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Dropline GNOME Trac

Main pages

Latest Stable release

* DLG GNOME 3.8 - Slack 14.0.

Next release

* DLG GNOME 3.10 - Slack 14.1.
* DLG GNOME 3.10 - Slack 14.1 - Systemd.

Older releases

* DLG GNOME 3.6 - Slack 14.0.
* DLG GNOME 3.4 Development status.
* DLG GNOME 3.2 Development status.
* DLG GNOME 3.0 Development status.
* DLG GNOME 2.32 Development status - Slack 13.37.
* DLG GNOME 2.32 Development status - Slack 13.1.
* DLG GNOME 2.30 Development status.
* DLG GNOME 2.28 Development status.
* DLG GNOME Testing procedures .

Build System Development

PackageKit Slackware Backend?


Fri, May 3rd 2013

Its a while since we wrote anything in this news. We have successfully built up all the needed packages for the next major release of dropline GNOME 3.8 ! Expect shortly an ALPHA installer, which should permit you to upgrade or install a full dropline GNOME 3.8 release.

Stay tuned !

Wed, December 12th 2012

Great News, the Alpha Installer for Gnome 3.6 is ready for you guys.

Droplines first Gnome 3 release is ready for testing. See here the announcement.

Today 12-12-12 the day of the check-sound (one,two, one,two, one,two) we have also a nice surprise, we reached the ALPHA state for our dropline GNOME 3.6 release.

This release is probably one of the best releases done up to today, at least at first sight I can say that the desktop is really stable.

All this was possible thanks two 2 big developers who lost a lot of time building and fixing the packages:

Mr. Eugen Wissner and Mr. Bart Van Der Hall

Fri, November 30th 2012

Great News, We are preparing the Alpha Installer for Gnome 3.6 for you guys.

Droplines first Gnome 3 release will soon be ready for you. Watch this page for news on when the Alpha stage begins

Thu, January 21th 2010

Happy new year everyone! Most of the packages for DLG 2.28 x32 Alpha and are being uploaded right now to redos.si.

I've created a new page which will contain the instructions needed to test DLG releases so we can have a standardized QA procedure. The new testing location can be found here.

Fri, November 20th 2009

We need help from you, please see the wiki page on how to contribute.

Wed, August 12th 2009

To see whats going on with Dropline Gnome 2.28 check the development page.

Wed, March 25th 2009

As of yesterday we have a new toy here on our sf.net page. Its what you see here, trac ! Yes, this is one of the best tools out there, so from now on we will move slowly all the development stuff over here. Beginning with svn and other tools we use.


The sources for DBS are available through SVN. They can be obtained with the following commands on your Slackware shell:

Dropline Build System

svn co http://dropline-gnome.svn.sourceforge.net/svnroot/dropline-gnome/dbs/trunk dropline-build-system

Dropline Installer

svn co http://dropline-gnome.svn.sourceforge.net/svnroot/dropline-gnome/dropline-installer/trunk dropline-installer


svn co http://dropline-gnome.svn.sourceforge.net/svnroot/dropline-gnome/website/trunk dropline-website

Old stuff Archives

svn co http://dropline-gnome.svn.sourceforge.net/svnroot/dropline-gnome/archive destination_dir

Enjoy !! The Dropline GNOME team.