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Create your own theme

View Current Themes

Starting in version 3.15.2 you can creates themes. Options - Quick Paste - Theme. With themes you can specify the colors for the caption bar (left color, right color, title color, left color when top most, right color when top most, caption text) and the list box (even/odd row background color and text colors, selected item background and text color.

To create or modify a theme browse to the Ditto installation directory, usually C:\Program Files\Ditto\ and open the themes folder. By default there is a Ditto.xml that contains the default colors for Ditto. To create a new theme copy the existing Ditto.xml file and open your new file and set the new colors. Select your new theme in Option - Quick Paste - Theme. After a theme has been selected it can be modified while ditto is running. When Ditto opens it checks to see if the current theme has been modified, if so it will reload the them and show your updated colors.

Colors are specified in RGB (red, green, blue) values. These values can be found by opening paint (windows default paint app) and double clicking on one of the colors in the lower left hand corner, then click define custom colors. From there pick your color and copy over the values for Red, Green and Blue.

If you want to share your theme on the Ditto web site please e-mail your theme to sabrogden(at)users.sourceforge.net

Below is a sample xml theme file.

<Ditto_Theme_File Version="1" Author="Ditto" Notes = "Base theme file for future Ditto Themes">
<CaptionLeft?>RGB(0, 84, 195)</CaptionLeft>
<CaptionRight?>RGB(61, 149, 255)</CaptionRight>
<CaptionLeftTopMost?>RGB(122, 150, 223)</CaptionLeftTopMost>
<CaptionRightTopMost?>RGB(157, 185, 235)</CaptionRightTopMost>
<CaptionLeftNotConnected?>RGB(255, 0, 0)</CaptionLeftNotConnected>
<CaptionRightNotConnected?>RGB(255, 0, 0)</CaptionRightNotConnected>
<CaptionTextColor?>RGB(255, 255, 255)</CaptionTextColor>
<ListBoxOddRowsBG>RGB(255, 255, 255)</ListBoxOddRowsBG>
<ListBoxOddRowsText?>RGB(0, 0, 0)</ListBoxOddRowsText>
<ListBoxEvenRowsText?>RGB(0, 0, 255)</ListBoxEvenRowsText>
<ListBoxSelectedBG>RGB(30, 116, 211)</ListBoxSelectedBG>
<ListBoxSelectedNoFocusBG>RGB(236, 233, 216)</ListBoxSelectedNoFocusBG>
<ListBoxSelectedText?>RGB(255, 255, 255)</ListBoxSelectedText>
<ListBoxSelectedNoFocusText?>RGB(0, 0, 0)</ListBoxSelectedNoFocusText>