding, then browse around your Gallery3 to see where you can add
visible elements via modules.

02:16 Changeset [18849] by bharat

Escape CDATA blocks to avoid JS errors

02:14 Changeset [18848] by bharat

Reposition album_top and album_bottom slightly

02:14 Changeset [18847] by bharat

Move comment listing into the comment module

01:58 Changeset [18846] by bharat

Oops, fix a typo causing us to treat an array like a string.

01:39 Changeset [18845] by bharat

Don't add in-place-edit CSS unless there's a logged-in user.

01:35 Changeset [18844] by bharat

Fix a bug in thumbnail_info where we were printing out the data instead of returning it

00:41 Changeset [18843] by virshu

initiate permissions for empty() case (SF bug 2308373)


23:18 Changeset [18842] by tnalmdal

Moved the creation of tags into the tag helper library. Added a count field to the tags table. Bharat, I know you said not to worry about caching, but I want to explore what are some of the issues with keeping track of the counts as we go. (i.e. is it a pain in the a)

22:20 Changeset [18841] by tnalmdal

Add @todo to look at normalizing the url functions to the ones already in MY_url.php

08:57 Changeset [18840] by bharat

Show a link to the item with the most tags.

08:54 Changeset [18839] by bharat

Fix a typo in _show() that broke proper redirection

08:27 Changeset [18838] by bharat

Show the tag count, too.
Try using array_rand to simplify tag creation logic. Is it better? Maybe.

07:50 Changeset [18837] by bharat

Detect browsers that prefer XHTML (Chrome!) and normalize it to HTML
so that we don't ship XML down to Chrome.

07:12 Changeset [18836] by thumb70

Changed comment sort order asc. Changed ajax comment add to append comment li to comment thread ul. Added fadeIn for user login.

06:02 Changeset [18835] by tnalmdal

Don't bother trying to check if the class file exists, just use method_exists, which will use the php auto loader to find the class.

05:58 Changeset [18834] by tnalmdal

Revert the site_title change

05:55 Changeset [18833] by tnalmdal

Remove the has_many_and_belongs_to_many relations from the item model

05:03 Changeset [18832] by tnalmdal

Add the creation of tags to the scaffolding code

00:27 Changeset [18831] by thumb70

Make login form JS unobtrusive. Needs work.


21:47 Changeset [18830] by bharat

Prefer variable interpolation to sprintf where possible (less code, more readable)
Prefer url::abs_site() to atom::get_base_url()

20:43 Changeset [18829] by jozefs

Fix double-escaping in the item comments feed.

20:31 Changeset [18828] by bharat

Show the # of comments

20:25 Changeset [18827] by bharat

Change the map, for kicks.

20:17 Changeset [18826] by thumb70

When removing #gCommentForm I forgot to update the jQuery selectors used here. In place commenting works again.

20:15 Changeset [18825] by bharat

Escape Javascript to avoid validation errors.

20:13 Changeset [18824] by bharat

Fix HTML errors.

20:05 Changeset [18823] by bharat

Fix a few minor bugs in the tags db schema and simplify it a bit.
Avoid using restrictions on our data in the database; let's design the
system to keep integrity in the app (and make the app robust against
minor integrity issues like duplicate tags, etc).

18:15 Changeset [18822] by thumb70

This should have been checked in with r18815.

18:00 Changeset [18821] by tnalmdal

Tag module database definitions

16:51 Changeset [18820] by tnalmdal

Add a site-config parameter to the config.php file. Created a core_block:head method to insert the title into the head section. If the config value is false, the default Browse Photos::$item->title is used. A string value with a trailing '-' will append the config value to $item-title. Otherwise, the page title is set with the supplied value.

12:41 Changeset [18819] by jozefs

Changed and extended the Atom library a little so that the code for creating entries and feeds has been considerably simplified and reduced.

08:38 Changeset [18818] by tnalmdal

Remove extra quotes around variable that already contained a string value

08:08 Changeset [18817] by bharat

Move search out into its own module and have it display its link at
the header_bottom() insertion point.

07:46 Changeset [18816] by bharat

Add a button to install all plugins at once, now that we have so many.
Improve the style a bit, sort the plugins, put core first and make it
stand out so that you don't accidentally uninstall it.

04:34 Changeset [18815] by thumb70

Fixed up the pager a bit, added missing images. Let's float items instead of using absolute positioning (slideshow link). CSS comment org and comment updates.

00:24 Changeset [18814] by jozefs

* Individual comment views now output valid Atom 1.0 entries:


* Changed Content-Type of Atom feeds and entries to XML for easier debugging.
* Added an Atom helper class with some common functions and cleaned up entry and feed generation code a bit in the comment helper.
* Style fixes.


22:46 Changeset [18813] by jozefs

* Fixed a bug in the Atom library where child elements were not added to their proper parents.
* Added valid Atom 1.0 feeds for comments. They can be seen at:


21:59 Changeset [18812] by bharat

Create thumbnail insertion points (top/bottom/info) and move
the generic item info into the info module.

21:50 Changeset [18811] by bharat

Pass extra args on to the block function.
Avoid excess string concatenation (not benchmarked).

21:46 Changeset [18810] by bharat

Move all block callbacks from View::block_type() to
$theme->block_type() so that the themer has a consistent interface.
Also added a bunch more callbacks and normalized the names so that the
module author has plenty of options for where stuff gets put on the
page. Especially renamed album/photo/sidebar to be album_blocks()
photo_blocks() and sidebar_blocks() to make it clear that those are
going to be larger content sections and not just basic insertion

Used call() to collapse all functions in the theme, which
incidentally makes it trivially easy to add a new insertion point.

20:36 Changeset [18809] by thumb70

Cleanup of header to normalize margins and white space. Improved display of user login form. Added gHide, gShowBlock, gShowInline, gClose classes to handle show and hide functions. Half-baked idea which will need refinement.

20:00 Changeset [18808] by jozefs

Make the generated XML nicely formatted.

18:39 Changeset [18807] by thumb70

Added a label for the search form. Even if we place labels in text input fields as we currently do w/ the search form, a label should be included to maintain accessibility. Set label display to none if it shouldn't be displayed.

18:22 Changeset [18806] by jozefs

An Atom library prototype. Its purpose is to explore the cost of us supporting Atom as the default input and output format of RESTful controllers. Only the constructs necessary for representing comment feeds and entries have been implemented. Its output are valid Atom 1.0 documents. The test contains examples of how to make feeds and entries.

06:06 Changeset [18805] by tnalmdal

Correct case on helper class names. By convention, helper class names are lower case:

06:01 Changeset [18804] by tnalmdal

Correct case on helper class names. By convention, helper class names are lower case:

Remove block_helper file as the abstract class os no longer required.

05:51 Changeset [18803] by tnalmdal

Convert gmaps, info, and tag modules to the new block module

01:31 Changeset [18802] by jozefs

* Added test for rest::request_method().
* Implemented delete in comment.


23:55 Changeset [18801] by tnalmdal

Convert the carousel module to provide its block through the new api

23:36 Changeset [18800] by tnalmdal

Be consistent in naming the album_top block

21:07 Changeset [18799] by jozefs

Fixed a bug in the REST controller dispatcher and added a test case that excercises it.

20:46 Changeset [18798] by tnalmdal

Use the new block mechanism to insert user related content into the html pages

20:13 Changeset [18797] by tnalmdal

2nd attempt at inserting html by modules.

08:35 Changeset [18796] by thumb70

Restored most heading styles, still need to restore table and list styles. Removed unused CSS. CSS format updates. Applied jQuery tab styles to gSiteMenu. Removed gBlockHeader, all we need is a good old h3 element for a heading.

07:35 Changeset [18795] by thumb70

Fixed style issues on comment container, should be plural id (gComments). Removed gCommentForm id, it's not necessary, at least not now.

07:06 Changeset [18794] by tnalmdal

Revert module block approach

01:56 Changeset [18793] by thumb70

Add jQuery UI, tabs, and accordion JS and CSS to build Adam Torres' hi-fi prototype. Dropped YUI Base CSS in favor of defining our own base styles in screen.css, headings will and other items may not look right until I do. Need to figure out how jQuery ThemeRoller? CSS should be integrated, if at all.


