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TXM platform development site

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Welcome to the TXM platform development site associated with the Textometrie scientific project and the Sourceforge generic backend site.
Everybody is welcome to participate to the development of the TXM toolbox and the TXM applications.
You should find in this site all the information you need to do so.

We develop three pieces of software(1):

  • the TXM toolbox: a Java library connecting together several open-source components (CQP and R), some NLP tools and corpus source files processing tools, which is aimed at being the one stop shop for anyone willing to develop textometry software
  • the TXM desktop application for Windows, Mac & Linux: an Eclipse RCP application (sometimes called TXM RCP or TXM desktop (RCP), in this wiki), which builds upon the toolbox to provide a cutting edge standalone textometry application
  • the TXM web portal application for Tomcat & Glassfish: a GWT application (called TXM WEB or TXM portal (GWT) in this wiki), which builds upon the toolbox to provide web based client/server textometry experience adding authentication and access control



If you want to participate, the first step is probably to send us an email to let us know what you want to do.
While trying the software you can always use the txm-open@lists.sourceforge.net mailing list to ask for help or give comments.

Current Source

Current Release (stable)

Previous Release (obsolete)


TXM desktop (RCP)

TXM portal (GWT)

Change log



TXM Conception

TXM desktop (RCP) Developer

TXM portal (GWT) Developer

TXM portal (GWT) Administrator

TXM User

  • Get the application
  • Report a Bug
  • Ask for Feature
  • Ask for Support
  • Get in touch
    • english mailing list : txm-open@lists.sourceforge.net - [SUBSCRIBE]
    • french & english mailing list : txm-users@cru.fr - SUBSCRIBE
  • How to write or translate documentation
  • How to translate the user interface
    • send us an email so we can send you an archive of all the necessary "messages[_*].properties" I18N files containing the strings to translate


for Developers

for Users


Inventory of open-source technologies we could use.

  • iPlots a package for the R statistical environment (see www.r-project.org) which provides high interaction statistical graphics, written in Java - http://www.rosuda.org/iplots

Software Download Stats


  1. A first TXM web prototype has also been developed: a Grails application which builds upon the toolbox to provide web based client/server textometry experience [this version is not maintained anymore: please consider the TXM web portal application instead].
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