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Get Involved

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Get Involved

WARNING: This page is still a draft. So we may change the content in the near future.

XOOPS Cube development is run by volunteers, so new help is always welcome. Even if you don't have development skill, your passions and your activity make it possible to contribute something. There are many things you can do to get involved, from directly writing source code, to writing documentation, translations and other tasks. That will modify our missing or will enhance our programs. And your working will be thanked by all users. Welcome to the open source world. Could you join us?

XOOPS Cube is simple, secure, scalable and abstract layer for XOOPS Cube CMS family. XOOPS Cube is implemented to actual layer of base modules, for providing CMS services. In this project repository, we host XOOPS Cube core and some base module. And, these CVS modules source code is always open so that you can create branches and other base modules.

Software Development

We host our project in http://sourceforge.net/projects/xoopscube/. Formal XOOPS Cube and related base module projects are hosted here. But, in sourceforge.net or other code hosting services, you may begin other XOOPS Cube or related projects as well. We're open for developers to create experimental XOOPS Cube trees or even complete forks. XOOPS Cube always welcomes new helps, patches and related projects.


XOOPS Cube projects has some different modules. And, each modules are licensed under each licenses --- BSD, GPL and others.

Source code is available through xoopscube.cvs.sourceforge.net CVS server, in multiple formats.

Useful reading and things to do for (new) developers:

Contacting developers

All discussions and talks are in opened space. All developers --- contributors and committers --- should view forums.

To join to forums, makes an account in the sourceforge.net and read archives.

Related Project

All results of this project are under open licences, so you can create your branch, another edition, experimental edition and new base module freely in your style. XOOPS Cube project thinks that those projects are shared and are talked in the XOOPS Cube community, if you don't deny it. And, we want to have hyper links from our project page to your page.

Code hosting services are helpful for starting your project. Most code hosting services provide tracker system, discussion board and file release system, for developers and visitors. Popular code hosting services are the following;

For more informations, read the wikipedia page.

We hope that you create your project in sourceforge.net. Because ... we host our project in also sourceforge.net, so each sourceforge user can integrate our project informations and your project informations in mypage feature. That is helpful for hot contributors who contribute something for many projects.

We hope know your project. After you establish related projects, please tell me it in this tracker with 'Tells my project' category.

Commit Right

You can start your branch, your package and your base module in your favorite code hosting services. Of course, these projects are members of XOOPS Cube community. We don't force you to be members of the project and don't control you.

In addition, you can have commit right in this project. There are two ways.

  • Gets commit right of existing CVS modules.
  • Hosts your base module as a new CVS module here.

Commit right of existing CVS modules

To get developer access to the CVS, you have to provide a number of patches that are accepted to the tree and basically get a feel for how things work with the tree.

Hosting your base module

You may host your base module in other project space with your style. But, if you want to host it in this project space, you have to follow our style.

  • You have to do all discussions in forums of sf.net.
  • You have to use the same trackers as other --- bug trackers and feature request.
  • You have to receive patches through the shared patch tracker.
  • You have to do your best to use English, even if your English is poor as well as this English of this document.

To start hosting your base module here, you need to submit the development version of the base module. We basically allow starting it, if it is not too bad. In this tracker system, with 'Hosts my base module' category, submit your base module.


You can contribute a piece of code as a "patch", through the patch tracker. A patch is typically a text file generated with a "cvs diff command". Or if a patch is very simple, you may paste source code to the patch tracker directly. When you submit a patch to the tracker, you should add a clear description about what the patch intends to do.

Bug Tracking

Read "The Bug Tracker" about how to handle verifying and reporting bugs.

Documentation Development

We currently know about the following places of documentations.

  • SF.net Wiki
  • Help documents in CVS
  • /docs documents in CVS
  • Doxygen documents in source code

Basically all documents are written in English. There may be related translation projects for some of them. Because many people in different countries join to the project, many documents are written in poor English. Contributing modified content in formal English is one of important contributions.

SF.net Wiki

The wiki welcomes document writers, editors using formal English and translators. Anyone can join to the wiki anytime, with getting an account of sourceforge.net. You may talk about Wiki documentations in the Open Discussion forum. Plus, you may use discussion about each page in Wiki page discussion board. When you have finished editing a page, you should fill the note form with your comments about what the edit intends to do.

Language except English can have only translated pages. In discussions of pages, it's possible to use English & the page's mother language.

Help documents in CVS

Package_Legacy and others have the help documents which are readable in the internal help viewer. The project welcomes from a part of modifying, to enhanced helps. To submit them, use the patch tracker with 'Document' category. And, you may discuss about it in the Open Discussion forum or Developers - Legacy.

/docs documents in CVS

Package_Legacy and others have basic documents about installations, licences, and others. These documents are a part of source code, and receives modified ideas and enhancement ideas through the patch tracker with 'Document' category.

Doxygen documents in source code

Most XOOPS Cube project provides documents by Doxygen. Doxygen comments are embedded in source code. Therefore, if you want to contribute modified comments or enhanced comments, you may use the patch tracker with 'Document' category. Currently Doxygen comments are written in poor English and welcome modifying in formal English.


Translations are also important contributions. Plus, XOOPS Cube has bad quality contents in English, because XOOPS Cube is developed by many developers who come from Asia, Europe and more. So the project needs modifiers for formal English and translators for many languages.

Message Catalog Translation

Most programs of the project have message catalogs and work for plural languages. But, all languages are not ready. If you want to contribute translated message catalogs in your mother languages, the project welcomes it. To talk about that, use each developers forum. Of course, you may do it in your mother language community. The project gives the commit right of CVS to translation contributors, but if you don't hope it, you may submit the file through the patch tracker with 'Message Catalog' category.

Tracker's Item Translation

Because it's impossible to submit difficult reports in poor English, some reporters may add notes in their mother language to English reports. But these notes are not readable for others. The project wants contributors who translate these reports to English. This contribution needs only the sourceforge.net account. So anyone can do it anytime.

Functionality Research

(Under the construction...)


We currently maintain a one site:

Now we are advertising for the web page design. For more informations, read the forum topic.

Register sites

The project top page works as the gateway for all XOOPS Cube users over the world. The top page lists related sites --- local communities, related projects and related base module projects. Of course, it's freedom that there are plural sites in one language and one region. The project top page will list all of them, if the site is open community for people (or developers).

If you want to add your site to the top page, submit your site's URL and its region to this tracker with 'Registers my site' category.

This page is also available in: Japanese(日本語)

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