17:51 Changeset [18792] by tnalmdal

Use rest::http_content_type() instead of the header() method to set response content

17:32 Changeset [18791] by tnalmdal

A look at away to allow modules to define html head contents (links and js) and also allow modules to contribute blocks to the layout.

06:49 Changeset [18790] by bharat

Add a missing slash in the HTTP return code

06:37 Changeset [18789] by bharat

Break dispatch tests up into little ones.

06:26 Changeset [18788] by bharat

Add a @todo to change user "joe" in the future.

06:05 Changeset [18787] by tnalmdal

Add unittest and caching for ORM_MTPP::descendants

05:24 Changeset [18786] by tnalmdal

Limit File_Structure_Test to only apply the regex expression if views is contained in the path name.

05:07 Changeset [18785] by thumb70

Content type and character encoding should be defined before <title>

05:06 Changeset [18784] by tnalmdal

Add unittest and caching to ORM_MTPP::descendants_count

04:41 Changeset [18783] by tnalmdal

Correct missing quotes

02:59 Changeset [18782] by bharat

Clean up the MediaRSS module a little bit:
* Media_RSS_Controller::$LIMIT is now self::$page_size
* We use ORM_MPTT descendant_counts()
* If the page is out of bounds, put it on a boundary
* Move pub_date into the controller to simplify the mrss file
* Put all the view assignment in one block for easier reading
* Removed stray ; from the end of lines in the mrss file

Clean up ORM_MPTT a bit:
* fix spelling: decendent -> descendant
* Remove unnecessary order_by() clauses
* Set the default for $type to null (not "all").

01:25 Changeset [18781] by jozefs

* Added HTTP status constants and helper functions to REST helper.
* HTTP header setting in comment module now going through REST helper API.
* Fixed items controller test.
* Fixed user installer test.
* Fixed _create() handling in the REST controller.
* Fixed routing for edit and add forms.
* Added some tests for the REST controller.
* Set svn:eol-style to LF on a bunch of files.
* Added preamble to MY_Forge.php.

00:45 Changeset [18780] by tnalmdal

changed descendents_by_type to descendents and added descendent_count

00:22 Changeset [18779] by tnalmdal

Correct typo


23:46 Changeset [18778] by tnalmdal

slideshow::link() returns the entire anchor element

23:36 Changeset [18777] by bharat

Fix typo.

23:33 Changeset [18776] by bharat

Create url::abs_site() and url::abs_file() to allow us to generate
full URLs with a clean API, and isolate the cruddy party where we have
to hardcode the server protocol into a single file.

23:18 Changeset [18775] by tnalmdal

Change the album and photo templates to call the slideshow helper to get the slideshow link and button text. The slideshow link will only show up if the slideshow module is installed.

22:53 Changeset [18774] by bharat

The feed url can be relative.

22:47 Changeset [18773] by bharat

Fix broken path in url()
Fix some style issues

22:45 Changeset [18772] by tnalmdal

Add the original item height and width to the item table

22:39 Changeset [18771] by tnalmdal

Change the regex to assert true for files that match the pattern "#/views/.*?(\.html|mrss)\.php$#"

22:20 Changeset [18770] by tnalmdal

Change the view_files_end_in_html_dot_php_test to view_files_correct_suffix_test and change it to also accept mrss as a valid suffix

18:54 Changeset [18769] by tnalmdal

clean up feed template

18:45 Changeset [18768] by tnalmdal

Integrate Piclens lite as the slideshow

18:23 Changeset [18767] by tnalmdal

Update the media rss template to include the resize and the fullsize
added descendants by type method to the item model to allow for the selection of children by type

06:35 Changeset [18766] by bharat

Fix some broken-ness:
1) Item_Controller::_create() and _update() were swapped
2) _create() was redirecting to the wrong urls on success
3) Change in-place return parameter from return to _return
4) Change in-place code to tunnel _put via POST

06:05 Changeset [18765] by tnalmdal

Cleanup media rss feed
added parameters to thumbnail_url and resizes_url to be passed to the url::base call to generate ful urls

05:00 Changeset [18764] by tnalmdal

Add the media rss feed link to the page header in the default theme

04:52 Changeset [18763] by bharat

Make the album title in-place editable.

04:22 Changeset [18762] by bharat

Fix a mistake in the route that let people try to get to the rest controller (it would fail, but this way they get a 404 instead of another error).

04:20 Changeset [18761] by bharat

Change the way that we do RESTful routing.

1) We now use call() in REST_Controller to handle any requests to a controller

that were not already handled. In the case of RESTful controllers, this should
be the only entry point (although they're free to break the model and add other
ones.. nothing stops them).

This means that we can remove all the catch-all routes in
routes.php which greatly simplifies it.

2) Move request_method() and output_format() out of REST_Controller and into the REST

helper in core/helpers/rest.php

3) Experiment with letting the various subclasses check the output_format and deal with

it themselves. This simplifies the API, but it might be a bad idea in that it might
push too much work to the individual controllers. It's a balancing act, time will tell,
I'm willing to change it back later.

04:14 Changeset [18760] by bharat

Fix /item -> /items to conform to new REST api.

03:42 Changeset [18759] by bharat

Change output_format() to autodetect for html / xml / json

03:39 Changeset [18758] by bharat

change mime_type column from 255 chars to 64

03:39 Changeset [18757] by bharat

Update the unit test for mime types. Can't test it right now because routing is broken for the test framework so we have to fix that first.

03:29 Changeset [18756] by bharat

Set the content type to application/rss+xml

03:29 Changeset [18755] by tnalmdal

add the mime type column on the item table

03:23 Changeset [18754] by bharat

rename views/feed.media_rss.php to views/feed.mrss.php because
mrss is a more standard abbreviation for MediaRSS. Sigh.

03:21 Changeset [18753] by bharat

Rename views/media_rss.html.php -> views/feed.media_rss.php because as
Tim points out, "it's not html". My bad!

03:18 Changeset [18752] by bharat

rename views/media.rss.php to views/media_rss.html.php for consistency.

03:17 Changeset [18751] by bharat

Change Media_RSS_Controller so that it does not extend REST_Controller, since it
doesn't refer to a fixed resource or collection of resources.

Fix some minor bugs in the code so that we can actually generate a
feed. It looks pretty cool! Improved pagination links, but didn't actually test them.

02:50 Changeset [18750] by tnalmdal

fix a few minor issues

02:31 Changeset [18749] by tnalmdal

The continuing evolution of the slideshow...
1) added a mime_type property to the item module(no database change)
2) created a media_rss module
3) moved most of the functionality for the downloading the images to the media_rss module

00:12 Changeset [18748] by jozefs

* Renamed the album, item and photo controllers to albums, items and photos in order to follow the convention that controllers that refer to a collection of resources have plural names.
* Added a bug workaround to routes.php


23:40 Changeset [18747] by jozefs

* Changed REST API. Now there are two separate methods for forms:

GET /form/edit/{controller}/{resource_id} -> controller::_form_edit($resource)
GET /form/add/{controller}/{parameters} -> controller::_form_add($parameters)

* Updated comment, user and core modules to reflect the API changes
* Cleaned up routing and handling of requests to /{controller}

19:09 Changeset [18746] by tnalmdal

The start of the slideshow module. Mostly framework stuff, no real implementation yet

16:39 Changeset [18745] by tnalmdal

Correct the placement of the slideshow button on the photo.html page

16:26 Changeset [18744] by tnalmdal

Added the is_installed to the module helper and change to photo.html to not try to display a comment if it is not installed

15:48 Changeset [18743] by jozefs

- All comments of an item can now be seen /comments?item_id=
- Return proper Content-Type header for GET /comments requests
- Got rid of the query processing for index() in REST_Controller()
- Small misc fixes

09:07 Changeset [18742] by bharat

Fix a typo in the text MPTT link

09:03 Changeset [18741] by bharat

Fix a typo user_id -> owner_id

09:03 Changeset [18740] by bharat

Gracefully handle the no-comments case

08:28 Changeset [18739] by jozefs

First iteration of REST controller refactoring. RESTful controllers that refer to collections should now have plural names and there should be only one controller per resource. Updated existing classes that implement REST_Controller. The routing now works like this:
GET /controller -> controller::_index()
POST /controller -> controller::_create()
GET /controller/id -> controller::_show()
PUT /controller/id -> controller::_update()
DELETE /controller/id -> controller::_delete()
GET /form/edit/controller/resource_id -> controller::_form()
GET /form/add/controller/data -> controller::_form()

08:10 Changeset [18738] by bharat

Move User_Controller to Users_Controller per jozefs request.

