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Upgrade from XCL2.1.* to XCL2.2

NEVER UPLOAD all archive's files to your server!!

Basically, the archive includes all files whether a file has been updated. Therefore, if you upload all archive's files to your server, your server willbe written by archive's default state.


If you encountered some trouble during upgrading to XOOPS Cube Legacy 2.2, set the extras/utility_tools/legacy22_check.php on XOOPS_ROOT_PATH (the same direcotry as mainfile.php) and access the file by your browser. It may show you some hint for troubleshooting.

1) Close your site

  • Admin Page > Legacy System > General Settings > Turn your site off?

2) backup your site

  • backup current all files.
  • backup current database.

3) Prepare files

  • Remove the following directory & files from the ARCHIVE.
    • html/install
    • html/mainfile.php
    • html/favicon.ico
  • If your language is not included, move them from extras/extra_languages.
    • For example, when you use XOOPS Cube Legacy in po_utf8 environment, you have to move directories "language" and "modules" from extras/extra_languages/po_utf8/ to XOOPS_ROOT_PATH. Though another directory "install" exists, these files are not used on UPGRADE process so you don't have to move them.
  • Upload all files to your server. See the next step 4) XOOPS_TRUST_PATH
  • Change the directory's permission of xoops_trust_path/cache as '777'.

For Altsys / Hodajuku Distribution User

$this->_loadLanguage('legacy', 'setting');

Add this line at function loadGlobalMessageCatalog() in html/preload/SetupAltsysLangMgr.class.php

function loadGlobalMessageCatalog()
     /* if (!$this->_loadFile(XOOPS_ROOT_PATH . "/modules/legacy/language/" . $this->mLanguageName . "/global.php")) {
     $this->_loadFile(XOOPS_ROOT_PATH . "/modules/legacy/language/english/global.php");
     } */
     $this->_loadLanguage( 'legacy' , 'global' ) ;
     $this->_loadLanguage( 'legacy' , 'setting' ) ;

     // Now, if XOOPS_USE_MULTIBYTES isn't defined, set zero to it.
     if (!defined("XOOPS_USE_MULTIBYTES")) {
         define("XOOPS_USE_MULTIBYTES", 0);


  • From XCL2.2, xoops_trust_path folder is added to top level. You should put this folder out of html/ because of security reason.
  • Move the file if exists from html/settings/site_custom.ini.php to /xoops_trust_path/settings/site_custom.ini
  • Move additional smarty pluigins from html/class/smarty/plugins to xoops_trust_path/libs/smarty/plugins
  • Add XOOPS_TRUST_PATH settings in mainfile.php if not exists.
define('XOOPS_TRUST_PATH', 'YOUR_PATH/xoops_trust_path');

5) Remove folders

Remove the following directories/files.

  • html/cache
  • html/class/smarty/*.*
  • html/class/smarty/core
  • html/class/smarty/plugins/*.*
  • html/settings
  • html/templates_c

Be careful to leave html/class/smarty/plugins directory.

6) Upgrade

  • Upload upgrade22.class.php from extras/extra_preload to html/preload
  • Access your site then you have to install profile module.
  • Remove html/preload/upgrade22.class.php
  • In the module management of Legacy's control panels(Admin Page > Legacy System > Module Management ), update all modules which show red-color update icons.

7) Open your site

  • Admin Page > Legacy System > General Settings > Turn your site off?.
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