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Welcome to the Virtual Vegetation Generator's Wiki

In order to improve this wiki, if you spot any mistake, non-sens or just sentences that you can't understand, fell free to indicate them in the discussion page. Thank you :)


The project

The idea

The main goal of VVG is to produce videos of growing virtual vegetation. The plants can be incorporated in a pre-existing 3D scene or generated alone. As the program does not produce videos in real-time and an external render engine (Yafaray) is used, the result can be truly photo-realist, but need an expansive calculation power and a lot of time.

The project is bound to have several generation algorithms that can allow to reproduce any kind of vegetation. According to the calculation power needed to produce interesting videos of plants growing in complex scenes, a distributed computing module will be implemented to allow several users to share the power of their machine on a single video generation.

Current state

The project is currently in alpha phase. A first version has been released, for test purpose mainly. As you can see the wiki is in an early state, more documentation is to come.


  • The gallery is a good place to figure what it's possible to do with VVG for now.
  • If you just want to use the program, well there is no binary for the moment so you'll have to compile the code anyway, but you will find all informations in the How to use section.
  • To know more about the architecture of the program or about plant generation algorithms, check the Internal workings section.
  • To follow the development of the project, you can look at the roadmap, or the TODO list.


If you have something to say, a question or a comment, you can reach me by :

  • posting on the forums
  • sending an email to this address : leonhartuser@users.sourceforge.net

If you think you found a bug or have a feature request, check the tracker : https://sourceforge.net/tracker/?group_id=328874

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