00:38 Changeset [18737] by tnalmdal

Synchronize the model rules with the database definitions and vice-versa.


23:18 Changeset [18736] by JensT

Enjoy the Silence!

23:16 Changeset [18735] by JensT

manifest cheat.

23:13 Changeset [18734] by JensT

Oh L'amour

23:12 Changeset [18733] by JensT

Who needs love like that?

23:12 Changeset [18732] by JensT

2008-11-18 Chris Kelly <ckdake@…> 1.5.10

  • Release: 1.5.10
23:09 Changeset [18731] by JensT

Language sync.

23:03 Changeset [18730] by JensT

2008-11-18 Jens Tkotz <jens@…> 1.5.10-svn-b11

  • FIX: Do load load init.php for colorpicker as this overwrites session

infos about embedded environment.

Thanks to bignellrp from forum.

  • Fix: Add rebuild_thumbs.php to list of allowed files to include.
  • Fix: Declare rearrange popup as a popup, so the enviroment

(e.g. joomla) is not loaded.
Same for reset clicks popup.

  • Change: Added popup footer at various places.
  • Change: Some little code nicifies.
04:54 Changeset [18729] by bharat

Remove stray <ul> from comment list

00:30 Changeset [18728] by bharat

Add output formats to our REST controllers. Add support for JSON and
XML to the comment controllers as a proof of concept. It's not fully
baked; we should examine ways to create helpers to make this process


19:26 Changeset [18727] by bharat

Add _method=put to the edit form
Properly implement User_Controller::_put()

19:23 Changeset [18726] by bharat

Put _method into the edit form's url; Implement Comment::_put() properly

19:22 Changeset [18725] by bharat

Handle _method in either GET or POST

19:12 Changeset [18724] by bharat

Drop the call to render() and just use the View's toString method to
print it out.

11:47 Changeset [18723] by bharat

Gallery XML style (used for Gallery3 views)

10:25 Changeset [18722] by bharat

Update php style for Gallery3

10:19 Changeset [18721] by bharat

Remove a @todo

07:51 Changeset [18720] by bharat

Create Forge::add_rules_from() which pulls validation rules from the model and
associates them with the form. This replaces the various _add_validation_rules()
functions in the user and comment modules.

Move user edit form into user helper for consistency with the comment module.

Implement missing _form method in the user controller.

07:27 Changeset [18719] by bharat

Stop using the target param; replace the form by hand so that we can run ajaxify_comment_form() as needed. Otherwise the 2nd post attempt won't be ajax

07:20 Changeset [18718] by bharat

Second half of renaming the tags module. Change all occurrences of
gTags to gTag in the CSS.

07:17 Changeset [18717] by bharat

Rename 'tags' module to 'tag' for consistency of pluralization

07:14 Changeset [18716] by bharat

Several large changes:

1) Changed the way that we get forms. Now, if you want to get a form

for a REST resource you prefix /form to the resource id. So:

/form/photo/1 : returns a form for editing photo id 1
/form/comments/1 : returns a form for adding a comment to photo id 1
/form/comment/1 : returns a form for editing comment id 1

2) Changed the comment module to have two controllers:

comment: deals with a single comment resource
comments: deal with collections of comments attached to an item

Related stuff:
- Moved the comments js into the theme
- Reworked Comment_Helper for clarity
- Moved form generation code down into Comment_Helper
- Cleaned up routes (eliminating new comment ones added in recent rev)
- Added form() function to all REST controllers
- Changed comment module to use a block instead of an arbitrary helper call from the theme
- Comment controller only returns HTML currently, but returns a 201 Created status

code when a new comment is added, which the Ajax code can catch and act upon.

- Got rid of a lot of extra views in comment module

07:07 Changeset [18715] by bharat

Rename gLogin -> gLoginForm

This disambiguates forms from blocks (for example in the comment
module we were calling both the form and block gComments).

06:43 Changeset [18714] by tnalmdal

Create MY_Forge to specify the defaul html

06:09 Changeset [18713] by virshu

prevent direct access. take 2

06:06 Changeset [18712] by virshu

prevent direct access

05:46 Changeset [18711] by virshu

create a regular user and make scaffolding assign owner to logged in user


21:54 Changeset [18710] by bharat

use text::alternate where appropriate

21:47 Changeset [18709] by bharat

Destroy the session on logout, don't just delete the user.

17:39 Changeset [18708] by jozefs

Do comment add in a single request, some code cleanup.

17:04 Changeset [18707] by jozefs

Remove unnecessary pasted code.

16:53 Changeset [18706] by jozefs

Set svn:eol-style to LF.

16:52 Changeset [18705] by jozefs

Initial add comment implementation.

16:40 Changeset [18704] by mindless

Language updates: ru, sl 40.9->44.2%

14:38 Changeset [18703] by suprsidr

For better version control I'm moving my downloads to mysite only.

10:15 Changeset [18702] by bharat

Show per-field error messages inline again

09:27 Changeset [18701] by bharat

Add gInline to the form's unordered list to clean it up.

09:09 Changeset [18700] by bharat

Don't show gLoginMenu if there's no user module

09:08 Changeset [18699] by bharat

Delete the user from the session when uninstalling the user module

09:08 Changeset [18698] by bharat

Add Theme::module() and module::get()

09:05 Changeset [18697] by bharat

Only remove the user from the session when logging out.

08:52 Changeset [18696] by jozefs

Set svn:eol-style to LF.

08:44 Changeset [18695] by bharat

Item / Owner changes.

* Hardcode the item has_one owner relationship again
* Overload User_Model::get to handle missing owners gracefully
* Fix Item_Controller to take the owner_id from the session or

from the parent album when adding new albums and photos.

08:19 Changeset [18694] by virshu

Clean user / item relationship. Upload files gets the ownership of current user; and the views don't break if user module is not installed

08:16 Changeset [18693] by bharat

Now, only logged in users can edit stuff in-place.

08:15 Changeset [18692] by bharat

Add support for modifying user data. It still needs work.

Make the continue= param a GET only parameter so that it's not part of
the form.

06:23 Changeset [18691] by bharat

Revise the user login code.

* Remove user registration link and popup from the theme; this

shouldn't be done in a popup. Use ajaxform to simplify the way
that we load the login popup.

* Create form.html.php, this is a template for Forge based forms.

* Move user validation rules into User_Model and let forms

populate the rules into their forms as useful.

* Undo r18688's changes regarding the REST code. We should never

accept a null resource, this breaks the REST abstraction.

* Change login and user controllers to use Forge which lets us delete

login.html.php and user.html.php since those now are generated by
the theme-owned form template

05:27 Changeset [18690] by bharat

jquery.form.js r5945

05:26 Changeset [18689] by bharat

jquery.form.js r5945


18:16 Changeset [18688] by tnalmdal

The state of of the user registration functionality

17:23 Changeset [18687] by tnalmdal

Add the name attr to the input fields and use the form.serialize() method to generate the post data

16:58 Changeset [18686] by tnalmdal

Rename login.js to user.js

16:56 Changeset [18685] by tnalmdal

Remove class="gInline" and set the css as suggested by thumb in -devel

16:51 Changeset [18684] by tnalmdal

Allow the HTTP get method to be called without an id to create any empty template.

