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The VIVO Wiki has moved to DuraSpace

Please do not make changes here. The VIVO Wiki has moved to https://wiki.duraspace.org/display/VIVO

This site will be kept temporarily as a reference, and then discarded. Any changes made after December 8, 2012 will not be saved.

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VIVO is an open source, semantic-web tool for research and scholarship discovery. Emerging tools enable participants to visualize research activity, discover linkages between people, programs, funding, scholarly works, events and more.

When VIVO is installed and populated with researcher interests, activities, and accomplishments, it enables the discovery of research and scholarship across disciplines at that institution. VIVO supports browsing and a search function which returns faceted results for rapid retrieval of desired information.

Content in any local VIVO installation may be maintained manually, brought in to VIVO in automated ways from local systems of record, such as HR, grants, course, and faculty activity databases, or from database providers such as publication aggregators and funding agencies.


Release Announcements

VIVO 1.5.1 Release Announcement October 15, 2012

(earlier releases)

Release Planning

VIVO 1.6 Release Planning

(earlier releases)

Getting Involved

We're building the VIVO Community, as a number of institutions, organizations and individuals outside of the VIVO Grant are getting involved. Here is how you can get more involved.

New Here?

New to VIVO and/or the VIVO Wiki? You might want to start by clicking on the All VIVO link at the bottom of the page. All VIVO is a gateway to top-level info about VIVO -- software, projects, implementation efforts and more.

Semantic Web Developers

VIVO is a Java Enterprise application built around the Jena Semantic Web Framework. Here is some information to help you find your way around the code base.

SPARQL is the query language for semantic data. SPARQL Resources will help you get started and provide you with basic queries.


Scientists, Faculty, Researchers

Librarians, Research Administrators, Communications and Outreach Providers

Are you tasked with introducing VIVO to your community? You might find the resources in the Adoption and Outreach section of interest. Here you'll find support information such as VIVO Benefits which discusses how different stakeholders can leverage VIVO and VIVO data, VIVO FAQs that have been raised during local outreach presentations, conferences, and emails to project members, and a Technology Primer to help you learn about the semantic web, linked open data, and more.

Join us on the biweekly Adoption and Outreach Call which offers an opportunity to ask questions, share information and connect with the larger VIVO community on issues related to policy, outreach and adoption, material and strategy development and so on.

Institutions Participating in the VIVO Grant

[Cornell VIVO]

[Ponce VIVO]
[Scripps VIVO]
[Weill VIVO]

Other Institutions Implementing or Evaluating VIVO

Public VIVO Implementations

please add your institution's VIVO as it becomes public

VIVO Implementations In Progress

Many institutions run VIVO behind a campus firewall while they are under evaluation or have otherwise contributed to the VIVO community. So there may not be public links to their VIVO instances below. Institutions with contact information are willing to be contacted directly to share their experiences, or you might reach others on the VIVO implementation mailing list.

Getting in Touch

If your questions or concerns are not answered by this wiki, here is how to best reach someone on the VIVO Team.

Contact the VIVO Team.

Please find information about communicating with us.

Attending a conference? Check the Upcoming Events table to connect with VIVO colleagues in the US and around the world.

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