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BO2K Development Making A Comeback

Discuss issues related to sourecode, project organization, CVS...

BO2K Development Making A Comeback

Postby whipaz » Mon Aug 17, 2009 6:49 pm

Hello Ladies,

Oh, and Gents.

Most of you probably don't remember me (at all infact - I was one of the C++/UnixDev guys on the team), but here goes.

It's been a very long time since an active effort was made on getting the BO2K development team back together and jumping back into enhancing the existing package. The team boasted of some very talented people in the past, who are no longer with us on the project (but we wish they were ofcourse!). Recently I've decided to step back into proceedings and study the last releases again, so I can get to grips with what needs to be done to further development on BO2K.

I see that many more members have come on board since I left a few years ago, and If any of you have lost interest in BO2K with no latest releases in the picture, then let me reassure you that I have many ideas that I plan on implementing and getting new releases out this year! The time off has paid off. heh.

It'd be great if you guys can all chip in and share your ideas here. I think BO2K was a very robust project before, and with a little work as of now, I'm sure we'll hit the 99.99% Activity Ratings we once had on SourceForge, as well as the overwhelming presence on Google with a lot of people calling us 'Rats' ;)

- whipaz
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Re: BO2K Development Making A Comeback

Postby andrereis » Fri Sep 04, 2009 8:15 pm

Hey there Ali, how've you been?

Just stopped here out of curiosity and saw your post. It's been a long time indeed. But regrettably, I don't see BO2K getting back to anything it once was.

The original BO rose during the burgeoning of a new internet community - the one where every household could afford a PC and Internet access. BO2K followed in its footsteps, to a great success at the time of its release. One thing that we should keep in mind here - and let's not fool ourselves into thinking otherwise - is that BO2K's main audience has always been that of the script kiddies, pseudo-hackers, and the occasional curious. Such was easily noticeable from the type of content on our previous forums (sad thing that all those thousand posts are gone, and the current admins apparently couldn't get to dump the database). I can't recall ever seeing a post from a concerned systems administrator using BO2K for remote administration of his network.

Which brings us to the crux of my original statement: that those times are long gone. As the new wave of operating systems gains a larger foothold, the appeal of a software such as BO2K, from the point of view of the kind of users I just described, is severely diminished. They can no longer hop onto a computer, install a server, and have it listen to ports and run with admin privileges unnoticed. BO2K itself is very far away now from what is state of the art nowadays. And no systems administrator would touch it with a 6-foot pole, there's much better out there nowadays.

No sysadmins, no script kiddies, no push from CultDeadCow: no userbase, no developers, no interest.

I'm glad that I participated in BO2K as early as I did; I was put in charge of the project when I was only 15 (imagine that!). I had no knowledge of C++ whatsoever, so my work was mainly on keeping the house clean. It got me to learn tons of stuff and deal with dozens of people from around the world, which was invaluable. Daniel Roethlisberger, Christian Biesinger, DilDog, I still remember the time I worked along with them quite well. Roe alone was already a crypto whiz at the time, and unknowingly infected me with a passion for crypto too.

For as much as I'd like to see this project thrive again, I think that our time is best spent someplace else now.

Just my two cents. If you'd really like to, you can try and prove me wrong :)

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Re: BO2K Development Making A Comeback

Postby m0squ1t0 » Wed Nov 18, 2009 7:17 pm

I remember you what's new with BO2k?
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Re: BO2K Development Making A Comeback

Postby o891991b4e » Sun Nov 29, 2009 11:55 am

Here is a post
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Re: BO2K Development Making A Comeback

Postby o891991b4e » Sun Nov 29, 2009 1:05 pm

I see Andre is on again, telling us about his management of bo2k. Here is a post I wrote when Andre finally left the bo2k project, I think it is worth repeating so that history doesn't get rewritten.

Well here's a post that isn't going to kiss this kids ass.
Yah you had goals, to turn bo2k into something it isn't and never will be.
All the things you complain about were YOUR job. Your "management" if one can call it that was a absolute joke and the reason why barely anything has happened in the past two years. How you ever got control of this project is beyond me.
Instead of talking shit you should have acknowledged your own failings. That your were too inexperienced and unequipped to manage a project such as this.
Ah no "skilled developers" would come to you ? It was your job to recruit people but somehow your shocked no one up to your expectations came to you offering their work. So instead you got a ragtag bunch of South Americans kids trying to learn c who barely speak English.
"renowned companies into the project" yah and why would they do that exactly ? perhaps you had more pie in the sky ideas like making money off of this one day. I've read 90%+ of the post on this board since it's inception and it's not just that quote that makes me say that.
"something to rid BO2K of the nasty 'trojan' tag." Your more naive then I thought. Go talk to the people at twd-industries or any of the dozens of other companies making "remote control" software these days. Most of them have to threaten to sue Symantec and Mcafee to not be detected as trojans.
You talk about silly features when all the posts I ever saw from you were either telling the developers to work on something new or trying to stop any discussion of something you deemed trojan related.
You had these guys going in ten different directions. Go back and read through the all posts one of these days.
The developers can't use cvs but they can code ? hahah I don't even want to know how that works.
So sitting back and barking orders left and right didn't get you your pcanywhere clone boo hoo.
"- Make the move to the *nix world. Nowadays it's much easier to find linux developers than windows ones. And normally, linux coders are more skilled and aware (geeks). Get that WxWindows GUI going, it is a must."
Yah those guys that write for a different OS then the project and are so good their unemployed are the ones I would want too lol.
I know SEVERAL people who've done more work on their own with their versions of bo2k then what's been done here. This project is so behind what's current now it's pathetic.
Good riddance.');
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