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and .


21:48 Ticket #277 (Document the file format for ar(1) archives) closed by kaiwang27
fixed: Manual page reviewed.
19:49 Changeset [1289] by jkoshy
Improvements to the ar(5) manual page, based on feedback from kaiwang27: …
15:47 Changeset [1288] by kaiwang27
Mode for output file should be identical to that of the input file.
11:19 Ticket #303 (The ar(1) manual page is incomplete) created by jkoshy
The ar(1) manual doesn't show the use of the -q option in the synopsis.
07:27 Changeset [1287] by jkoshy
* Document the ar(1) archive formats supported by our tools. * Include …
04:11 Ticket #302 (Revisit handling of unicode encoded file names in ar(1) archives) created by jkoshy
The current definition of the ar(1) archive format has the implicit …
03:57 Ticket #301 (Allow specification of the archive format variant when building archives ...) created by jkoshy
Add a --flavor=FLAVOR option to ar(1). The available choices for FLAVOR …


14:39 Changeset [1286] by kaiwang27
Add test cases for symbolsrec' and ihex' targets.
14:32 Changeset [1285] by kaiwang27
Make sure temporary files are always deleted after program terminated.
13:42 Changeset [1284] by kaiwang27
Add test cases for converting ELF to srec.
13:36 Changeset [1283] by kaiwang27
In copy_tempfile(), we should lseek(2) to offset 0 to make sure we read …


16:44 Ticket #300 (elfdefinitions.h cannot be included in C++) closed by jkoshy
fixed: Fixed in [1282], thanks for your bug report.
16:35 Changeset [1282] by jkoshy
Add sentinel elements to the enumerations declared in …


17:32 Changeset [1281] by jkoshy
Unbreak the build on Ubuntu GNU/Linux: bring in prototypes for free()


22:37 Changeset [1280] by kaiwang27
Create STT_SECTION symbols for existing sections in …
22:18 Changeset [1279] by kaiwang27
Switch to the more "standard" 2-clause BSD license. (i.e. without "...in …
22:09 Changeset [1278] by kaiwang27
struct symbuf' and strbuf' is now local type in symbols.c.
22:07 Changeset [1277] by kaiwang27
Call finalize_external_symtab() in create_elf_from_srec() also.
22:05 Changeset [1276] by kaiwang27
Use create_external_symtab()/add_to_symtab() to create symbol table in …
22:03 Changeset [1275] by kaiwang27
Add function finalize_external_symtab() which adjust/resync symtab fields …
20:49 Changeset [1274] by kaiwang27
When converting `symbolsrec' to ELF object, put section header table after …
20:44 Changeset [1273] by kaiwang27
Since all symbol table has a special symbol at the beginning, we should …
20:38 Changeset [1272] by kaiwang27
* Change update_shdr() to depend on `update_link' parameter regarding …
11:13 Changeset [1271] by kaiwang27
Removed redundant code in generate_symbols().
11:03 Changeset [1270] by kaiwang27
Change generate_symbols() to use the newly added add_to_symtab() function.
10:29 Changeset [1269] by kaiwang27
* Add function create_external_symtab() which handles symbol table created …
01:18 Changeset [1268] by kaiwang27
Add support for converting Intel Hex to ELF object. (-I ihex)


19:14 Changeset [1267] by kaiwang27
If input object is not ELF (e.g. binary, srec), convert it to a …
18:38 Changeset [1266] by kaiwang27
Add support for converting S-Record to ELF object. (-I srec)
05:02 Glossary edited by jkoshy
Add an entry defining "ELF". (diff)
04:40 Glossary created by jkoshy
Start a Glossary page.


