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Milestone Developer Community Launch - plus FLSMS v1.6.0 preview

First Time Wizard

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FrontlineForms Plugin

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FrontlineSMS Desktop (general)

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HTTP Trigger Plugin

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Ushahidi Mapping Plugin

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Official launch of the FrontlineSMS developer community

At the same time, the new Release candidate of FrontlineSMS version 1.6.0 beta will be made available to developer community members, with an invitation to download it, use it, send in bug reports to TRAC, and in some cases - help the development team to debug the application.

Some selected FrontlineSMS implementers will also get access to the release candidate to provide feedback.

The following few weeks will involve the core team and the new developer community working together to deliver the official public release of the eagerly awaited verion 1.6 FrontlineSMS tool.

Note: See TracRoadmap for help on using the roadmap.