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Project Direction

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Project Direction

This document does not have been editted for one article.

XOOPS Cube has a simple core system and full-exchangeable features based on OGRE-3D. XOOPS Cube holds multiple subsystems such as OGRE-3D. The subsystems is so-called "base" or "render-system". Therefore if you are wiling to develop something new, you just need to follow small instructions. XOOPS Cube is more free from others.

It's not essential that if you belong to our project, XOOPS Cube Project or not for the development. Whenever you have will to do that, we stand by you.

We develop not only Cube but the other many things such as Legacy base modules. Your participation is always welcome. Let's join hands to boost XOOPS Cube with exchangeable components!!

We also need helps of bugs and patch. If you could post these things to our tracker, we really appreciate it.

Our project team includes over 50 active developers all over the world. At this time, Source Forge doesn't have good capability to manage many sub-projects. In case the active members proliferate, we will split our project into several groups.

Getting First

XOOPS Cube consist of a very small "XOOPS Cube core" and many other modules. The core includes about only 5,000 lines of program, and is only one essential stuff for XOOPS Cube. The project have developed "Legacy base" module as just one of the kernel plug-ins. Therefore if you wish to do your own kernel plug-in, you can release your own XOOPS Cube!

XOOPS Cube core development

As we mentioned above, only the "XOOPS Cube core" is the essential stuff for the development. We never force you to choose our "Legacy base" as an official kernel. In addition, we believe that an official kernel or other stuff with the name of "official" would hinder many open source developers in their efforts. Don't forget that "Legacy base" is not an official, and any other kernels could be official in the world of XOOPS Cube.

Base modules development

Since XOOPS Cube holds exchangeable platform, it's very important thing having frequent and deep discussions for the regulations with developers before start.

All contributions are welcome.
If you wish to create a new related project in Source Forge, we appreciate the contribution as well and this would be great help for us.

Keep in mind that, major or minor, you can make much of contributions towards XOOPS Cube development in many ways as follows.

  • Bug report,
  • Submission of patch (bug patch, enhancement patch, patch with implement feature requests, and the translations),
  • Feature Request Utility,
  • Evaluation of programs including some experimental features,
  • Join our forum.

We are kindly request you to please spare your time and join us!

Is it difficult for end-users?

Is this site in Source Forge looks bad, you feel?

This project page is more weighted in favor of developers than end-users. Therefore some of contents of the site would not be friendly to the users. In addition, there are many supporting sites for XOOPS Cube end-users.

We still however need feedbacks from those end-users. But it's hardly possible for us to explore all the feedbacks posted at each those supporting sites. We really need your help as "bridge" between the end-users and us, and you would be asked to hump the feedbacks over the bridge.

In not too distant future, but after your great helps, thousands of useful knowledge would be accumulated here.

This page is also available in: Japanese(日本語)

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