08:22 Changeset [18683] by bharat

Internationalize all strings

07:42 Changeset [18682] by tnalmdal

change the display name to a varchar

07:30 Changeset [18681] by tnalmdal

Use the shortform to load the resource.

07:20 Changeset [18680] by tnalmdal

Remove the logout action from the login controller

05:21 Changeset [18679] by bharat

Move logout to its own controller

05:09 Changeset [18678] by bharat

Change quotes style


11:34 Changeset [18677] by bharat

Bake the repository name into our package hash to fix bug 2250007. Allow us to overwrite existing packages so that we can do an update across the board

11:32 Changeset [18676] by bharat

Improve error output

10:38 Changeset [18675] by bharat

Create module helper and refactor all the code that creates, updates
and deletes modules into it.

05:17 Changeset [18674] by tnalmdal

Progress is being made... you can now logout

04:56 Changeset [18673] by tnalmdal

Login is now working, but you can't logout

04:38 Changeset [18672] by thumb70

Only highlight text, radio, checkbox, select, and textarea elements in forms or list items with gError. Don't highlight submit, reset inputs.

04:07 Changeset [18671] by tnalmdal

Adds the class gError to gLogin if the username or password is in error

03:54 Changeset [18670] by thumb70

It's #gLogin, not #gLoginForm. My bad...

03:50 Changeset [18669] by thumb70

Removed padding on form text inputs, normalized font size of forms in header and sidebar.

03:39 Changeset [18668] by thumb70

Major updates to form CSS. Now using unordered lists for layouts. Added .gInline for forms like login, search, tags. Updated comment, login, search, and tagging forms. All form styles live in screen.css now. Still a lot to do, but this is a good foundation.


21:42 Changeset [18667] by tnalmdal

The login processing is starting to take shape. Login_Form is gone. The html for the login form is retrieve via an ajax call when the user clicks on login. Can't login with a valid id yet, but you certainly get error messages when things are wrong :-)

18:13 Changeset [18666] by tnalmdal

Added a legend to the fieldset

17:48 Changeset [18665] by tnalmdal

Generate the login view using fieldsets and an un order list

17:08 Changeset [18664] by tnalmdal

Clean up alignment in the login menu when the login form is displayed

15:53 Changeset [18663] by tnalmdal

Remove user_password class and move the functionality into the user helper class

15:43 Changeset [18662] by jozefs

Code cleanup, add test for time formatting function.

12:00 Changeset [18661] by jozefs

Make comment post time display more user-friendly by displaying 'today', 'yesterday', 'x days ago' etc.

10:54 Changeset [18660] by bharat

gBlockContent lives on the outer div, so remove it from the inner form.

10:11 Changeset [18659] by bharat

Throw an exception when we can't upload a file. This is not the best solution, but it works for now.

08:30 Changeset [18658] by virshu

aliasing owner to user

07:07 Changeset [18657] by jozefs

Set svn:eol-style LF on a new file and add the standard preamble to some files.

03:40 Changeset [18656] by tnalmdal

More updates for user management. The controllers don't work yet. But the login link in the header wil open up a login box like the mockup

03:22 Changeset [18655] by tnalmdal

Added a generic style .gDisplayNone

00:05 Changeset [18654] by bharat

Create a simple benchmark that loads 500 localized messages and performs
500 localizations on them.


23:12 Changeset [18653] by bharat

Rename tag_cloud.html.php to tags_block.html.php for consistency

23:10 Changeset [18652] by bharat

Turn IN_PRODUCTION to false while we work on G3

23:07 Changeset [18651] by bharat

Override View_Core::render so that we trap errors stemming from bad
PHP includes and show a visible stack trace to help developers.

22:46 Changeset [18650] by bharat

Minor cleanup; localization, indentation, etc.

20:54 Changeset [18649] by jozefs

Display comments from the database.

20:16 Changeset [18648] by tnalmdal

Added some functionality to the user helper class (to check if the user is logged in) and changed the header to use the helper class

20:04 Changeset [18647] by tnalmdal

Property update

20:02 Changeset [18646] by tnalmdal

Correct some missing properties and change the user_model to have a set function so the password is hashed as part of the model

13:11 Changeset [18645] by bharat

Change the PUT/DELETE tunneling param from action to _method
to be like Rails.

13:00 Changeset [18644] by bharat

Updated for recent Item_Controller API change

12:20 Changeset [18643] by jozefs

Move scaffolding code out of the comments controller to welcome.php.

11:22 Changeset [18642] by jozefs

Set svn:eol-style to LF on lib/

11:15 Changeset [18641] by jozefs

Set svn:eol-style to LF.

10:14 Changeset [18640] by andy_st

Fix header URLs (no longer hardcoded, avoiding nesting of index.php/index.php/ for some environments)

10:06 Changeset [18639] by andy_st

Fix config paths for MS Windows (kohana's URL router depends on normalized directory separators)

07:39 Changeset [18638] by tnalmdal

Change Album and Photo controllers to set the user object as a global variable; change the header so it links to the user controllers; and add the user controllers which don't do anything.

07:29 Changeset [18637] by bharat

Change REST API to use non-routable functions: _get(), _post(),
_put(), _delete().

This should make it more obvious that these are not your typical
routes, simplifies overall routing by removing a rule and removes the
possibility of accidentally leaking information if we route to one of
them by accident.

06:24 Changeset [18636] by bharat

Add phpdocs to explain how to use REST_Controller

06:21 Changeset [18635] by tnalmdal

Reset PasswordHash?.php to its original state and exclude it from the file_structure_test

06:18 Changeset [18634] by bharat

Create REST_Controller abstract base class for all REST based resource
controllers. Any controller that wants to act RESTful can extend this
class and implement get/post/put/delete.

Tweak default routes to disallow direct access to the REST controller
and direct access to any REST methods.

05:24 Changeset [18633] by bharat

add phpass svn cp instructions

04:57 Changeset [18632] by tnalmdal

New user module with password support. This supports the same password mechanism as g1 and g2 to facilitate a migration.

01:29 Changeset [18631] by JensT

Copy code from branch to tag.

01:26 Changeset [18630] by JensT

manifest cheat.

01:25 Changeset [18629] by JensT


01:22 Changeset [18628] by JensT

New tag for probably the last G1 1.5.x release.

01:18 Changeset [18627] by JensT

Remove outdated tag.

01:15 Changeset [18626] by JensT


01:14 Changeset [18625] by JensT

Update to final 1.5.10

01:14 Changeset [18624] by JensT

2008-11-11 Jens Tkotz <jens@…> 1.5.10-svn-b10

  • Fix: Delete Imageareas when rotating or resizing an image.
01:01 Changeset [18623] by tnalmdal

Added latest version (0.1) of phpass to vendor tree


23:21 Changeset [18622] by JensT

Copy Code from branch to tag.

23:20 Changeset [18621] by JensT

Manifest cheat.

23:18 Changeset [18620] by JensT


23:17 Changeset [18619] by JensT


23:16 Changeset [18618] by JensT

Tag for probably the last G1 1.5.x release.

23:15 Changeset [18617] by JensT


23:10 Changeset [18616] by JensT

Copy Code from branch 1.5.10 to tag.

23:06 Changeset [18615] by JensT

jaja ;-)

23:00 Changeset [18614] by JensT

Copy 1.5.10 branch to tag

22:57 Changeset [18613] by JensT

manifest cheat.

22:55 Changeset [18612] by JensT


22:54 Changeset [18611] by JensT

Tag for probably the last G1 1.5.x release.

22:53 Changeset [18610] by JensT


22:44 Changeset [18609] by JensT

Schaugn ma ma!

22:40 Changeset [18608] by JensT

Commit me Baby one more time.

22:38 Changeset [18607] by JensT

Tag for last official G1 1.6 Release.

22:37 Changeset [18606] by JensT


22:32 Changeset [18605] by JensT

Copy G1 trunk to tag

22:31 Changeset [18604] by JensT

Another manifest cheat.

22:28 Changeset [18603] by JensT

A "new" tag for Gallery 1.6-RC3

22:27 Changeset [18602] by JensT


22:19 Changeset [18601] by JensT

Copy G1 trunk to tag.

