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Wild ducks project/Symbian

From wildducks

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File:S3 on bb.png
Symbian^3 on the BeagleBoard

The Category:Wild Ducks runs Symbian on the Beagle-board/devkit 8000. The plan is to support more hardware like the Pandaboard. The current version supported is Symbian^3.


How to get Symbian up and running on the BeagleBoard and verify your Hardware

Symbian^3 (PDK 3.0.x) works fine on the Beagleboard. The graphics rendering is a bit slow but it's otherwise good enough to start trying things.

To try it out, you can either download and flash the pre-built Symbian^3 ROM, or you can build your own custom rom.

Use a pre-built ROM

To test your Hardware or to get an experience download any one of these pre-built ROMs.

  1. Beagle.rom.img - Symbian demo on the Beagleboard (No telephony)
  2. Wildducks_demo.rom.img - Demo for the Wildducks kit (beagleboard and the Wireless Extension). Should be able to make a call.

Just download the ROM, unzip it and flash on your Beagle Board.Instructions for flashing the ROM are provided below.

  1. [the pre-built ROM file]
  2. Flash your Beagle Board and boot the ROM

Quick start for Developers

If that interests you enough , why not build your own, custom ROM?

  • Feeling more brave and want to get the Telephony running ? Before trying that , you would be needing the wild-ducks kit or alternatively the Telit starter module / wavecom modem.

If you have one , try this -

How to get Telephony working

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