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Whole Platform Documentation

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Getting started

What's New

See the Whole Platform Blog for the latest news.



Example Use Description
Java Annotations Actions, Artifacts, Commons, Java, Queries Simple generator using Java annotations
Javadocs Actions, Artifacts, Commons, Java, Queries Simple generator using Javadocs
XML to HTML Actions, Commons, Queries, XML Data Transformation from XML to HTML
MotoGP Teams Actions, Artifacts, Commons, Grammars, Queries, XML Data Transformation from CSV or FLF to HTML
DTAUS to SEPA Actions, Artifacts, Commons, Grammars, Java, Queries, Workflows Data Transformation from DTAUS FLF to SEPA XSD
RedBlackTree Datatype Actions, Artifacts, Commons, Java, Models, Queries, specific notation RedBlackTree datatype definition
JavaPatterns Generator Actions, Artifacts, Commons, Java, Queries, Workflows Generate Concrete Factory and Products from Abstract Factory
Imp Language Actions, Commons, Java, Models, Queries, Text, specific notation Imp Language definition at framework level

Comparative Examples

Example Compare to Description
State Machine XText[1], Oslo[2][3] Domain-Specific Languages book: An Introductory Example[4]
MPS The Simplest Language MPS[5] MPS basic example
MPS Calculator MPS[6] MPS Calculator Language Tutorial
Oslo Family Oslo Oslo basic example
Oslo Song Oslo Oslo Song to Play example
Oslo Logo Oslo[7] Oslo Logo to SVG example
Oslo MGrammar Oslo Oslo MGrammar language definition
XText Entities XText[8] XText Getting Started Example
XSD ShipOrder XSD[9] w3schools XSD example
JSON JSON JSON Library integration
LWC11 Submission XText[10], MPS[11], MetaEdit+[12], EMFText/JaMoPP[13], OOMEGA[14], Essential[15], Spoofax[16], Intentional[17], Rascal[18], Atom3, Obeo Designer[19], Cedalion[20] Whole Platform submission to Language Workbench Competition 2011

User Guides


E. Persiani, R. Solmi Integrating Model Driven Technologies in the Publishing Industry, CodeGeneration2012, Mar 2012. [21]

R. Solmi, E. Persiani Whole Platform LWC11 Submission, Language Workbench Competition workshop, CodeGeneration2011, May 2011. [22] [23]

R. Solmi, The Whole Platform: A Language Workbench for Eclipse, EclipseCon08, March 2008. [24]

R. Solmi, Whole Platform, Ph.D Thesis, TR UBLCS-2005-07, University of Bologna, March 2005. [25] [26]

R. Solmi, Whole Platform: A Model Driven, Generative technology for Developing Software, JUGMI Meeting, December 2005. [27]

Related resources






  • Bret Victor, Inventing on Principle, [28], CUSEC 2012.
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