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Welcome to the CLIPS Cookbook

The CLIPS Cookbook is an effort to provide solutions to common tasks and problems relating to CLIPS. All of the content is written for and tested with the current stable release (6.24) of CLIPS.

The Cookbook is meant as a complement to, not a replacement for, the available CLIPS Documentation. If you are looking for a tutorial you should start with the The CLIPS User's Guide instead.

Index of Recipes


Recipes about programming and using CLIPS.

Common tasks
Match All Facts in Working Memory
Export/Import Facts from a CSV-file
Collecting Facts
Create Relations Between Facts
Unit Testing Rules
Find the Fact with the Smallest Value
Fallback Rule

Unwanted Duplicate Activations
Rule Causes an Infinite Loop

CLIPS Object-Oriented Language - COOL

Recipes about using CLIPS Object-Oriented Language - COOL.

Common tasks
None yet

None yet

Embedding CLIPS

Recipes about embedding CLIPS in applications.

Common tasks
None yet

None yet

Related Resources

CLIPS Documentation

The CLIPS User's Guide
CLIPS Basic Programming Guide
CLIPS Advanced Programming Guide