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ESI Tools

ESI Tools is a set of tools to help maintain the Enumerations for Simulation Interoperability document set, SISO-REF-010, as published by the Simulation Interoperability Standards Organization (SISO)

SISO-REF-010 specifies the numerical values and associated definitions for those fields that are identified as enumerations in IEEE or SISO standards. Historically SISO-REF-010 provided enumeratations for fields in the Distributed Interactive Simulation (DIS) Protocol Data Units (PDUs), IEEE 1278.1-2012 (and its predecessors IEEE 1278.1-1995 and IEEE 1278.1A-1998). As SISO-REF-010 continues to evolve to support the larger distributed simulation community, it is expected that the scope of enumerations included will also evolve. SISO-REF-010 is governed by the Enumerations Working Group (EWG), a subgroup of the DIS Product Support Group. The EWG has created an Operations Manual with more information on rules and guidelines for enumerations, membership, and instructions for submitting and participating in an established enumerations process.

Currently users must build the tools themselves (see these build instructions). The intention is that an installer will be provided, which will able to be downloaded from the ESI Tools project page.

Useful Links

For a complete list of local wiki pages, see TitleIndex.

Automatic Tool Chain

The following diagram illustrates the tool chain to support the automated process of Change Requests (CRs).

The components are as follows:

  • Registrar - Assigns Change Request numbers to the Change Request (CR) and updates the CR status document
  • Updater - Processes Change Requests and updates the XML Database
  • Approver - Updates the XML database with the results of the EWG decisions on a change block
  • Word Generator - Creates the Word version of SISO-REF-010
  • Excel Generator - Creates the Excel version of SISO-REF-010
  • Change Publisher - Notifies the Enum Reflector about new or updated Change Requests, including any errors
  • Status Publisher - Sends copies of Change Request Status document to the Enum Reflector
  • Publisher - Updates the subversion Configuration Management System with the latest XML Database
  • Change Block Generator - Creates the set of Change Request files disposed of for a particular SISO-REF-010 release

The following additonal tools are provided:

  • ESItool GUI - Graphical User Interface that provides point and click access to tool chain functionality. Currently supports the Registrar functionality
  • CRsummary - Provides a summary of approved CR files
  • Info - Provides information about the SISO-REF-010 xml database
  • Validator - Validates the SISO-REF-010 xml database

The intention is to rerun the tool chain at regular intervals - daily? This way updates to CRs are picked up, validated and incorporated into the working copy. Each rerun starts with the previous approved XML database.

After Enumerations Working Group (EWG) votes on a set of CRs, the CR status document is updated to mark the CRs as either Approved, Rejected or On Hold, the tool chain is run to produce the approved SISO-REF-010 database and associated work products.

Currently the two Publishers are not under development - their activities will be performed manually in the mean time.

The Excel Generator is the XSLT script produced by Peter Ross (and thus is not currently part of the EBV Tool set).