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XCube Overview

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XOOPS Cube Overview

XOOPS Cube Architecture

The design of XOOPS Cube is based on OGRE, because OGRE has an excellent concept about exchangeable features. If you have some experience with Xoops, you will find that Legacy has resulting in the preservation of a number of familiar option properties. But if you plan a more complex study of Cube, you should be aware that XOOPS Cube is globally different from Xoops2.

Exchangable features

OGRE has the Root class as the singleton. Developer always start from the root to use some features. Most of features are delegated to managers. See The Documentation Architecture of OGRE.
Why is such mechanism needed? Because It's a must have for flexibility. But, XOOPS Cube also benefit from another effect of this mechanism. In the 3D application world, there are many "religious controversies" around the question of the best process. For example, the scene management has multiple solutions --- Octree, Quadtree, Terrain, Sphere tree, no tree and more... But, these controversies are not valid, because the best process is determined by what the application has to do.
OGRE delegates these solutions to the scene manager. So developers are free to change it according to their needs, and with such freedom, customize by developing a new scene manager. OGRE starts up by determining managers from the configuration settings written into the .cfg file.
A web application has commonly the same "religious controversies" about required features. XOOPS Cube delegates them to managers and controllers. So the concept of XOOPS Cube is different from Xoops2.
XOOPS Cube is a very, very small core. Developers may join the dev team to handle this very, very small core. The project is based on freedom. XOOPS Cube open source environment don't make a difference between the core developers and others - meaning there's not an human hierarchy. Anybody can develop managers and controllers.
See the OGRE community. They have stopped discussing about a bigger system, and they have started to develop small and cool plugins. That's what aims XOOPS Cube.

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