22:12 Changeset [18600] by JensT

manifest cheat.

22:08 Changeset [18599] by JensT


22:08 Changeset [18598] by bharat

Use select_list() to allow for a single assert_equal in our tests.

22:07 Changeset [18597] by JensT

Tag for Gallery 1.6-RC3

22:05 Changeset [18596] by JensT

Remove broken tag for 1.6-rc3

21:56 Changeset [18595] by bharat

Use alternate form of ORM::factory to reduce code.

21:55 Changeset [18594] by bharat

Manually delete the auth table and module entry to ease transitions for devs.

21:29 Changeset [18593] by tnalmdal

Remove the complexity of a interface driven user management module

20:17 Changeset [18592] by tnalmdal

Early look at the User/Auth module refactoring. It will look for a driver based on the contents of the user/config/user.php file. And load that driver based on the User_Driver interface. There is a default User_Gallery_Driver class that will provide the actual interface implementation. Replacing this driver will allow a completely different user and authentication implementation to be used... hopefully will reduce issues with embedding and other user management systems. Removed from unit tests so they will still run.

17:32 Changeset [18591] by jozefs

Comment creation controller, helper and test. Add comments from the scaffold.

16:45 Changeset [18590] by tnalmdal

Remove Auth module

16:36 Changeset [18589] by tnalmdal

Reset the links in the header and update the readme

16:36 Changeset [18588] by bharat

Require short_open_tag to be enabled, or die.

15:33 Changeset [18587] by bharat

Add a test to make sure that we have no windows-style line endings.

12:28 Changeset [18586] by bharat

Add support for multi-file-upload using jquery.MultiFile? and modify
Item_Controller to accept it.

12:28 Changeset [18585] by bharat

Raise upload_max_filesize and post_max_size to very high values

11:49 Changeset [18584] by bharat

fix typo jsquery -> jquery

11:48 Changeset [18583] by bharat

add jquery.MultiFile?.js v1.3.0 from http://www.fyneworks.com/jquery/multiple-file-upload

11:40 Changeset [18582] by jozefs

Prevent direct script access.

09:39 Changeset [18581] by bharat

Indent fixes

07:57 Changeset [18580] by thumb70

Indent fixes

07:48 Changeset [18579] by bharat

Convert a few more images to ../images

07:47 Changeset [18578] by bharat

Switch image paths to relative

03:17 Changeset [18577] by tnalmdal

The start of the login functionality. It shows the login popup but doesn't do anything else. Just got tire of my changes being clobbered :-)

02:16 Changeset [18576] by thumb70

IE fixes. Default theme now looks roughly the same in IE and Firefox. We need to avoid using absolute and relative positioning for our primary layout containers (i.e. gHeader, gFooter, etc.).

00:34 Changeset [18575] by bharat

Clean up HTML for adding albums/photos a tad.

00:26 Changeset [18574] by bharat

uninstall and reinstall the comment module, too

00:25 Changeset [18573] by bharat

Add the ability to create albums to the scaffolding
Revert $_POST back to $this->input->post() because that supports default values.

00:24 Changeset [18572] by thumb70

jQuery edit in place is so easy, seems like it oughta be added to the photo view :)

00:16 Changeset [18571] by bharat

Tests for Item_Controller

00:16 Changeset [18570] by bharat

Convert quote styles
Convert $this->input->post to $_POST


23:49 Changeset [18569] by bharat

Rename tests to make room for controller tests

Album_Test -> Album_Helper_Test
Photo_Test -> Photo_Helper_Test

23:45 Changeset [18568] by bharat

Chain away temporary variables

23:40 Changeset [18567] by bharat

Implement Item_Controller::put() and delete()
Adjust/simplify photo::create
Add image uploading to the scaffolding

23:34 Changeset [18566] by jozefs

Fix line endings.

23:29 Changeset [18565] by bharat

style fix

23:06 Changeset [18564] by jozefs

Install/uninstall support for the comment module. Missing from the previous commit.

23:03 Changeset [18563] by thumb70

IE fixes, sidebar is now fixed in IE (we were missing a yui-g class). Removed .first class, it's not needed, at least not now. Moved all top-level layout containers to page.html.php so that if themers want to replace YUI grids with something else, like Blueprint, they only really need to edit page.html.php.

22:57 Changeset [18562] by jozefs

Beginnings of the comment module. Install and uninstall.

20:07 Changeset [18561] by thumb70

CSS cleanup. Alphabetized all CSS attributes. Use short form declaration for background. Don't precede decimal values with 0 (.8em instead of 0.8em). Convert colors to short form, use lower case hex alpha values (easier to read), convert keyword colors to hex values. Quoted url paths. Fixed the order of border attributes (width style color). Don't clear floated elements around #gContent.

19:20 Changeset [18560] by bharat

Make Gallery3 more RESTful.

Create Item_Controller as a common superclass for Album_Controller and
Photo_Controller. Change routes to route requests to Item_Controller
for dispatching, which in turn will generate get/post/put/delete
requests to the controlller so that each controller has a RESTful

Change in_place editing to take advantage of this.

19:10 Changeset [18559] by bharat

try to disable register_globals

18:54 Changeset [18558] by bharat

change url::base() to url::file()


19:11 Changeset [18557] by bharat

Allow in-place editing in the info block.

10:21 Changeset [18556] by bharat

Simplify the CSS a bit.

09:35 Changeset [18555] by bharat

Restrict our dom traversal to look only for span.gInPlaceEdit for speed.

09:28 Changeset [18554] by bharat

Add support for in-place editing of data fields.

09:25 Changeset [18553] by bharat

Drop the version numbers from the vendor copies; those will only make it harder for us to update. We track the versions in the svn comments and the README

09:23 Changeset [18552] by bharat

Add jquery.jeditable 1.6.1

07:51 Changeset [18551] by bharat

Tell users to install the user module before installing auth.

07:48 Changeset [18550] by bharat

Create permanent owner_id column in the item table, and use a soft
relationship to bind the two. To do this, I overrode get in
Item_Model so that $item->owner returns the appropriate User_Model.

07:27 Changeset [18549] by bharat

Simplify the way that we find the user id (just look it up, and if there's a database exception use the null value)

07:18 Changeset [18548] by virshu

Adding user (owner) to items; info module

05:30 Changeset [18547] by tnalmdal

Standardize on a format for exceptions messages new Exception("@todo ERROR_MESSAGE");

05:12 Changeset [18546] by bharat


05:11 Changeset [18545] by bharat

Remove inappropriate comments

01:56 Changeset [18544] by tnalmdal

The start of an authentication module. This provides the installation and a basic install test. There is no interface at the moment to do authentication. It is dependent on the install of the user module.

01:19 Changeset [18543] by tnalmdal

Change how the modules table doesn't exist is caught. In running unit test, sometimes i would get the message "There was an SQL error: Table 'gallery3_unittest.modules' doesn't exist - ...." and sometimes I would get the message "Table modules does not exist in your database." In both cases the error code was 44.


10:46 Changeset [18542] by bharat

Change add() to add photos:albums at a ratio of 10:1

10:44 Changeset [18541] by bharat

Fix the child url to use the item type.

08:54 Changeset [18540] by bharat

add gMinimize to the block header

08:53 Changeset [18539] by bharat

indentation fixes

07:41 Changeset [18538] by thumb70

Renamed .minimize to .gMinimize

07:37 Changeset [18537] by bharat

move block.html.php into the default theme

07:33 Changeset [18536] by bharat

Add automatic pagination. All you have to do is add <?= $theme->pager
?> to your theme file and you get a well formed pager. Themes can
customize this any way they want. A version that matches the mockup
is provided in the default theme.

07:31 Changeset [18535] by thumb70

Updated CSS organization and headings, removed unused styles, added placeholders for a few styles, including gThumbnail. Simplified album grid loop, the thumbnail container markup for albums and items was almost identical, no need to repeat all of it. Switched album grid markup from <div> to <ul>. Updated element nesting in photo template.

