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Saving Modified Dataset

  • Near the end of the Plot section, we have the statement: "The user will also have the ability to save the “edited” dataset and be able to access it again in a future session."
  • For data read from AAVSO download format files, should the output file be in AAVSO download format?


  • For data read from simple format files, should the output also be in simple text file format? If so, a discrepant field would need to be added to this format.

Yes. The "discrepant" field can be another optional field added to the end.

  • When we say "edited" above, do we mean just "marked as discrepant" or can other arbitrary fields also change?

We just mean "marked as discrepant". The discrepant information is given in the valflag field in the MySQL database and in the data download format. The user will not be allowed to change any other fields.

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