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Eclipse Verilog editor provides Verilog (IEEE-1364) and VHDL language specific features on Eclipse IDE. It helps coding and debugging in hardware development based on Verilog or VHDL.

Here is the project summary page in SourceForge.

Eclipse Verilog Editor is tested on Eclipse Juno and Java 7

Features and Usage Tips

Here, you will find what you can do with VEditor.

Developer Topics

Here, you will find documentation and discussion regarding the development and building of VEditor.


Here are Answers to Frequently Asked Questions


As of Version 1.2.0 the official releases will be compiled with Java 7.

If you are using eclipse 3.4, you can use the update site at: veditor.sourceforge.net/update. If you choose to use the update site, you will be able to automatically receive updates when they become available and/or revert back to older versions of VEditor. To use the update site:

  • In Eclipse, go to Help -> Software Updates -> Available Software -> Manage Sites..
  • Click the Add button
  • Insert the following in the text box and hit ok.
  • Make sure there is checkbox next to the site you just added and hit ok
  • You should now be able to expand the sourceforge item and select VEditor and then hit the install button.

Alternatively, you can download the latest version of the jar file here:

Testing Site

If you want the bleeding edge version, try using veditor.sourceforge.net/testing as your update site using the procedure outlined above.

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