07:31 Changeset [18534] by bharat

Use get_object_vars to simplify code

06:46 Changeset [18533] by bharat

Add children_count() to ORM_MPTT

06:44 Changeset [18532] by bharat

convert tabs -> spaces

05:49 Changeset [18531] by bharat

Use jquery.cookie to keep the same tab open when you refresh
Add a switch to turn profiling on/off

05:34 Changeset [18530] by bharat

Add jquery.cookie plugin

05:04 Changeset [18529] by bharat

Move default theme up above modules so that it can override module views

05:03 Changeset [18528] by thumb70

Added YUI 2.6.0 CSS collection to lib (reset-gonts-grids and base) and call these rather than CDN versions, for now. Renamed default theme's style sheet to screen.css, recommend that CSS files be named for the primary media they support. Removed unused YUI JS component calls from the default theme.


10:22 Changeset [18527] by bharat

Oops, these files got left out of r18525.

07:24 Changeset [18526] by bharat

Break header/sidebar/footer out into separate templates.

07:20 Changeset [18525] by bharat

Change the theming module again, per a discussion with Chad and Jakob.
Now we have an overall page layout (page.html.php) which has a $content
variable, and that $content will be one of several possible secondary
views. Currently, it is either photo.html.php or album.html.php.

header, footer, breadcrumb, sidebar, anything common to all pages is
in page.html.php.

05:51 Changeset [18524] by bharat

album::set_thumbnail is now part of Item_Model so it can go.

Fix a bug in the scaffolding where we weren't saving the album after
adding its thumbnail (so its dimensions weren't getting set).

04:56 Changeset [18523] by bharat

Add quick-link to the deepest photo to test hierarchical navigation

04:55 Changeset [18522] by bharat

Drop the ? from the base url; we're going to count on Apache PathInfo? for navigation.

04:37 Changeset [18521] by thumb70

spruce up the display of commands

03:58 Changeset [18520] by bharat

When uninstalling the core, uninstall all the other modules first.
Otherwise, when you reinstall the other module's tables are still
hanging around and interfere with their install.

03:55 Changeset [18519] by bharat

Fix a typo.

03:51 Changeset [18518] by bharat

Uninstall/reinstall modules in the right order and catch exceptions (fixes test failures)


22:37 Changeset [18517] by ckdake

doh. ini_set for short_open_tag only works in old version of php. reverting to using .htaccess

22:29 Changeset [18516] by bharat

Guard the module loading code against database errors (in case the database isn't configured yet)

22:20 Changeset [18515] by ckdake

move short_open_tag setting from .htaccess to ini_set because it works more often and fails more gracefully

22:10 Changeset [18514] by tnalmdal

add installation unit tests and corrected a problem where the groups_users pivot table was not populated.

21:52 Changeset [18513] by ckdake

better instructions/error handling

20:42 Changeset [18512] by tnalmdal

actually delete the same tables as we createad

18:32 Changeset [18511] by ckdake

replaced Feature URLs with new one

17:32 Changeset [18510] by bharat

remove tabs

09:58 Changeset [18509] by bharat

Adjust gTags style since the <ul> is no longer gBlock, it's on a containing div

09:50 Changeset [18508] by bharat

Add info section with MPTT graphs

09:42 Changeset [18507] by bharat

* Add thumbnail and resize dimensions to the item table and use them

properly in the theme.

* Move thumbnail and resize generation down into the model for


* Add a sample thumbnail for albums
* Fix a bug in the ORM to clear the cache when we reload an object.
* Add Kohana docs to the scaffold.

07:57 Changeset [18506] by bharat

Style/doc cleanups.

07:47 Changeset [18505] by bharat

ORM_MPTT::parents() should not include the node itself.

07:42 Changeset [18504] by bharat

Add the photo controller, and tie it to the photo page in our theme.

Implement a real breadcrumb.

07:13 Changeset [18503] by bharat

Change the default theme to actually render what's in the Gallery.
Currently only the album view works, albums have no thumbnails, and
there's only 1 image in use.

Improved Item_Model to have the following API methods

file_path() -- returns the path to the source image or album dir
thumbnail_path(), thumbnail_url() -- returns path/url to the thumbnail
resize_path(), resize_url() -- returns path/url to the resize

All tests updated.

06:17 Changeset [18502] by bharat

Report the number of photos/albums

06:16 Changeset [18501] by tnalmdal

Rename logon_name to name, name to display_name and remove the external id field

05:41 Changeset [18500] by bharat

Move Google Maps block off into its own gmaps module.

05:35 Changeset [18499] by bharat

Item Info block is now off into the info module. Yay!

05:32 Changeset [18498] by tnalmdal

The start of the user module. At this point, it shows up on the scaffolding screen and you can install and uninstall it. Which creates the tables, defines 2 groups (adminstrator, registered) and one user (admin).

05:28 Changeset [18497] by bharat

Tags are now off in their own module, hooray!

05:20 Changeset [18496] by bharat

The carousel block is now off into its own module. The
sidebar.html.php file loops over $theme->blocks() which in turn calls
carousel::block() which uses the Block object to create a standard
block UI. Hooray!

04:32 Changeset [18495] by tnalmdal

Don't overwrite the version number of installed modules when searching for uninstalled modules.

04:05 Changeset [18494] by bharat

Update to latest HTML/CSS

03:26 Changeset [18493] by bharat

Use jQuery magic to make the scaffold look shiny.

03:24 Changeset [18492] by bharat

Add jQuery 1.2.6

03:24 Changeset [18491] by bharat

Updated for new MPTT API

01:40 Changeset [18490] by bharat

Order the children()

01:39 Changeset [18489] by bharat

Moved MPTT related tests to ORM_MPTT_Test

01:37 Changeset [18488] by bharat

Add jQuery 1.2.6

01:30 Changeset [18487] by bharat

Declare install/uninstall stat.c

01:08 Changeset [18486] by bharat

Further simplify the code.

01:05 Changeset [18485] by bharat

_readModules -> _readModules
Simplify the installer-detection code.

00:07 Changeset [18484] by tnalmdal

Clean up camel humped names and move private function to bottom of file


23:16 Changeset [18483] by bharat

New tests for the ORM_MPTT class.

22:18 Changeset [18482] by tnalmdal

Have the scaffolding code see what what modules are available and list whether they need to be installed or uninstalled.

21:25 Changeset [18481] by bharat

Stop using kohana-mptt

21:24 Changeset [18480] by bharat

Lots of new stuff!

Replace theme HTML with *almost* the latest stuff from the
mockups. (it doesn't include r18467 yet).

Our theme format is now modelled after WordPress? / Habari's style
where you have one entry point per type (eg: album.php) which can
load up whatever parts it needs (eg: $theme->display("header"))

Created album and photo helpers which have create() functions
that form the base of our new API, along with tests for them.

Created our own version of the ORM_MPTT since the existing
versions were too buggy and unsupported to depend upon. Only has
a minimal implementation so far, and the tests are not yet

Added path(), thumbnail_path() and resize_path() to Item_Model

Extended the scaffolding to allow you to add lots of
photos/albums into your hierarchy.

Deleted modules/mptt -- we're not going to use this anymore.

17:27 Changeset [18479] by JensT

Copy code into tag.

17:26 Changeset [18478] by JensT

Tag for last 1.6 release.

17:25 Changeset [18477] by JensT

magic update.

17:24 Changeset [18476] by JensT


17:23 Changeset [18475] by JensT


17:21 Changeset [18474] by JensT

Copy code into tag.

17:19 Changeset [18473] by JensT


17:15 Changeset [18472] by JensT


16:59 Changeset [18471] by JensT

New tag for 1.5.10

16:54 Changeset [18470] by ckdake

Release: 1.6-RC3

16:53 Changeset [18469] by ckdake

Release: 1.5.10

16:50 Changeset [18468] by JensT

Last minute language fix.

08:01 Changeset [18467] by jhilden
05:22 Changeset [18466] by bharat

Add a test to detect tabs in our code, and convert all tabs to spaces
so that the test passes.

05:12 Changeset [18465] by bharat

Updated README.

