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TuringMachine Simulator (TMS)

The TuringMachine Simulator (TMS) is a Java/JavaFX Application which provides a graphical user interface to configure and simulate Turing Machines. This is a student project from the technical university of Vienna, to support the presentation and teaching of Turing Machines.

The program consists of two seperated main modules. A Java program TuringMachineSimulator to run the simulation logic to a given Turing Machine and on top of that,a Java/FX program TuringMachineSimulatorGUI to provide a graphical user interface (GUI) for the configuration and the visual simulation of a Turing Machine.

The TuringMachineSimulator program is also able to run a simulation without the GUI via the commandline. In this way, defined Turing Machines can be simulated automatically.

The TuringMachineSimulatorGUI program is started via it´s .jnlp file and can also be embedded inside a website.

The whole project is released under GNU Lesser General Public License (LGPL). You should have received a copy of the LGPL along with TMS. If not, see <http://www.gnu.org/licenses/>.


TMS offers many features, including:

  • the simulation of deterministic or non-deterministic Turing Machines
  • a graphical supported configuration of new Turing Machines
  • userfriendly graphical Simulation designed for teaching purposes with lots of information about the current State of the simulated Turing Machine, state highlighting, manual and automatic presentation mode and much more
  • a "tree like" visualisation of the taken Steps during the Simlation, to support the presentation and the navigation of non-deterministic Turing Machines.
  • the possibility to manually change the Turing Machines configuration during the Simulation to support example presentation
  • Saving and Loading of created Turing Machines in the formats JavaObject code and XML
  • the whole program is platform independent
  • the program may be embeded inside a website or addressed remotely over the internet
  • the simulation of configured Turing Machine´s via the commandline to support automated batch testing
  • the definition and simulation of the Turing Machine´s variant "finite automate"
  • checks if the "pushdown condition" might be fullfiled.
  • a multilingual GUI, currently supported languages are English and German


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