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What would you like to see NeverNote do? It doesn't hurt to ask.


Postby easykiln » Mon Sep 03, 2012 11:50 am

I am going to try out NeverNote, and I think I will like it, but when i looked at it the first thing that jumped out at me is that it is not pretty. That seems superficial, but a program being easy on the eyes really helps. The icon too isn't the best thing I have ever seen, which from what i have seen is enough to push many people away from a program. If you aren't design minded yourself, do you think maybe you could lure in someone who is to look around and make some suggestions at least? I can also fill out my internet generosity quota by ordering a pretty cheap commission for a hopefully better icon/banner if you want.
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Re: Design

Postby baumgarr » Tue Sep 04, 2012 6:32 am

Someone provided a different banner & window icons. I plan on eventually integrating them into the NixNote 2.x series when I get a chance. If you have suggestions for different in-app icons then I'm willing to take any help.

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