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Welcome to Blandware AtLeapLite

Blandware AtLeapLite is a free multilingual lightweight PHP Content Management System (CMS) which is intended to be used to create Web-sites very easily. AtLeapLite is based on the well-known, reliable tools PEAR, Smarty and FCKEditor.

AtLeapLite product is developed by Blandware company. Blandware is a Russian IT company which can offer its customers the software development, consulting, maintenance services. Blandware is a bland price for high-quality software.

Main features

Users-roles-permissions management allows a fine-grained access control to admin console pages. For instance, you could create a Manager role which will have access to site content, but not to its admin part (like user and role management). It also enables HTTPS support.

Methodology of inheritable Layouts allows to have several editable text fields and menus on the pages and override them. Every page is based on a layout. Layout defines a set of fields which belong to page and templates used to render a page. So, page structure is not restricted: it's up to a developer to create any layout a designer needs.

Multilingual content of the Web-site is stored in a database in UTF-8 encoding (the encoding is up to the developer, but UTF-8 is recommended for multilingual sites). At present AtLeapLite's administrative console is translated into the English, Russian and French languages. Pages can be created through the admin console dynamically. Page has a title, description, keywords which may be exported to META tags which allows to better optimize the site for search engines. Pages have fields which are editable areas via DHTML WYSIWYG editor. WYSIWYG editor allows a user who has no HTML knowledge to manage site content. Each page may belong to a menu; such menu may render links dynamically.

Resources (e.g. images, documents, files) can be uploaded through admin console. Resources and pages have search-engine friendly URLs and support of publishing and expires dates. Pages, resources and menus are editable not only through admin console: when the user, which has rights to edit pages, logs in and goes to some page at front-end, page fields are highlighted and the user is able to begin page edit just by double-clicking on any page field. The menus can be editable via context menu. You can easily make links to resources and pages and insert images from the WYSIWYG editor.

AtLeapLite supports the server-side and client-side cache (validation and expiration) and logging.

AtLeapLite has the following modules: News, Sitemap and Catalogue of commodities. Catalogue represents the hierarchy of categories to which commodities belong. Commodity has some attributes (just pairs name and value). To assist in fillingan attribute name, AJAX form element is used.

System requirements


  • PHP 4, 5
  • Mysql 4, 5; Sqlite; PostgreSQL 8


  • Internet Explorer 5.5+
  • Mozilla 1.3+
  • Mozilla Firefox 1.0+
  • Opera 9.5+
  • Safari 3.0+

Online Demo


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