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Easy SVN

From the makers of RapidSVN, a very simple SVN client for non-technical users, geared towards enterprise use as well.

Key Use Cases:

  • using subversion repositories as general document repository (e.g. non-technical project and users)
  • non technical users participating in development projects (for e.g. designers, project managers etc.)
  • keeping files in sync between multiple users in a project, and preventing conflicting edits
  • live notification and backlog of who updates what when
  • "push" type distribution of content directly to target user's PC (e.g. users with read-only access)
  • need to streamline "checkout" process for non-technical users with access to multiple projects

Key Features

  • full multi-platform subversion client (using Qt library)
  • caching of repository info for fast browsing etc.
  • background auto-update (configurable auto-update of working copy and repo cache)
  • working copy robustness: various protections against braking working copy
  • server and working copy bookmarks organized into collections and folders
  • "served bookmark collection": repositories user has access to received directly from server, facilitates checkout process
  • directory locking system (to prevent tree etc conflicts)
  • "what's new" notification and simplified flexible view of svn logs
  • simplified and consolidated notification of errors during background operations (commits and auto-updates)
  • convention for "lock expiration", commit reminder to commit or renew
  • "open for edit" vs "open read-only" reminds user to get lock, improves work flow usability

See documentation / specification (including screen mockups) here:

Please let us know if this is something you or your organization would find useful.