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The VIVO Wiki has moved to DuraSpace

Please do not make changes here. The VIVO Wiki has moved to https://wiki.duraspace.org/display/VIVO

This site will be kept temporarily as a reference, and then discarded. Any changes made after December 8, 2012 will not be saved.


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VIVO Releases

VIVO 1.5.1 Release Announcement 10/15/2012

VIVO 1.5 Release Announcement 07/12/2012

VIVO 1.4 Release Announcement 12/20/2011

Downloads are on Sourceforge

VIVO v1.6 release planning

VIVO multi-institutional search

The vivosearch.org site is a prototype demonstrating search across 7 VIVO sites plus Harvard Profiles.

Please visit the VIVO search wiki page for more about the features of this prototype and plans being developed with DuraSpace to sustain VIVO and explore offering multi-institutional search of VIVO data as a service.

For more about the VIVO DuraSpace incubator project see the July, 2012 press release and additional detail in the October, 2012 prospectus.


Weekly Development Calls

This wiki

The most important function of using a wiki for VIVO Software is to provide information for everyone to participate. You will need a SourceForge account with editor permissions to contribute to the wiki. To gain these permissions, create a SourceForge account, then please send an email to the vivo-dev-all mailing list or ask someone in the IRC channel for those permissions.

Please use the wiki navigation panel to the left to explore important elements of the VIVO project.

For a list of solutions to common problems, visit the Problems and Solutions page.

For help using the harvester, see VIVO Harvester and Harvester User Guide.

For help using the VIVO, check out the project documentation in the file download section of sourceforge. The Implementation page also contains several guides to help you get started.

For answers to frequently asked questions, consult the VIVO FAQs page.

Getting Involved

We have opened up development of VIVO to all who wish to participate. We encourage anyone who interested in participating in the project to join. You may want to start with by getting in touch using one of the methods shown above and asking the team where help is needed. There's more information on our Getting Involved in Development section.

Release planning

The following pages point to working documents used by developers to review candidate features and tasks for upcoming releases. They will change, sometimes radically, as development moves from the planning to the execution and testing phases.

Source Code

Once you have an account, you may contribute to the development of the VIVO source and/or the plugins in the Code section. Remember, VIVO needs you to contribute!

In addition, a number of tools have been developed to work with VIVO data:

Issue Tracking

Development overviews, mini-grant projects, and plans

Overview documents, poster presentations, and powerpoints

Connections to related projects

Guides for developers

Code libraries and frameworks pages

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