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Developer Wiki

Welcome to the homepage for drcom-client developer wiki

drcom-client is available open-source under the GPLv2 license.

  1. Getting the code
  2. Getting involved
  3. Projects
  4. Documentation

Getting the code

drcom-client uses git for managing its code.

Assuming you have Git installed, the following command in a terminal will fetch the most recent code for you:

git clone git://drcom-client.git.sourceforge.net/gitroot/drcom-client

drcom-client also offers "official" release tarballs at the download page.

Getting involved

Before anything, please read Intention for Contribution. You'll find out many ways in which you can help, and possibly save yourself much grief in the future. :)

  • Join the Community! - Find developers on the Mailing List or IRC channel?.
  • The Philosophy of drcom-client - Why some things in drcom-client are the way they are
  • Tickets: View active tickets, make bug reports and contribute feature requests.
  • Translate? projects into different languages.


The drcom-client development community actively develops the following software projects: