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MLE Engine for Enterprise Solutions

Gateway server, Messaging server, Bluetooth server: only questions about the J2SE server software used by the MLE mobile phone client

MLE Engine for Enterprise Solutions

Postby bapajan » 16 Jan 2011, 08:24

I am exploring the possibility of using MLE as mobile extender (mobile server and client) for our enterprise solutions. We have a middleware to extract data from heterogenous back-end systems and expose the same as web service. Also, there are apis for the middleware which could be used to connect. the middleware is a J2EE SOA Architecture.

I would be grateful to hear your comments / technical papers, etc on the following queries at my end. How does MLE address the following as a mobile server/ client?

- security (encryption, ssl)

- Communication (soap, rest) - any examples to showcase soap and rest access

- performance (in the case of large user base)

- persistence (local storage and update to enterprise backend using the web services soap / rest)

Thank you for your time
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