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Strange issues around delaying

Moderators: pdreissen, fribo

Strange issues around delaying

Postby puithove » Fri Feb 15, 2013 1:35 pm

I've got a strange issue that seems to be centered around delaying. Delaying has never been working for me, in fact I thought I had it turned off since nothing was ever delayed. Also, I have always been getting two messages at the close of every connection one of which has been the "Please try again later" message and I never understood why - example:

Feb-15-13 08:23:28 m1-34608-11669 [Worker_3] <Dianna_Howell@rescueimportantperson.net> to: me@myaddress.com [SMTP Error] 554 5.7.1 Mail appears to be unsolicited
Feb-15-13 08:23:28 m1-34608-11669 [Worker_3] <Dianna_Howell@rescueimportantperson.net> to: me@myaddress.com [SMTP Status] 451 4.7.1 Please try again later

I just went in to play around with delaying and noticed that the option was already turned on and also noticed that the "Please try again later" is the code that is supposed to be sent from the delaying option. I turned off the delaying option, but still get two error codes returned on every rejection.

Even with the option turned on, nothing is ever populated into the delaying database - I don't get any triplets/tuplets. I have enabled verbose logging of connections and delaying but do not see any log entries for delaying. All delaying options are set to their default values (I did turn off the MD5 option when I read that it has to be off to be able to use the delayshowdb).

Any guesses on what to look for next? Are there any other options/features that are known to conflict with delaying (like maybe one of the "early connection" options maybe)?
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