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Any feedback to improve the content of this site is appreciated!


Postby alpharhino » 10 Oct 2010, 18:52

Hey guys,
Could we contact the people at ipb to see if they could recover the information from nxtasy's forums?
Best Guesses,
*BTW* I was alpharhino back there on nxtasy.
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Re: IPB?

Postby mightor » 10 Oct 2010, 18:56

IPB have nothing to do with this. The provider, APlus, will not help us. They have all the files and database info.

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Re: IPB?

Postby nxtreme » 10 Oct 2010, 18:59

I'm no expert at this but I think that IP.Boards just provided the platform for the NXTasy forums, they didn't host the forums or have any backups. APlus.net actually hosted them. Now, I'm sure someone else will come along and prove me wrong but that's my understanding.

Oops! Xander beat me too it.
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