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Welcome to WOG Editor Project wiki. This wiki intends to centralize all the knowledge about World Of Goo (WOG) files structure, and the tools being developped to mod this game.

WOG Editor is a level editor for the great puzzle game World of Goo. With WOG Editor, you can create new levels or tweak existing ones. It also integrates with World of Goo, allowing you to test the level you are editing by a simple button click.


What's new

  • 2008/12/07: Version 0.5.0 is out. New features:
    • Level view selection is now a tool.
    • Selection tool in level view can cycle through item under mouse if Alt key is pressed
    • Added pan tool, also available in selection tool by middle clicking or holding left & right buttons
    • Added move/rotate tool for most elements, and resize tool for circle.
    • Geometry tag and levelExit filter now provides auto-completion
    • All angles are now displayed in degrees
    • 'scalex', 'scaley' attributes are now displayed as a single 'scale' attribute
    • 'x', 'y' attributes are now displayed as a single 'pos' or 'center' attribute
    • 'width', 'height' attributes are now displayed as a single 'size' attribute
  • 2008/11/19: Version 0.4.0 is out. New features:
    • Add child now only propose child that are valid to add to the selected item.
    • Added unique identifier generation when adding child
    • Added support for cut/copy/paste of node and composite. The element XML is stored in the clipboard and can be used to mess around. Pasting automatically generate unique id.
    • Keyboard shortcut for cut/copy/paste/delete works in all views.
    • Completion is provided for ball type
    • Completion list is now sorted in non case-sensitive order
    • Can unset a mandatory attribute by inputing an empty string
    • Added id/name column in tree view
    • Added 'group' icon for each element in tree view
    • Added issue detection system:
      • invalid attribute value (reference to non existing id)
      • missing children (for example a camera must have at least one 'poi')
      • In the tree view, issues are shown in the tree view as a red symbol overlay on top of the group icon.
      • In the property list, property name turn red when there is an issue
      • In both case, a tooltip will provide information about the issue(s) on the element/attribute
    • Fixed bugs:
      • In property list, property name does not change to bold once the property is set
      • many metawog model bugs, major blocking one was the missing water attribute on linearforcefield

  • 2008/11/10: Version 0.3.1 fix the bug that prevented adding/editing a new pipe in a level.
  • 2008/11/10: Version 0.3.0 is out. New features:
    • Added support for adding/removing object in level, scene and resourc file
    • Added support for editing objects' properties in level, scene and resource file
    • Validation based on properties type (including reference to other object)
    • New level, clone level tool, update level resource tool added
    • Save tool, and test level tool added


Planned features are (ordered by priority):

  • graphic view interaction
    • Makes multiple tools available:
    • dragging to change element position
    • dragging to resize element
    • dragging to rotate element
  • Adds support for the following element in the graphic view:
    • Scene camera boundd (min-max x & y)
    • Level exit
  • Validation of modified properties (the scene viewer and WOG will blow up if bad value are inputed)
    • Adds identifier uniqueness check
    • Adds custom constraint (only one camera of each type in game level, rectangle/cirle static & mass)
  • global text resource edition
  • attribute specific editors
    • color picker
    • browse for file dialog

File structure

Many data files are actually packed XML files. The page WOG File Structure provides an overview of what files contains what and what it the content of each file. Contribution are welcome!


At the current time, there is no editor. But tools are provided to pack/unpack XML files and help explore their structure.

Three tools are provided:

  • wogfile to pack/unpack a single file
  • scanbinfile to unpack all the packed XML file contained in a directory
  • scanxmlfile to "analyse" the structure of XML files contained in a directory

WOG Editor

The work on the editor has just started. The page WOG Editor overview will give you and idea of where it is going.


Executables and sources can be downloaded from: Sourceforge download page

Related Links


You can contribute in many ways:

  • Enhance this documentation and figure out all the unknown meaning of some attribute in WOG file
  • Provides logo and icons for the editor
  • Helps managing this project
  • Contributes code for tools & the editor. Get the latest sources. See Setting the development environment to get started.
  • Submit or fix bugs.

Consult the User's Guide for information on using the wiki software.

Contributing to this Wiki

Unfortunately it's seems that this SourceForge MediaWiki does not live up to its name. User can not create or edit page even if they log in. I have open a ticket for this issue.

In the mean-time, I can grant access rights manually to anyone that want to contribute. So just drop me a mail (nitrozark at users.sourceforge.net) or PM me on 2dboys forum.

Wiki Administration: getting started

Click on the following image to upload a new version of the PNG logo image for your project:


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