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About Wixi

Wixi is a multi-platform wiki application for the desktop. It is written in python/wxpython and uses txt2tags to generate text to many other formats. The goal is to provide a simple wiki tool around the txt2tags document generator and also be multi-platform.

Reasons to use Wixi

There are many wiki tools available on the web. Most of them can be installed on servers so they can be accessed by your webbrowser. This is the most preferable way to share and update documentation within a project.

But wait, what if:

  • you just want to create a wiki or documentation for yourself?
  • Something you can put on a USB stick and plug it into a computer when you need it?
  • Something light-weight, platform independent and easy to use?

That is when you use Wixi!


Because Wixi uses Txt2tags, using it does not mean learning yet another markup. Txt2tags exists for more than 7 years and is used by many users writing documentation. The txt2tags marks are very simple and almost natural. You can even choose not to edit in Wixi but in your favorite text editor and import them on a later time.


You can find the files here:

Other pages

If you found a bug or you just want to tell everyone about a nice idea, you can use the Wixi mailing list.

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