05:02 Changeset [18464] by bharat

Restructure the theme code to be more like WordPress? / Habari. Now,
the controller initiates a request to a top level page (eg:
album.html.php) which is then free to include whatever other page
chunks it wants with calls like <?= $theme->display('header.html') ?>

Variables like $item and $children are in the global space for all

theme.php helper is now Theme.php library which lets us store the name
of the theme inside the variable itself. This means that the theme
does not have to know its own name because you can use $theme->url()
for all urls to stuff inside the theme itself, which makes it possible
to cline a theme without changing a single line.

Still using the mock album UI.

02:19 Changeset [18463] by tnalmdal

White space correction


06:50 Changeset [18462] by bharat

Oops, left out the footer by accident.

06:02 Changeset [18461] by bharat

Oops, injecting the function name caused an extra call in the call
stack. The test passed, but the actual code failed. Fixed now.

05:55 Changeset [18460] by bharat

Create an initial attempt at the album controller, set it up with a default route
and add a link to it from the welcome page.

05:53 Changeset [18459] by bharat

Default theme, built with YUI. A mock right now, not functional at
all (except in some very minor ways). It's unclear if this is the
best final structure. Right now the album controller knows a
considerable amount about the layout of the page, which may not be the
best way to do things.

05:52 Changeset [18458] by bharat

Theme helper. Right now it has one api method, theme::url which
returns a url local to the theme that you're in. For example, if
you're in themes/foo/views/page_header.html.php and you call
theme::url("images/foo.png") then it'll create a url to:

05:36 Changeset [18457] by bharat

whitespace fix

02:08 Changeset [18456] by bharat

More bootstrap code.
* core_installer::install now creates the root album and the albums/thumbnails

directories under VARPATH.

* Add a test for core_installer

02:05 Changeset [18455] by bharat

Uninstall/reinstall core on every test run (for now).

02:05 Changeset [18454] by bharat

Rename columns lft/rgt to left/right.

01:20 Changeset [18453] by bharat

Add some padding between paragraphs.

01:13 Changeset [18452] by bharat

Change styles a bit to make it a little more consistent.

00:27 Changeset [18451] by bharat

Put info about installed modules directly into the scaffolding page,
and create methods to install/uninstall modules.

00:26 Changeset [18450] by bharat

Change structure of item table to match MPTT class (which is a little different from ORM_MPTT which we used in gx

00:07 Changeset [18449] by bharat

Make the unit_test database config the default so that our test runs don't
mess up the real database.


23:55 Changeset [18448] by bharat

Create some basic infrastructure:

  • item model (contains basic item info, similar to the gx version)
  • module model (has info about each module and which version of it is installed)
  • added a very basic unit test to verify that we can create an instance of item
  • Updated our test controller to require a unit_test db config and call core::install if it hasn't been done already.

New pattern:

  • core/helpers/core_installer.php creates core_installer helper. When we install a new module you call xxx_installer::install(), and when you want it to go away, you do xxx_installer::uninstall()


22:01 Changeset [18447] by bharat

Turn on short_open_tags

21:56 Changeset [18446] by bharat

Ignore view files in no_trailing_closing_php_tag_test since they will occasionally
end in tags like <?= this ?>

21:39 Changeset [18445] by tnalmdal

replace a tab with the appropriate number of spaces

21:12 Changeset [18444] by bharat

Change this to be inline instead of an iframe, and fix it up so that
it walks you through creating the database also.

19:59 Changeset [18443] by bharat

Read local database config file

19:56 Changeset [18442] by bharat

Improve welcome scaffolding to walk you through getting the var
directory set up correctly and a database config file in place.

18:57 Changeset [18441] by bharat

Add mptt and forge modules to the module load list
disable logging if the log dir is not writable.

18:05 Changeset [18440] by tnalmdal

Oops, forgot to change the index file to look in SYSPATH/config/ as well

17:54 Changeset [18439] by tnalmdal

Changed Kohana::config_load to look in Kohana/config for the config.php file first and then merge/override any values supplied by core/config/config.php. This allows us to totally ignore what is in core/config from an svn point of view.

16:21 Changeset [18438] by JensT

Manifest release cheat.

16:19 Changeset [18437] by JensT

2008-11-02 Jens Tkotz <jens@…> 1.6-RC3-svn-b9


In environments with register globals it was possible to
gain admin access via abusing cookies.
This bug affects all Gallery 1.x version from 1.5.8-svn-b34 on.

The Gallery team would like to thank John Hisdock for
gently reporting this and give us time to make an adequate fix.

16:09 Changeset [18436] by JensT

2008-11-02 Jens Tkotz <jens@…> 1.6-RC3-svn-b8

  • Change: "Missing" languages in setup are now just an information.
  • Fix: Remove dependency on ctype_digit()
  • Fix: wording
  • Fix: SVN IDs
15:02 Changeset [18435] by JensT

2008-11-02 Jens Tkotz <jens@…> 1.6-RC3-svn-b7

  • UPDATE: YUI! 0.11.4 -> 2.6.0
  • Change: Renamed printChildren() to getYUIHtmlTree()

Returns now a string
Moved into lib/album.php

Fix: Links to reorder/move album for subalbums for broken.

Change: jsHTML() now does not repeat JS thats already used.

(static cache)

14:56 Changeset [18434] by JensT

2008-11-02 Jens Tkotz <jens@…> 1.6-RC3-svn-b6

  • Change: CSS updates in danmaher skin.
  • Fix: Header in popups/edit_appearance.php
03:12 Changeset [18433] by JensT

2008-11-01 Jens Tkotz <jens@…> 1.6-RC3-svn-b5

  • Fix: Little layout in search results.
  • Fix: Use <br> linebreaks in RSS for titles captions etc.

Same like in "normal" view.

  • Fix: Use of gTranslate in donation block template.
  • Change: Tweaked Matrix startpage template.
03:07 Changeset [18432] by JensT

2008-11-01 Jens Tkotz <jens@…> 1.6-RC3-svn-b4

  • Delete: Unused and now outdated template/skin files from Jade.
03:03 Changeset [18431] by JensT

2008-11-01 Jens Tkotz <jens@…> 1.6-RC3-svn-b3

  • New: Skin 'danmaher'
03:01 Changeset [18430] by JensT

2008-11-01 Jens Tkotz <jens@…> 1.6-RC3-svn-b2

  • CHANGE: Add a new <div> "headerbox" in every .header file.

Ths makes it easier to block a header, but you now must set
a header box end!

03:01 Changeset [18429] by JensT

2008-11-01 Jens Tkotz <jens@…> 1.6-RC3-svn-b2

  • CHANGE: Add a new <div> "headerbox" in every .header file.

Ths makes it easier to block a header, but you now must set
a header box end!

  • CHANGE: Languageselector!
  • Change: Minor code cleanups.
02:40 Changeset [18428] by JensT

2008-11-01 Jens Tkotz <jens@…> 1.6-RC3-svn-b1

  • Change: Some icon changed.
  • Fix: Translation domain in platform functions,

lib/stats, lib/groups

  • Update: Walter Zorns tooltip JS.
  • Fix: Voting in thumbsview broken. Thanks to adegutis from forums.
02:11 Changeset [18427] by JensT


02:09 Changeset [18426] by JensT

2008-11-01 Jens Tkotz <jens@…> 1.5.10-svn-b9


In environments with register globals it was possible to gain admin access
via abusing cookies.
This bug affects all Gallery 1.x version from 1.5.8-svn-b34 on.

The Gallery team would like to thank John Hisdock for gently reporting this
and give us time to make an adequate fix.

02:07 Changeset [18425] by JensT



22:43 Changeset [18424] by bharat

Fix all our preambles to make the preamble test pass.

22:42 Changeset [18423] by bharat

Add a test to verify that we have the right preamble on files.

22:41 Changeset [18422] by bharat

Improve formatting

22:05 Changeset [18421] by bharat

Clean up tests a bit.

