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Describe the current release versioning scheme; list active branches.

Elftoolchain Releases

This wiki page lists software releases from the Elftoolchain project.

Release Versioning Scheme

Our release versioning scheme is as follows:

  • Development happens on trunk/.
  • When we reach a significant milestone in the project's development, trunk/ is branched into a release branch, such as branches/release-branch-0.5. Release branches are numbered "X.Y" for some "X" and "Y".
  • The first release on a release branch will be numbered X.Y.1, for some "X" and "Y" (for example, 0.5.1). Subsequent releases on the branch will then be numbered X.Y.2, X.Y.3, etc. These "minor" releases will be created only if necessary, for example, for critical bug fixes.
  • Branches are "retired" after a (reasonable) period of time, after which point maintenance work on the branch will stop.

Release Branches

Branch State
branches/release-branch-0.5 Active

Release List

Release Release Date
Release-0.5.1 2011-11-15