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WATOBO - THE Web Application Toolbox

WATOBO is intended to enable security professionals to perform highly efficient (semi-automated ) web application security audits. We are convinced that the semi-automated approach is the best way to perform an accurate audit and to identify most of the vulnerabilities.

WATOBO has no attack capabilities and is provided for legal vulnerability audit purposes only.

„Ok, how does it work?“

WATOBO works like a local proxy, similar to Webscarab, Paros or BurpSuite.

Additionally, WATOBO supports passive and active checks. Passive checks are more like filter functions. They are used to collect useful information, e.g. email or IP addresses. Passive checks will be performed during normal browsing activities. No additional requests are sent to the (web) application.

Active checks instead will produce a high number of requests (depending on the check module) because they do the automatic part of vulnerability identification, e.g. during a scan.

„So why should I use WATOBO instead of other web application auditing tools?“

The most important advantages are:

  • WATOBO has Session Management capabilities! You can define login scripts as well as logout signatures. So you don’t have to login manually each time you get logged out.
  • WATOB can act as an transparent proxy
  • WATOBO has anti-CSRF features
  • WATOBO can perform vulnerability checks out of the box.
  • WATOBO supports Inline De-/Encoding, so you don’t have to copy strings to a transcoder and back again. Just do it inside the request/response window with a simple mouse click.
  • WATOBO has smart filter functions, so you can find and navigate to the most interesting parts of the application easily.
  • WATOBO is written in (FX)Ruby and enables you to define your own checks
  • WATOBO is free software ( licensed under the GNU General Public License Version 2)
  • It’s by siberas ;)

Supported operating systems

WATOBO is written in (FX)Ruby which should run on many different operating systems.

WATOBO is developed primarily on Windows systems. Anyway, since version 0.9.2 WATOBO has also been tested successfully on:

  • Windows (XP..Win7)
  • Linux (Backtrack4, Ubuntu, openSUSE) - thanks to Dirk Wetter for Ubuntu and openSUSE notes
  • Mac OS.

The README.txt file contains all the installation notes.


WATOBO is licensed under the GNU General Public License Version 2.


We made some videos about the installation and basic usage of WATOBO.

Installation & Usage

Please checkout our Quickstart Guide


If you have any questions please read the FAQ first. In case that you didn't find an answer, write an email to (watobo #at siberas #dot de).

WATOBO in the wild

  • Great write up at PenTestIT
  • Very good manual at Corelan by Fancy
  • Complete documentation of WATOBO with multiple lessons at aldeid by Sébastien Damaye


WATOBO is developed by Andreas Schmidt, siberas (http://www.siberas.de).

With special thanks to:

  • Sebastian Apelt
  • Dominic Koeder aka Fancy

for alpha/beta-testing and new ideas.


To get the most recent news follow me on Twitter!

Tips & Tricks


View the complete http://rubydoc.info/gems/watobo/0.9.17/file/CHANGELOG.md]

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