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July 27Pre-built Symbian^3 ROM is available for download
July 15Prototypes of the LCD touch panel have arrived
July 6PDK 3.0.0 is out, with better BeagleBoard support
July 1Prototypes of the Beagleboard UMTS extension have arrived
Wild Ducks Blog


BeagleBoard with BeagleUMTS and LCD touch screen

The Wild Ducks Project is about making an open Symbian phone based on off the shelf hardware. It is something you can do yourself, in your home or office for a reasonable cost.

All About Symbian has a nice video introduction to the Wild Ducks Project.

To get started , all you need is :

It all started with the simple question - Now that Symbian is open, shouldn’t anyone be able to make a phone? The Wild Ducks project set out to prove it possible.The goal of the project was to provide an open hardware reference platform that can be used by researchers,hardware geeks, companies or anyone wanting to experiment with the free Symbian stack.

It began with a small group of Symbian staff staying late on Tuesday nights and is now a community driven project with a wide base of contributors and collaborators.The Wild Ducks team has put together The Wild Ducks kit as a starter/development and demonstrator kit for Symbian.The kit consists of a Beagleboard,a “Beagle modem extension” (specifically designed for this project) and a 3.6″,262k, 800x480,TFT LCD Touchscreen. The kit supports Symbian releases and runs Qt and the Telephony stack

For more information about the project, see the about page.

Get Involved!

The project is driven by a community of passionate and intelligent volunteers. To get involved, first join our mailing list to get support and take part in the technical discussions.

Next, to get started making your own device, get a BeagleBoard and build a Symbian^3 ROM image for it.

Once you have a working device, take part in the project by adding missing functionality! Right now, we need help with:

  • Touch LCD support
  • Bluetooth support
  • WiFi support

and more.

You can also check Quick Start for Developers.
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