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Ticket Summary Version Type Owner Status Created
#107 Patch for tablet and count finger on multitouch None enhancement thjaeger accepted 11/06/11
#99 cursor doesn't return to original position after advanced time out gesture None defect thjaeger accepted 08/19/11
#7 copy&paste None enhancement thjaeger accepted 10/18/09
#28 Enable/Disable applications toggle keystroke None enhancement thjaeger accepted 12/30/09
#90 Make the list of gestures more manageable None enhancement thjaeger accepted 01/06/11
#96 Easystroke causes problems with animated mouse cursors None defect new 07/04/11
#102 Segmentation fault after drawing complex patterns None defect new 10/11/11
#105 No gestures for tablet PC. None defect new 10/24/11
#113 easystroke 0.5.6 crashes on ubuntu lucid None defect new 12/01/12
#119 Segmentation fault because of incompatible legacy config file None defect new 05/01/13
#122 Segmentation Fault with new graphics card None defect new 07/24/13
#124 Interference with SDL2 applications None defect new 12/06/13
#126 Easystroke stops being able to find strokes None defect new 02/25/14
#109 Make score-limits adjustable None enhancement new 03/03/12
#125 Action "Scroll to top" and "Scroll to bottom" in easystroke None enhancement new 01/28/14
#100 after an advance stroke cursor performs a click 2 None defect thjaeger new 08/19/11
#112 Method to show gestures resets on easystroke restart None defect new 10/28/12
#120 tray icon squeezed in 0.6.0 None defect thjaeger new 05/11/13
#123 Invalid desktop file None defect new 08/26/13
#38 Use keyboard key instead of mouse button None enhancement None new 01/30/10
#121 Left/Right Edge trigger gestures (ubuntu touch os gestures) None enhancement new 05/12/13
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