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Rev Chgset Date Author
(edit) @543 [543] 5 years braithr

Some minor clarifications in the SWEEP3D README file.

(edit) @542 [542] 5 years sonicsoft70

support for the new rhodolong.scaled LAMMPS job

(edit) @537 [537] 5 years sonicsoft70

adding the 'bench' directory as a snapshot from the Jan 9 2009
LAMMPS version. we will start keeping track of the lammps input
decks we are using explicitly instead of relying on what is in
the lammps tarballs

(edit) @522 [522] 5 years sonicsoft70

beginnings of SPPM support

(edit) @484 [484] 5 years braithr

A set of input files for sweep3d provided in SWL tests. Jobs are only generated for jobs whose numprocs == one of these input decks.

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