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Talk about ideas and the code.


Postby slythfox » Tue Jun 15, 2010 10:03 pm

Which repository is being used? Launchpad or has it now moved on to Sourceforge? Also what ever happened to erin's ETR recoding? Has that code been added or has it disappeared?
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Re: Code?

Postby cpicon92 » Tue Jun 15, 2010 11:11 pm

The code is still Sourceforge. Erin is still working on it, although he does not update the SVN accordingly. Which, as the coder, is his prerogative.
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Re: Code?

Postby erin10 » Wed Jun 16, 2010 8:03 am

Ok, following situation:

It's right, I've worked on a complete rewrite (Bunny Hill), with collision detection, new physics, 3D models, new 2D widgets etc. Some parts of the code worked well, other parts were not really satisfactory (e.g. the motion). For 3 reasons I stopped the work on this branch:
- I needed help to complete the work but didn't get any help.
- I found that the users preferred the conversant ETR style. Bunny Hill was too different to be accepted.
- My focus was the graphics, the atmosphere on the course but users want a game with interesting challenges. That's not a disaccord but I had ignored this aspect entirely.

So I decided to fall back to an early version of Bunny Hill that was close to Tuxracer 0.61. It's not really a rewrite though great parts of the code is reworked, cleaned up or written new. This second start-up seems to be more successful and I try to reach the level of ETR though there will be a lot of changes.
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Re: Code?

Postby slythfox » Wed Jun 16, 2010 11:09 pm

I'm reading up on OpenGL and I wanted to look at code for various projects and see how they have been set up, ETR code in particular. The original tuxracer (0.61) code is pretty gross, I have to say. But as I recall that Bunny Hill code you had awhile back was quite clean. I'll take a look at the svn on sourceforge then.

As for making the game different ("Bunny Hill was too different to be accepted"): I think we should encourage it. This is a new project, and quite frankly it should see new game design decisions.
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Re: Code?

Postby cousteau » Sun Jun 20, 2010 10:24 am

New game features and graphic aspects (3D objects, tunnels, signs, etc) would make interesting new challenges that can't be achieved with the current features, so +1 for adding them.

About 3D objects, I think the best solution is to completely separate graphic 3D objects from collidable ones. This is, a 3D object such as a house would have an entry on the Tcl file with the .obj and .tga files for the 3D rendering, and a completely separated entry with a .obj file for the collision part.
This would make possible paradoxical things such as ghost objects (which are visible but you don't collide with them) and invisible objects, but it could simplify the game. For example, if a collidable object has a complex structure (a bridge, for example, which has a deck on the top and columns under it, with which Tux is never going to collide at the same time) it could be splitted into separate objects, and only calculate collisions with the parts Tux is near of.

By the way, erin, you said that each triangle needed 7 calculations (face, 3 sides and 3 vertices), but I think that doing some tricks it could be reduced to approx. 3, since each side is shared with another triangle, and each vertex with about 4 to 6 other triangles. It's all on how you parse the .obj file: you can get a list of sides and a list of faces pointing to a list of vertices. Example attached.
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