18:45 Changeset [18420] by bharat

Add a new test to verify that view files end in .html.php

15:42 Changeset [18419] by JensT

2008-11-01 Jens Tkotz <jens@…> 1.5.10-svn-b8

  • Change: Litte layout fixes
  • Change: "Missing" languages in setup are now just an information.
14:54 Changeset [18418] by JensT


10:47 Changeset [18417] by bharat

Add first test; this verifies that we leave the ?> off at the end of PHP files.

10:45 Changeset [18416] by bharat

Remove all html::specialchars(); we're not getting rendered in a

09:02 Changeset [18415] by bharat

Exclude demo tests

07:55 Changeset [18414] by bharat

Set up unit test framework. Tweak configuration so that it only runs in
command line mode, and expects to put data into test/var. Create a module
to wrap it that generates a nice text-only view of the output.

06:49 Changeset [18413] by bharat

Kohana unit test module

03:58 Changeset [18412] by bharat

Improve the welcome page to be a bit more explanatory about the product.


22:42 Changeset [18411] by bharat

Move gallery3 out of the eval branch and up to its real home. Note that
I'm inverting the normal paradigm by putting trunk/vendor/tags/branches
inside the gallery3 project. This is actually the recommended form when
you have multiple projects inside a svn repository.

22:40 Changeset [18410] by bharat

Updated with better vendor instructions

22:38 Changeset [18409] by bharat

Placeholder app for Gallery3, along with a customized index.php and a README

22:12 Changeset [18408] by bharat

Merge over vendor code.

21:13 Changeset [18407] by bharat

Consolidate README's

21:09 Changeset [18406] by bharat

svn externals approach looks like a no-go

21:01 Changeset [18405] by bharat

add modules/mptt as an svn external

20:59 Changeset [18404] by bharat

Move MPTT.php to be easier to use as an svn external

20:54 Changeset [18403] by bharat

fix kohana external, it was pointed to the repository root-- oops

20:52 Changeset [18402] by bharat

make kohana be an external to the vendor kohana/system

20:51 Changeset [18401] by bharat

Pull in kohanamodules and kohana-mptt code

20:21 Changeset [18400] by bharat

Kohana 2.2 (with the auth plugin)

19:48 Changeset [18399] by bharat

Welcome to Gallery 3

19:47 Changeset [18398] by bharat

Fix bug in routing code

07:28 Changeset [18397] by bharat

Updates to comment module:
* We now only show the 3 most recent comments
* Inline addition works properly with jQuery. The new comment

slides in and gets highlighted when it appears

* Refactored the comment block out into the comment list and

the form so that we can refresh just the list separately.

07:12 Changeset [18396] by thumb70

Markup album grid as unordered list with floated li's. Set the first item in a row to clear previous items and start a new row. I didn't like the idea of using UL here, but I'm chaging my mind.

06:31 Changeset [18395] by bharat

Use jQuery to do ajax comment adding. It's like 6 lines of JS! wow.

05:54 Changeset [18394] by thumb70

Initial commit

05:52 Changeset [18393] by thumb70

Half-baked in-place commenting with jQuery. Ajax is broken. This is an eval so it's okay to check in broken, right?

05:51 Changeset [18392] by jhilden
04:58 Changeset [18391] by bharat

Remove unused archive module

04:55 Changeset [18390] by bharat

Remove unused kodoc module

01:05 Changeset [18389] by tnalmdal

Remove unused components from the project (htmlpurifier, swift, dbforge)

01:04 Changeset [18388] by tnalmdal

Remove unused components from the project (htmlpurifier, swift, dbforge)

00:43 Changeset [18387] by tnalmdal

Remove unused components from the project (htmlpurifier, swift, dbforge)

00:40 Changeset [18386] by JensT

2008-10-31 Jens Tkotz <jens@…> 1.5.10-svn-b7

  • Update: wz_tooltip.js V5.3
00:13 Changeset [18385] by JensT


00:07 Changeset [18384] by JensT

2008-10-31 Jens Tkotz <jens@…> 1.5.10-svn-b6

  • Fix: Removed call off ctype_digit() as its not always available.
  • Fix: Move debug footer at a place where its visibile when embedded.


04:57 Changeset [18383] by bharat

No need to specify the template; it's now the default.

04:54 Changeset [18382] by bharat

Create our own version of Forge that uses our own form_template.html.php by default.

04:16 Changeset [18381] by bharat

Fix some bugs in the mptt scaffolding code

03:34 Changeset [18380] by bharat

Improve MPTT tree building to consume less memory
Implement view/scan lookups across MPTT table to verify that concurrency is ok.

00:37 Changeset [18379] by tnalmdal

The start of the manage roles and user pages in the admin area. Doesn't do much except list the current ones.


22:48 Changeset [18378] by bharat

Improve the scaffolding to allow us to create a fake MPTT tree and
perform operations on it, while profiling the database queries.

22:31 Changeset [18377] by tnalmdal

Refactor (role|user)_admin.html.php to admin_(role|user).html.php to provide a consistent naming convention

22:13 Changeset [18376] by tnalmdal

Refactor core_admin.html.php to admin_core.html.php to provide a consistent naming convention

16:18 Changeset [18375] by tnalmdal

Added admin framework, removed registration link if logged in, added administration link if role is admin. added the admin role to the admin user

16:17 Changeset [18374] by tnalmdal

Added admin framework, removed registration link if logged in, added administration link if role is admin. added the admin role to the admin user

06:11 Changeset [18373] by thumb70

Applied div-based album grid markup. There's room for a lot of refactoring here. Need to discuss css grids to determine preferred method.

00:10 Changeset [18372] by bharat

Move profiling into Gallery_Controller so we get it for free in all other controllers


23:11 Changeset [18371] by bharat

Wrapper around ORM_MPTT that implements advisory locking to serialize writes.

16:36 Changeset [18370] by bharat

Explain how to use a different db config

16:20 Changeset [18369] by bharat

Remove hardcoded database name

10:03 Changeset [18368] by bharat

Save the photo to the database before querying its parents.

09:51 Changeset [18367] by bharat

Don't use the image toolkit to copy the original.

09:50 Changeset [18366] by bharat

Add useful keys to the item table

07:19 Changeset [18365] by bharat

Handle the case where there're no photos/albums when generating the 'deepest' links.

07:17 Changeset [18364] by bharat

New scaffolding features:
o You can turn the profiler on and off
o You can go directly to the deepest album or photo.

07:17 Changeset [18363] by bharat

Show the profiler, if it's enabled in the session.

07:16 Changeset [18362] by bharat

show the number of children next to the albums in the breadcrumb.


22:43 Changeset [18361] by h0bbel

Added default username/password to README

20:31 Changeset [18360] by bharat

Remove database name from SQL queries.

20:21 Changeset [18359] by bharat

Print out the error on view renders, instead of just re-throwing the exception

09:58 Changeset [18358] by bharat

Minor html cleanups.

09:38 Changeset [18357] by bharat

Extend the scaffolding to let us create a hierarchy of thousands of images for testing purposes.

09:36 Changeset [18356] by bharat

Add basic conflict resolution so that the scaffolding code can add lots and lotsa images.

09:32 Changeset [18355] by bharat

If the item is not saved yet, then manually append its path here.

07:47 Changeset [18354] by bharat

Improve scaffolding main page.

07:44 Changeset [18353] by bharat

Add /data/graph which shows our MPTT tree with left/right pointer values. The graph looks wrong, so I'm going to have to spend some time figuring out what's wrong with ORM_MPTT.

07:36 Changeset [18352] by bharat

replace modified with [m], and use [m:#] for multiple modifications.

07:26 Changeset [18351] by bharat

chmod 777 /var for simplicity

07:26 Changeset [18350] by bharat

Move all the user scaffolding code out of data.php and over to the
user module. Also, replace hardcoded ids with the real values.

07:13 Changeset [18349] by bharat

Fix windows line endings.

07:01 Changeset [18348] by bharat

Add a tmp dir

02:19 Changeset [18347] by virshu

tweaked readme

02:15 Changeset [18346] by tnalmdal

Move user module data restore to user module

Note: See TracTimeline for information about the timeline view.