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This wiki contains information about installing and using the Xena digital preservation software.


Xena Digital Preservation Software

  • What is Xena? - A description of the Xena digital preservation software
  • Xena vision - The Xena vision
  • Xena Help - Xena Help documentation (PDF, 1.6 MB)
  • Supported Formats - A list of the file formats supported by Xena can be found on the Supported Formats page of the Xena website.

Installing Xena

Downloading Xena

Building Xena

Starting Xena

Configuring Xena

Setting Preferences

Setting up plugins

Setting the log level

How Xena works


The current architecture isn't scaling too well. We're looking at a DigitalArchiveRedesign_architecture and a re-examination of the Redesign Xena File format

Bug/Feature Priorities

The development priorities will be for the highest priority regardless of whether it is a bug or feature.

# Bug Description Feature Description
1 (lowest) Fix optional. Cosmetic change. For example, minor GUI changes.
2 Minor business impact. For example, low priority cross platform compatibility. For example, new file formats of low priority or enhanced metadata on existing formats.
3 Fix if possible. Workaround exists. For example, build warning. New file formats of medium priority.
4 Poor preservation/normalisation of minor features in existing supported documents. Scaling architecture; incorrect documentation.
5 Fix before next release. For example, high priority cross platform(Linux/Windows) compatibility. New high-priority file format. For example, video.
6 Major business impact. workaround does not exist. For example, defective visualisation and extraction. Incorrect user interface messages. Improved usability.
7 Fix as soon as possible. For example, poor preservation/normalisation missing important document information. Features scheduled for next release; incorrect install/build/overview instructions or documentation.
8 Critical error. System cannot run, module not working. For example, uncaught exceptions stopping processing.
9 (highest) Fix immediately. For example, build errors / Causes loss of data.

Xena APIs

XML Schemas

Refer to: Xena schemas

How to create a Xena plugin

Note: Following recent changes to Xena, this tutorial is possibly out of date. It requires review.


Tips for mac: [Bundling] and [other methods]

Known Issues

  • Known Issues - Known issues with Xena preservation software


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