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BricxCC in German

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BricxCC in German

Postby nxt-pro » 18 Aug 2011, 16:23

I´m from Germany and don´t speak really good English, but I think it´s good enough. But I think in Germany it gives many people, who have got an NXT, who are programming in NXC, but if they need some help, the BricxCC help is only avaible in English. For that I think some german- and englishspeaking people (like me) can translate the API help or the IDE into German. If there´s coming an OK from John, I would start an thread in the germanspeaking forum http://mindstormsforum.de , so some people can help with the translation. Maybe a few people from this forum can help, too.
I hope I´d get an OK from John.
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Re: BricxCC in German

Postby mattallen37 » 23 Aug 2011, 03:30

You're welcome to translate any of the help documentation, but I don't know that John would want to include it in the official release. You could post it for download as a separate file. You don't need to use the BCC IDE to program in NXC, so there should be no real need to make a German version of it (just program in a German IDE, or no IDE).

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Re: BricxCC in German

Postby studbrickmaster » 25 Aug 2011, 08:41

NBC/NXC/NPG/RICScript compiler (the one used in BricxCC for the NXT).
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