16:54 Ticket #298 (Add section type constants for GNU symbol versioning) closed by jkoshy
fixed: Added in [1265], thanks!
16:50 Changeset [1265] by jkoshy
Add GNU spellings for symbols denoting section types. Submitted …
15:06 Ticket #299 (Fix _libelf_xlate_shtype for uncommon section types) closed by jkoshy
fixed: Patch applied in [1264], thanks!
14:53 Changeset [1264] by jkoshy
Remove #defines that have become unnecessary after the introduction of …


22:14 Ticket #300 (elfdefinitions.h cannot be included in C++) created by mstorsjo
elfdefinitions.h uses macros for defining lists of constants to be defined …
22:09 Ticket #299 (Fix _libelf_xlate_shtype for uncommon section types) created by mstorsjo
Since switching to elfdefinition.h, the section types are not defined …
22:05 Ticket #298 (Add section type constants for GNU symbol versioning) created by mstorsjo
In common/elfdefinitions.h, there are currently only section type …


14:47 Changeset [1263] by kaiwang27
Add support for converting ELF object to symbol S-Record file. (-O …


14:25 Changeset [1262] by kaiwang27
Implement elfcopy(1) option --srec-len. Ticket: #297
13:00 Changeset [1261] by kaiwang27
Implement elfcopy(1) option --srec-forceS3. Ticket: #297
12:08 Ticket #297 (Implement additional binutils objcopy(1) options) created by kaiwang27
Some binutils objcopy(1) command line options are still missing in our …
09:13 Ticket #256 (Clean up the file release hierarchy for documentation) closed by jkoshy
fixed: The file release hierarchy has been changed, per the description in this …
09:12 AdminChanges edited by jkoshy
Note the interim release of another version of the libelf-by-example … (diff)
08:24 WikiStart edited by jkoshy
Link to the current release file for the libelf-by-example tutorial. (diff)
08:21 libelf edited by jkoshy
Link to the current release of the libelf-by-example tutorial. (diff)
08:18 Changeset [1260] by jkoshy
Update (c) year.
04:50 Changeset [1259] by jkoshy
Add historical information for NetBSD, per joerg@….
04:30 Changeset [1258] by jkoshy
Add more index entries.
04:11 Changeset [1257] by jkoshy
* Explicitly mention that this tutorial is for the version of libelf …
02:26 Changeset [1256] by jkoshy
Initialize a variable before use.


16:41 Changeset [1255] by jkoshy
* Include mk/elftoolchain.tex.mk early, so that the …
16:29 Changeset [1254] by jkoshy
Bring in the definition of TET_ROOT from <mk/elftoolchain.tetvars.mk>.
16:10 Ticket #278 (Review `libelf/_libelf_config.h`) closed by jkoshy
fixed: Reviewed as of changeset [1253].
16:03 Changeset [1253] by jkoshy
Header <osreldate.h> is no longer needed. Ticket: #278
15:41 Changeset [1252] by jkoshy
Fix the NetBSD build, post the use of common/elfdefinitions.h in [1162]: …
12:07 Ticket #25 (Create equivalent to textreloc) closed by kaiwang27
fixed: Manual page reviewed. No need to patch.
11:50 Changeset [1251] by kaiwang27
Fix build on Linux. Submitted by: jkoshy
11:32 Changeset [1250] by jkoshy
Revert [1240]. There are cases where it is useful to allow elf_begin(3)
11:11 Changeset [1249] by jkoshy
Add the manual page to the build. Ticket: #25
11:05 Changeset [1248] by jkoshy
Add a manual page for findtextrel(1). Ticket: #25
10:44 Changeset [1247] by jkoshy
Fix a couple of minor typos.
07:37 Changeset [1246] by jkoshy
Rename symbol LIBELF_F_MALLOCED as LIBELF_F_DATA_MALLOCED, in order to …


08:37 Ticket #296 (Support malloc'ed memory in elf_begin()) created by jkoshy
From YAMAMOTO Takashi <yamt@…>: a patch to support the use …


21:13 Changeset [1245] by kaiwang27
Add support for converting ELF object to Intel Hex file.
20:17 Changeset [1244] by kaiwang27
Add "ihex" BFD target.
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