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UNICORE Users Documentation

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Resources for UNICORE Users. Please also refer to Category:Users and Category:AdvancedUsers to find further information.


Security configuration

Here you can find a UNICORE Users' Security Guide. It describes many simple and more advanced security related issues: client configuration, common problems and some more rarely used features. It is availbale in four versions:

  • UNICORESecurityGuide.pdf is a full version which contains information about all clients (so it includes all the content of the above documents).



UNICORE Applications are application specific Plugins for the UNICORE Rich Client (URC) that provide application specific input panels. They can also be used in Workflows, such that each node in a workflow provides an application specific GUI. There are several ways to install Applications in the URC. Applications were formerly known as GridBeans.

The following is a list of applications that have been enabled for use with UNICORE. Most often, this means that a UNICORE Application is available. We will document the installation and usage of these Applications here. Each entry leads to a page dedicated to the particular Application documentation. The documentation also includes server side configuration.

As of October 2012, this page is work in progress. Wherever page links lead to non-existing pages, information will be added soon.

Complete Documentation

Partial Documentation

Waiting for Documentation

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