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Welcome to ArchVDR

ArchVDR should help you converting an existing Archlinux installation in full featured VDR system. Many VDR PKGBUILD's we host are a port of the Debian VDR Packages from e-tobi VDR Debian Packages. Some ideas where also taken from the Arch Linux VDR Packages.

Our main focus are the so called Budget Systems and HDTV. Which also includes DVB-S2 and packages for shiny new hardware accelerated HDTV.

Maybe you ask : Why another repository for VDR packages on Archlinux ?

The anwser is simple ;)

We wannted to mix the great Debian VDR packages and Archlinux as our loved Linux ditstribution together, provide the enduser a simple way to get things working and also a place for information.


The ArchVDR Team

Starting Points

Getting the package tree

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