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Cheap hardware arrangment

Discuss here all hardware related questions, such as cameras, projectors, illumination methods, surface materials, table structure, etc. See also http://nuigroup.com/forums/

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Cheap hardware arrangment

Postby pspyros » Fri Jun 01, 2012 4:10 pm

Ok. Here is the subject. What's the cheapest way to built a table?
A simple projector i think is ok. What problems may be caused by the projector anyway?

Simple web cam? I have a Logitech c615 and a SonyPS3eye which from what i have read both must be ok. The cost is neither prohibited to obtain one nor the cheapest cameras anyone can find. Do i need better camera? A cheapest camera would it be ok? (of course its a matter of resolution and frame rate but the above cameras standards are as i have understand from what i have read well fine.

What material is the list expensive and simultaneously efficient enough to built the surface of the table.
By now i have tested simple very thin paper (like the one rolling the cigarettes) with IR filtered camera. The visual feedback was blurred, the fiducials where recognizable but not the fingers.
Next step was to built a IR led surface consisted of glass. paper - fiducials laser printed where no recognizable because the capture was blur i believe. Also to be able to see the visual feedback i used the aforementioned thin paper.
Step 3. I used a silicon gel between the paper and the glass. Much better finger reading but no fiducial reading.
What i thinking next is a vinyl surface not quit transparent and infrared led illumination but i don't know if it will work. Has anybody tried it? What else solution do you propose thinking also the cost..

Fiducials print. Simple copy paper copied by laser printer is said to be just fine but hasn't work for me so far, considering all the above. A second think is that IR filters on webcams are also UV filters, if i use UV ink for the fiducials will it work? (Basically i am about to find out, waiting for a UV marker). Is there any better material than paper that would be more efficient or it doesn't really make any difference? photographic paper maybe?

Anybody who has accomplished a table may replay his ideas of how a table can be accomplished in a cheap way..
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