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Welcome to the ACCEL-PPP Open Source Project

ACCEL-PPP is a high performance VPN server application for linux.
Its goal is aggregation of various popular VPN techniques to a single application.
There are many open source projects which provides VPN services,
but they are specialized to a specific VPN technique: only PPPoE, only PPtP, only L2TP.
And you have to learn, configure and manage each one separately to build multi-service VPN server.
With ACCEL-PPP you have all-in-one with single configuration, single management, single monitoring.

Core features are:

  • PPTP server
  • L2TPv2 server
  • PPPoE server
  • Radius including CoA/DM(PoD)
  • Built-in shaper
  • Command line interface (telnet)
  • SNMP agent
  • IPv6 including builtin Neighbor Discovery and DHCPv6

Starting Points

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