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How do I get my router working?

Please click at Routers at Menu Navigation. If your router isn't there you could try to add it yourself, try the forum or try to configure by passing the correct arguments to ddclient.conf

How do I get my provider working?

Please click at Protocols at Menu Navigation.

Help, I'm trying to use ssl and it doesn't work!

Check the README.ssl, you'll find a hint there. You probably didn't installed a package providing IO::Socket::SSL. You need it if you want to use the ssl functionality. On debian and ubuntu you need libio-socket-ssl-perl to have IO::Socket::SSL.

Ddclient doesn't update when I changed my IP manual

Ddclient doesn't check the dns result when it tries to update. It checks its cache file an when value saved in the cache differs from the result it got, it does an update. So if you want to force an update, you could do it this way:

  • stop the normal instance of ddclient
  • force a value by running ddclient -use=ip -ip= -daemon=0
  • start the normal instance of ddclient

This way, ddclient changes its cache and will see an changed IP adres.

How can I test ddclient if ddclient worked correctly?

If your dns is configured correctly try
$ nslookup host.homeip.net, and it will give your last updated IP Address at bottom.
Warning: this solution isn't fool prove. Mostly it gives you the correct answer but it doesn't if your provider isn't updating correctly.

Why does ddclient give me errors when it's killed ?

It's not a bug, it's a feature. It's changed somewhere at version 3.7 but it was a feature added by the original author paul burry to control ddclient. You can check them at /var/log/daemon.log

Does ddclient really needs sendmail ?

(based on inn faq)
Yes, ddclient really does require sendmail. It uses sendmail to send out reports and it assumes that you have a program installed as /usr/sbin/sendmail or /usr/lib/sendmail that it can use to do this. It does not speak SMTP, nor is it likely to
ever speak SMTP; it's hard enough maintaining the package.
If you need a very simple local sendmail implementation that just sends mail to a smarthost, there are several available (nullmailer, for example).

Why does ddclient sends out email when ending

If you want to prevent this, apply patch 1889514. You can find it here

How does it works?

see what does it do