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Bug in clean whitelist MySQL ASSP 2.2.1 (12265)

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Bug in clean whitelist MySQL ASSP 2.2.1 (12265)

Postby webservice » Thu Oct 04, 2012 4:00 pm

If you use MySQL as the whitelist, cleaning of the whitelist (expires after MaxWhitelistDays) does not fully work.
Assp will stop cleaning records after one key was found with prfrozen=1.
I had 885.456 records in my whitelist, but I saw that only the first 66.648 where updated.
Records 66.649 until 885.456 where mostly records which where expired (as old as starting 2011).

Then I noticed thet record 66.649 had a value for pfrozen of 1.
Changed it to 0 and the pvalue to the very far future (2050) and everything is OK now.

There is certainly need for whitelist-adresses that do not expire, we had pfrozen=1 for email-adresses which sends renewals of foreign domain-registrars.
They only send an email once a year, but it's very important that they go through.
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Re: Bug in clean whitelist MySQL ASSP 2.2.1 (12265)

Postby thockar » Fri Oct 05, 2012 7:10 am

In a ASSP-MySQL-DB 'pfrozen' is 0 every time. If you change this field - Tie::RDBM will do wrong things.

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