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Getting Started

Welcome to the Universal Batch Converter Wiki!

Running UBC

If you're just looking to get a binary release, visit http://unibatchconv.sourceforge.net/download.php to download for Windows and Linux (Mac support is still being tested).

Developing for UBC

If you're looking to compile UBC from source, visit Developer Documentation for how to setup your development environment. If you're new to Git, you may want to browse Starting with Git as well.



For a list of currently supported formats out of the box, visit Format Support. To view a list of officially supported and 3rd party plugins, visit Plugins.

Goals and Tasks

Want to know what we're up to? Visit the Roadmap to see what people are currently working on. Want to help? Visit Tasks to find what needs to be done.

Project Dependencies

Boost filesystem and threading

Boost libraries are used to provide cross platform threading and file support.


Our GUI is written in Qt4. Some networking features are also used.

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