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CSS Products

A 'Product' combines

  • the plugins that you want to use
  • preference settings
  • a 'splash' screen, 'Welcome' information
  • site-specific application startup code (login dialog? workspace selector? command-line options?)

into one thing that end-users can download and run.

Eventually, each site that wants to use CSS needs a site-specific product.

Creating a CSS product for your site does not necessarily require any programming. It is described in http://cs-studio.sourceforge.net/docbook/ It is still a somewhat complicated process.

Use P2 to assemble product

An idea for the future would be to create a site-specific product with a script that conceptually looks like this:


p2_install_product $REPO $DEST org.csstudio.basic.product
p2_install_feature $REPO $DEST org.csstudio.opibuilder.feature
p2_install_feature $REPO $DEST org.csstudio.some.other.feature
p2_install_feature $REPO $DEST org.csstudio.yet.another.feature
p2_install_feature $MY_REPO $DEST org.csstudio.mysite.mylogbooksupport.feature

cp my_splash_screen.bmp $DEST/splash.bmp
cp my_settings.ini $DEST/plugin_customization.ini

zip -r $DEST my.product.zip

Waypoints to get there:

  • P2 already supports the 'install product' and 'install feature' idea - Done
  • Need many smaller CSS features
  • Need a 'basic' product that can be customized for all sites