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Viking is a free/open source program to manage GPS data.

You can import, export and plot tracks, routes and waypoints, show OpenStreetMap, Terraserver, Bing Aerial and other maps in it.

Download Wikipedia points, OSM Traces or Your Personal OSM Traces for an area on the map.

Make new tracks, routes and waypoints and geotag images.

See real-time GPS position (but not on Windows as no GPSD support on this platform).

And much, much more... If you're having a hard time visualizing it: check out the screenshots, screencasts and then download it to try it out.

It is written in C with the GTK+ 2 toolkit, available for Linux, other POSIX operating systems, and Windows, and is licensed under the GNU GPLv2+.



 If you use any of the OSM tile sources, then please ensure you are following the Tile Usage Policy by setting your tile checking period to 7 days:
   Viking->Edit->Preferences->Tile Age = 604800
 Unfortunately due to an implementation misunderstanding, this is set by default to 30 seconds. (In all releases earlier than Version-1.2.2)

Latest Release (Recommended + Supported)

* 2014-03-16: Latest Release Version-1.5.1

Executive Summary of Changes in 1.5

Many New Features including:

  • Startup preferences for ease of use.
  • Multi layer/track statistics.
  • Multi layer/track or waypoint detailed lists.
  • Control sorting of layers and quick show/hide all options.
  • Configurable layer defaults.
  • Allow higher zoom levels up to 1/32 (OSM z22 equivalent but maps only requested up to z19).
  • Selectable online router service provider (now including OSRM)
  • 'Via' points online route refining.
  • Download a file directly from an URL.
  • Datasource acquiring files from URLs related to the current view.
  • Request downloading a region of maps over multiple zoom levels.
  • Support Compressed My OSM Traces files (requires libbz2 and libmagic).
  • Support opening files drag and drop on to the viewport.
  • Add support for OSM Humanitarian (HOT) Style Map.
  • Version-1.5.1 includes various bug fixes on top of Version-1.5

Older Release (no longer supported)

  • 2010-12-14: Latest Revision Version-1.0.2
    • 2010-11-17: The Viking team is proud to announce the 1st stable release Version-1.0 after 7 years of work by many contributors.




Wiki Updating

Currently to edit this Wiki you need permission - contact the Viking mailing list with your SourceForge login ID requesting "editor" status. Then one can login to the Wiki site with your SourceForge ID to make changes.


TODO / Ideas

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