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DeciGen® is an ERP with added features for help in decision making process.

DeciGen incorporates Decision Support System over an framework of ERP to provide a feature rich solution. It aims to achieve the final goal of IT - to run business smoothly. Decigen provides support for end to end business transaction. On horizontal - DeciGen will support end to end transaction processes and on vertical DeciGen will provide seamless integration from OLTP to Individual KPI reports through OLAP layer. DeciGen has specialized mathematical tools to analyse business data and to automate the decision making processes. High level design of DeciGen is outlined in SystemDesign page.

DeciGen Team believes

  • A software is like a book that empowers user to run their business
  • It is wrong to obstruct user's freedom by hiding program logic
  • Good software will have sponsors to ensure their development
  • Transparecy is better than obscurity, and
  • Democracy is better than Autocracy ...

Project Roadmap

  1. milestone:Alpha

Targets to create core functionality of DeciGen.

  1. milestone:Beta

This will use the component to develop an out of box ERP solution.

  1. milestone:Prima

Project Prima aims to create different flavours of DeciGen to create ready to deploy solutions for different type of industries

DeciGen Landscape


Presently, DeciGen focuses the requirement of Small and Medium Enterprises, with special emphasis for Service area - Schools, Health Care, Hospitality. Decigen is web based using mainly PHP and Perl programs. Reason for this design is to make it accessible from any thin client hardware, capable of running a web bowser.

The hardware solution is highly scalable that can grow as the business grows. Main process nodes of DeciGen is expected to carry out some amount of processing. This will be achieved by use of desktop webserver database deployment. Current PC hardware is capable of supporting these without affecting performance of other systems. DeciGen aims to use the power of desktop PCs to distribute data processing work and avoid using central server to an large extent.

High Level Architecture

DeciGen is distributed ERP and deployed in 2 processing layer and 4 reporting layer.

Reporting Layers:

  1. Thin client : This layer will link to a processing node to remotely access data.
  2. Intermediate: This layer will hold local level data for offline reporting and processing. These will link to certral servers periodically to transfer data.
  3. Certral cluster: These will hold central data. Ideally local aggregated data will be hosted here for corporate-wide sharing. Detail data will come either from intermediate node or from data servers
  4. Data Server: These will host historic data at detail level

Processing layers:

  1. Central Processor: Will pool aggregate data and perform analysis involving multifunctional data
  2. Intermediate: Will process and retain Transactional Data and post aggregated data to Central Processor and Historic data to Data Server. Intermediate will hold data for a limited period till reconciliation between Data Server and Central cluster is achieved

It is possible to connect servers arbitrarily within a layer and also to next higher/lower layer. This model is targeted for scalability. As organization will grow, data processing infrastructure will grow.

Traditional ERP gives emphasis on clerical processes. Data analysis and business optimization solutions comes as option. And a very costly option at that. DeciGen is designed from ground up to intregrate decision making process as part of ERP. In addition, decigen is also a platform for rapid ERP development. RAD support ERP development in decigen is from base level. Rapid application deployment can have two different approach.

  1. Have customized interface, business rules, reports for a generic class of business
  2. Have a code base to rapidly build reports, tables, forms, business rules.

DeciGen supprts both.

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